@thearcanagame has consumed my days. This lovely lady is my MC for the game and my character Maisynira, or “Mai” from my Arcana fic “Snake Charmer”.

@warie-lym awesomely accepted my spontaneous commission, they were so kind and amazing and look! They made my small sassy little fortune teller (in training) so gorgeous I could cry. With that look, someone either is getting a kiss or is about to find a bunch of frogs in their bed. Or she stole Asra’s tarot deck. Again.

Anyway check out Warie-lym’s art. Everything is so amazing and I love how they use colors, the style alone is fantastic. Their Arcana art is a balm to my soul between chapters in the game.

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Your fic "once a thief always a thief" is so amazing 😍😍😍. I love it with all my heart 😍😍😍😍. I love your fanart too 😍😍😍😍😍 I can't wait for the next update

Thank you! I really appreciate getting messages like this. It really warms my heart, and makes me feel really good about my work. 

@adrienskittens Please have some Marichat as an expression of my gratitude. Specifically Chat putting Marinette’s phone on silent from chapter twelve. (I had to use stock photo as pose reference, because I suck at perspective, and I think I still botched it up. Sadness.) enjoy regardless. 

This is based on my fanfic Once a Thief Always a Thief. 

You may not repost, use, edit, or anything, without my permission

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One, thanks for the follow, two, your Altean Lance and Galra Keith comic is amazing and I can't wait for the next update (save your boy Keith) three, your outfit design for Lance is really nice, if I had amazing sewing skills, I'd so cosplay it. I don't, so I'll just stare at it lovingly cause it's amazing

Thank you! (I follow people who I can remember their name , mostly because they’re always be the top 10 who like my post or their tags on my works lol) 

This is my little self indulgent oc for @thearcanagame . ( ᐛ )و 

Boy loves himself some tea and plants but hates bugs and really hot weather. 

I started playing this game about a month ago and It’s So Good~?? Like, I love it a lot for the story, the characters, the music (etc.) and 100/10 would recommend it you like visual novel kind of games. (^▽^) / 

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I have to ask cuz I can't wait for next update. Did swapfell papyrus get erased from the timeline because he was outside of it when it was reset? It is a concept I've been playing with within my role plays with my significant other. And it seems like what you're trying to do with what just happened with the update.

ok I want to make this clear to everybody xD

look at what happened HERE and also the next page.

so yes this are the effects of the reset they made back then >>

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Would you mind if people drew your characters? (´ãƒ»ω・) they're just so lovely! I just started reading your comic by the way, and I really like it~ I can't wait for the next update ☆o(≧▽≦)o☆

Thank you so much! I love it when people draw my characters! 

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I can't wait for the next update on your Au.

Happy that you like the Mafia AU ^^
Next update should be coming in a few days or so :D
Finals are literally this week, so, got my plate full >_>;

so, I’ve been playing this game since it was still in veryyyy early acess, march 2016 to be more specific

anyway, here are my precious boys!

my most favorite kitty sons

golden honey boys

vulcanic boys

strawberry flavored honeys!

my #1 fancy son

my other lovely son

super greenie boys

icey boys ( very dangerous also! )

golden fireflies!

kitty fireflies!

other kitty fireflies!

honey bumblebees

honey flowers boys

soft flower boys

I made these guys by mistake when trying to feed them, but they’re cute and I love them

some guys that I don’t know why I keep around

some shy boys

hot boys

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Can't wait for the next update of the wasteland AU! Also I know you probs have your inbox full of writing suggestions so instead of giving you suggestions, I thought I'd just share some Kagehina AUs that my friend and I enjoy talking about that hopefully make you as happy to think about as they make us,, -ella enchanted -beauty and the beast -mad max (kind of like the wasteland au lol) -stranger things -just a general superhero au That's it lol, have a great night!!

LISTEN – sorry to ignore the rest of this ask (ty for loving Wasteland though <333 these are all good ideas MAD MAX AU!!!) but I just watched Beauty and the Beast with @ellessey-writes​ and I’m COMPROMISED. Siiiince it would be a bad idea for me to start another fic rn, have… whatever this is 

Once upon a time, there was a beautiful castle and a handsome prince King, who liked to spend his days holding the finest volleyball tournaments in all the land. He was an incredible setter, but demanded the highest level of athletics from those who attended his tournaments.

One tournament, a spiker appeared suddenly in the midst of the dark and rainy night, looking for shelter. Though he brought a volleyball as a gift, this spiker wasn’t up to the king’s standards and couldn’t hit his tosses, and the King had him thrown from the castle. 

But the spiker turned out to be a Magical Turniphead, and for the King’s cruelty, he cast a spell upon him and the entirety of his castle, turning the King into a monstrous beast and all his servants into furniture (instead of like, smaller beasts or something? The servants got totally screwed in this deal, you guys, at least Beast still had hands) that they may be forgotten from the minds of the town and all those who lived in it, unless the King one day found a spiker who could hit his impossible quicks – and fall in love with him along the way. 

If he could not do so before the last spot on the Turniphead’s magical volleyball turned completely black, he, and his castle, and all those who lived in it would be cursed, forevermore. 

And so they waited, as the Beast King’s heart turned forever colder. 

Okay gonna stop narrating there bUT CONSIDER:

  • town weirdo Hinata, the shorty spiker who is always practicing off by himself and insists HE CAN JUMP – he really is a funny boy, a cutie but a funny boy, he really is a funny boyyyyyyyyyyyy, THAT SHOUUUUU
  • Asahi as Maurice, the timid inventor who shuts himself away from the town that finds him too strange
  • Bokuto as Gaston, he’s actually REALLY NICE and just wants Hinata to be his loyal pupil but Hinata wants to be THE GREATEST ACE sorry Bokuto-senpai, but he’s gotta surpass you, bye
  • Bokuto goes into sad slumps over his lack of pupil-ship a lot and Akaashi has to break into so many musical numbers about how great Bokuto is to pull him out of it
  • One day Asahi ventures into the forest and gets lost and stumbles upon the Volleyball Castle, where he attempts to grab one of the shiny, brand new volleyballs lying about the court(yard) to replace Hinata’s wonky, worn out old one
  • Beast Kageyama f l i p s out and imprisons him (he needs to chill)
  • Kageyama still looks normal btw, but maybe he’s got horns and a tail and cute ears stop looking at me like that don’t judge me
  • Hinata comes to Asahi’s rescue and trades places with him, immediately cannot stand this asshole Beast 
  • But he does get to eat a lot of good food, courtesy of Oikawa the candelabra and Suga the teapot (feat. Iwaizumi as Cogsworth and Noya as Chip)
  • When he goes to the forbidden wing of the castle and discovers the magical volleyball, Beast flies into a rage and calls him a dumbass and so Hinata LEAVES
  • but he gets attacked by wolves and Kageyama saves him, so Hinata reluctantly drags him back to the castle to tend to his wounds and notice his rockin’ bod
  • Also, he wonders, why does everyone call Kageyama the Beast, and why does he hide in his castle all the time? Like, yes, there’s some beastly factors but he’s really pretty normal looking otherwise
  • Oikandle is like “Smile, Tobio-chan” so he does, and Hinata is like “oh, I see why, please stop smiling”
  • After typing Oikandle, I belatedly realized that Suga could make sure the tea always has enough SUGA-R god i’m sorry ok moving along
  • After the mutual life-saving, Hinata and Kageyama begin to BOND and Kageyama finds out about the way Hinata always has to practice volleyball in hallways and by himself, so he shows him HIS ROYAL VOLLEYBALL STADIUM
  • Hinata is beside himself, it’s so big and fancy and GWAAAAHHHHH smells like air salonpas, this is the Real Deal
  • And so they continue to get closer, though Kageyama won’t practice with him… because he just doesn’t think it’s possible that anyone could ever spike his toss, and he doesn’t want to allow himself to hope
  • But then one night he asks Hinata if they can play together, and they meet in the royal court 
  • Hinata is wearing a beautiful golden uniform and shining as bright as the sun and Suga is singing “Tale as old as time…” 
  • Kageyama is so in love that he can’t help himself, he tosses, his old king’s toss that no one could ever hit and everything is beautiful 
  • And he’s loved Kageyama as well, ever since Kageyama showed him his volleyball courts instead of telling him he’d never be good enough
  • They kiss!!!
  • And all the castle and its inhabitants and Kageyama go back to the way they were because the curse has been broken!!! 
  • Hinata is a little bit sad because maybe he liked Kageyama’s cute fuzzy ears a little bit 
  • but then Kageyama smiles a real, actual smile at him and he decides he can live w/o the ears
  • Bokuto gives his blessing upon the couple because he’s a sweetheart 
  • And from then onward, they all lived, and played volleyball together, happily ever after


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Ohhh my god you know how they where about to kiss right??? What if like, Dean walked in like "fuckin that asshole with Jonas I'm gonna teach him a lesson" and he finds them about to kiss??? Or Sidney walks in to check on her beloved baby brother and finds Mitch pinning him down??? Ohhh boy I can't wait for the next update this comic always puts me on edge I love it so much.

this is… all horrifying and i am fearful for their lives……. IM SO SCARED

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I can't wait for the next update, i'm like obsessed. I was in zoology lab today, categorizing insects and the only thing I was thinking about was your mafia Au. YOUR ART IS AMAZING.

Hahahaha XD
Awwww, I’m glad that you are so excited for the AU;s updates ;w;
Lololol, and happy to hear it is more interested than insects X3
Thank you so much!!!
So good to hear you like my art >u<

epicnerd201  asked:

I can't wait for the next update!! Vivid, how is Pappy surviving inside Aster? It kinda looks like some sort of weird... thing. Like Aster's gonna rebirth Papyrus? I don't know.

it’s, like, void goop XD i have no other explanation for it P: It could just look that way because of how he’s keeping Paps in his stomach u_u 

daughterleftbehind  asked:

After seeing your response to many anon asks I don't think it's said enough. IKYW is one of the best stories I have read in a long time. The flow of each relationship with Dito has formed and grown in such an organic manner. It was a refreshing thing that there wasn't needles smut for smut sake. I really appreciate the thought and attention you have put into the story and characters. I don't think I can convey how much I LOVE this story. Can't wait for the next update 😁😘

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I Know Your Wife (She Wouldn’t Mind) - Masterpost

I met Ngozi!!!

I was at ID10T fest today and bought Year 1 and Year 2 and she signed them!

Also, I got to talk with her a little bit! I asked her if she had any plans for Nursey and Dex, and she said that she really didn’t, which bursted my bubble slightly, but it makes sense since it’s not their story. She also mentioned that any time two characters interact, fans assume they’re going to marry, like the time that Tater picked up Parse and people immediately shipped them. (To which I responded, people shipped them together even before that!) 

But, do not be discouraged if you are a fan of NurseyDex like myself, because Queen Ngozi gave us Dib Flip and canonically they will be living together in Year 4! Even though she doesn’t know how things are going to play out for them for now, I’m sure she’ll come up with something in the future that will be everything we hoped for.

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Hi! I absolutely LOVE your Mafia AU! I love it so much that I found myself starting to write a fanfiction based off of your art. It's just sitting in my computer right now, but I kinda want to continue with it. I was wondering if you would be ok with me posting it? I would credit you as the source, of course! Anyway, you're amazing and I can't wait for the next update!:)

Woah, that’s awesome!!! OuO
So happy to hear you enjoyed the AU enough that it even inspired you!!! :DDD
Send me a link too ^w^

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I finally got enough time to read bmscv and its so good!!!! I'm not sure what I was expecting but I really enjoyed every bit of it! Can't wait for the next update~

Honestly, this is me right now with the Sex Coach song playing on loop in the background… FEELING INSPIRED, ANON

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