Stepan: Yeeees?

Why am I doing this again?

Stepan: You like pain?

There’s gotta be a better reason than this.

Stepan: Are you asking or telling?


Stepan: You’re a dork too?


You gotta get outta this house now.

Stepan: Oh please.


Maybe.  But…. this is delicate horseshit work.  :|  The less sims in the house initially the better!

Stepan: Riiiiiiight….~

so tell me your secrets ( I just can't stand to see you leaving )

by zouisokay

’ Bull Shit! Just fucking face it, Lou. Nothing I can do will ever change your mind! It will always be Harry, for you. Always! ’

AU where Louis and Zayn are having a fight about Zayn asking Louis to leave the band with him, when Louis says no.

The story of how Zouis died, basically.

(( oneshot ))

Words: 2586, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

via AO3 works tagged ‘Harry Styles/Louis Tomlinson’

absolutelynopetastic asked:

You should do whatever makes you comfortable and whatever feels right. Even if people miss hearing your talent, you always come first.

If anything, I’ll make this blog just a general NSFW one.

Not just Undertale oriented.

I’m just– I’m put out with how hateful and disrespectful some people can be. I’m absolutely LIVID. I’m not going to sit here and keep making content– and await the inevitable “mrlewdbones call out” post.

my friend’s dad is so problematic…… when bey was performing formation, he kept saying “if a middle aged white man said the n-word, it would be racist!!!! why is she saying that in her song!!!! that’s racist!!!!”
gOD i wanted to fight him!!!!!! a privileged person using a slur is waaaay different than a minority person reclaiming a slur. usually, when a white person uses the n-word, they’re demeaning a person because of their race or they’re trying to “”“act black”“” and therefore contributing to the harmful stereotypes that PoC face. so, stop attacking beyonce for reclaiming slurs and making a song about black pride. it’s a fuckin great song and the fact that you’re getting pressed about not being able to use the n-word instead of focusing on the message of the song says a lot more about you than it does about beyonce.

I see no white people talking about or rebloging about beyonce talking about living black features or and black history facts, people, events, etc. like y'all real live hate when black people do things or celebrate themselves. Fuck y'all TBH