SoMa week // Day 6: Demon

Short comic. Read it from right to left (like a manga). Ohhh look at this, Eis tried to draw manga panels orz.

Something is wrong with my Gimp and the screentones I have, the don’t work anymore, I have to figure out that problem, orz. 

Maka try to soothe the madness which comes with the Oni with her anti-demon-wavelength. In my head it also works when they just touch each other. 


things why i can’t wait for halloween:

  • edward scissorhands comes one
  • hocus pocus comes on
  • halloweentown comes on
  • nightmare before christmas comes on
  • i get to dress up and go psycho without society talking shit
  • all the horror movies come on
  • fall is my favorite season
  • did i mention edward scissorhands,hocus pocus,halloweentown,and nightmare before christmas comes on????