You know what I love? That look people get when a really meaningful song comes on. Like, when it’s 2am and you’re sitting quietly in the back seat of a car with a playlist on shuffle and that one slow song comes on and you look over and see your friend stare out the window, the lamplight passing over their face, their eyes staring out the window without really looking, their lips quietly moving to the words, and you can just feel the words reverberate from within them. The lyrics might not mean much to you but you can just feel how important it is to them.


“My mind tells me that you wish to see your home again, and yet there is a part of you which calls for adventure. A wanderlust.”
“Yes. Well, we’ll all go home someday.”


Film Crit Hulk responds to Vulture’s trainwreck of an article, ’Why Captain America Is Only Interesting If He’s a Prick’.


this is exactly how I remember it happening

I am so ridiculously into you. I don’t even know how to describe this feeling. It’s like… it’s like a train speeding through the wilderness in the dead of night, wild and free and dangerous - no, it’s like a hot cup of tea and a blanket after walking through a snow storm - no, it’s like the stillness of a sunrise or that quiet dusky hour before dark - no, more like a lone walk on the beach when the waves crash into the shore and you can feel everything at once. It’s like a flash of lightning right outside my window, how time stands still, how everything is illuminated. There’s magic in that, and fear, and beauty too. Yes, you make me feel things I don’t even have a name for.
—  I’m a writer but I’m speechless