I got David Bowie's germs... in my dream anyway

So I had this dream, (I’m not going to explain the whole thing because it would be complicated, but I will tell you the best part which was at the end before I woke up)

So I had this dream and right before I woke up, I had a bowl of peaches David gave to me because “he didn’t want them” and I tried to get him to eat one (just one) and so, like the shit that he is, he took one in his mouth, sucking all the juice off of it, then put it back in the bowl! I just looked at him like “David!!” I ate a few before I tried to give him another one like “For me? Please?” and he just looked at me and licked it! I stood looking at him shocked so then I just ate it… XD

Now mind you this dream took place in today’s world but it was Serious Moonlight Bowie. This was the best dream I’ve had since the sex dream