Free! ~Marine Morning~ kuji is out! and Sousuke’s chibi fig is absolutely adorable, happy, and laughing to his heart’s content ;u; the placement of his whale shark kigurumi tail is also hilarious lmao

NaLu Week Day 3: Transformation

I have this headcanon that when facing off against Zeref or whatnot, when Natsu goes into Dragon Force Mode, Lucy will use Gemini and her Gemini Star Dress will give her the ability to take on another’s power and partially transform into them, so when Natsu gets knocked down, Lucy will stand up and I have no idea where Natsu’s scarf went in this pic -_-

LMAO someone took my screenshot of Troye’s post that said helping people is hot which was attached to Connor receiving the award and they attached it to a picture of Tyler’s Trevor Project Prizeo. I’m laughing so hard, like someone in the Troylr fandom felt so threatened by that post that they made an identical Troylr one?? It’s not a competition omg, I just, what.


their friendship is everything to me

you know that moment when one person is doing something dumb and then another person looks at them like, oh this dork, I love this dork, even though they might not even admit they love them yet, but you know you can see it by the way they look at the dork that they love them and it’s sO CUTE THAT YOU EXPLODE! I am sorry I am just very emotional about cute things like that. Have a nice day