I adore Sombra’s sassy personality and her messin with papa Reaper. Literally all I want is her and McCree to be Reaper’s two lil’ trouble makin’ children that just sass him. But bless Reaper. The guy is the real MVP dad here. 


/I just spent 5+ hours on a comic that isn’t even done yet, so have my new favorite Dave expression with bonus natural Dave.

I love this kid so much Ugh.

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I uploaded the MLB winter design comic on my TAPASTIC! CHECK IT OUT<3 It’s easier to read there ^^ but there’s no new content… yet! but the countdown is on! ;D 

(oh and i’ll still upload the rest of the comic here on tumblr)

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decided to start reading the ERASED manga after the third episode of the series, just wanted to see how the anime was adapting the novel, BUT I WAS NOT PLANNING ON READING ALL 35 CHAPTERS IN ONE GO ;_____; god this is easily one of the best mangas i’ve ever come across

A Lunatic's Lament- Chapter 11


It didn’t end. The next week was much the same. We would get to spend time together for a little while, but then that man would force us to have sex with each other again, then he’d separate us for a day and it would happen all over again. Even though it didn’t physically hurt anymore, and I was used to the routine, it still didn’t make it any better. It got to the point where the crying had stopped and instead it was just awkward. We went through the motions, but mostly I was numb to it.

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