Sana: ha, my husband will cook for the kids


Elias: stop flirting with my sister dude

Me : leave daddy yousef aloneeee

Samurai jack season 5 episode 6

Last nights episode was awesome ! This in my opinion has to be the best season of the whole series, because genndy does it again by blowing us away with another great episode. It’s starts off how the preview starts with the zeppelin flying past a dense forest, and we see ashi looking down from it no doubt thinking of jack and where he went.
Then we see two hooded figures which as expected were the woolies in disguise, talking about how she was aku’s bounty hunter and they were sure it was her. They try to catch her which she easily dodges, say they will not let her hurt the samurai of Ashi is confused but tells them she doesn’t intend to hurt them she just wants to find them because she believes he’s in trouble (he definitely was lol) and they proceed to ask her if she’s a friend of his.
That’s when they finally reveal themselves and tell her the story about how jack save them and their people from slavery, which see an awesome flashback of Jack Kickin ass. Of course this shows ashi that jack has also been a good person, and once she finds out from the captain that Jack was last seen over the area that they were flying over, she thanks them for telling there story and proceeds to jump from the zeppelin and free falls in to the forest below…badass moment.
Now this part confused me because she uses a kusarigama to slow down her fall, which was awesome but where did she get a new one ?!? I know it’s not important but her last one broke lol
Then we find out scaramouche is still alive…he’s just a head but still alive lol so as we expected he decides to go tell a girl that Jack has lost his sword.
Moving on, ashi safety lands into the forest and comes across Beetle drones that have been attacked and sees three figures approaching her distance and fires and arrows at her (a pretty damn strong arrow I might add, it pierced through a goddamn tree 😱) asking if she’s a minion of aku they suggest she’d run but if she’s another then reveal herself. Of course she asked the same question to them as well and they lead her to there village they’ve built, which as a pretty awesome monument of jack. They process to tell her the story on how jack saved their lives and destroyed they evil in the well (which is revealed was Akus doing which I don’t think was established but was implied in the past) then she thanks them for telling their story and moves of to finding him.
We go back to scaramouche where he is board a ship and hitches a ride from a rather… peculiar looking person, we get a funny moment of him saying “woah what a freak, looked like a talking penis” still dying from that 😂
Then we go back to Ashi where she here’s a strange noise coming from the woods which we find out are the ravers jack has saved from aku’s evil DJ. We get an insanely cute moment of Ashi dancing with all of them and having fun I might add, she thanks them for telling their story and leaves. Now we come to a part in the episode where it takes a completely dark turn where Ashi is looking down at a pool of water and gets a flashback of when she was a child and the mother forces them to jump in a pit of hot ashes NAKED saying aku is one with the darkness and so should we and pushes ashi in… it dawns on me..she’s been naked the entire time ! And that wasn’t an outfit she had on, it was ashes that was almost permanently seared to her skin 😨….I really, really, REEEEALLY want the high priestess to get her ass kicked or worse because that was brutal and uncalled for.
So then she jumps into the pool of water and proceeds to take rocks and starts rubbing them against her skin and removes the ashes which takes the entire night understandably, then we get a rather….sexy shot of her coming out of the water with a behind the back shot through the waterfall… I got one thing to say that…DAMN THEM CURVES 😍❤️
And we see her wet her hair and let dry naturally, realizing she’s still naked of course she makes a new outfit out of the foliage around her and we get a pretty nice shot of her and her new attire. She’s so damn pretty ! She reminds me of a forest goddess or something. The whole scene is of her being reborn as a new person and leaving the past behind her.
And then we go back to Scaramouche where he spots a telephone both on the boat and decide to make a collect call to aku, however he can’t hear him because the dog people are talking too loud (also nice Easter egg of modeling one of them after Astro from the Jetsons) so of course he starts talking shit and thinks he could just go back in and tell aku what’s going on. Of course that doesn’t happen and the dogs throw him overboard forcing him to find another way to get to aku.
Then we cut back to Ashi that where she stumbles upon a bar thats owned by a very familiar face. We find out it’s actually Sam-moo-rai ! And they continue to tell her that Jack is the toughest “S.O.B around” and we get a random and surprising encounter from an old villain demongo ! Who has returned (after being crushed by aku) to look for the souls of powerful warriors but moves on because he sees he’s in the wrong place.
After seeing she wasn’t getting anywhere with them she moves on and finds a short mysterious women (which reminds me of an owl lol) asking if she’s looking for the samurai and tells her to follow A certain path to find him then disappears and ashi rushes off to find him.
Now, who the hell was that ?! I’m really curious, maybe will find out in a future episode ?
Then as ashi follows the path we see the environment and ambience change instantly as she realizes she May or may not be in the realm of the dead or some kind as she comes across a graveyard and fines Jack and sees that something is clearly wrong and the mysterious Warrior on horseback appears again saying “you may witness but may not proceed any further” she of course replies witness what ? “The end” as the Warriors of the past gather around jack who has a sword in front of him as he lifts the up Ashi’s eyes widen when she realizes he’s about to commit seppuku (A ritual in which a samurai kills him self with a sword because he has now honor left) and begs him to stop. Of course the horseman objects and tells her that “it doesn’t concern her and that there is no hope” but she tries to get through to Jack by telling him that he save the lives of countless people and has inspired them. Then we get some pretty emotional dialogue from her saying how he helped her see the light and made her more than what she was and I hope he gave her saved her life… not going to lie it actually made me tear up a bit and I was kind of expecting her to say “and I love you” in the middle of all that but…. hey there still future episodes for her to say it lol
She eventually reveals to him that the children they saved we’re alive and didn’t die, The horseman fed up with her talking goes to attack her but is then blocked by Jack who has snapped back to reality and defend her by seemingly getting rid of the horseman. Once the Warriors the past realize it wasn’t his time the immediately disappeared. Then we get a cute moment with the two where Jack looks behind him and complements Ashi on her hair and dress and she smiles ❤️ I’ll take it as a romance thing ! lol
Then she asks what’s next and Jack says it’s time to finally get his sword back 🤘🏻✊🏻😆

This was a great episode and really wouldn’t be surprised if Ashi’s feelings towards Jack grows and it she realizes she loves him. I’m sure he’ll take Jack a little longer for him to develop feelings but it’ll ultimately happen I believe 😋👍🏻

The pacing of the episode was really good and the return of all the characters from the previous seasons was heartwarming to see even if one of them was demongo lol
Then we get the preview of the next episode which looks like Jack is going through a spiritual journey to get a sword back while Ashi watches over him. Then we see there is an army approaching and she says where do you think you’re going ? and one of the guy says of the mountain to kill the samurai what it to you ? I’m like… dude really of all the things to say in front of Jack’s future wife your gunna say that ? That’s basically asking for your own funeral lol
Then we get a pretty sweet shot of her sucker punching one of them in the face, I’m over here like
“Fuck yea ! Protect your man ashi !”
It’s still unclear whether or not my prediction will be right or not about them kissing in the next episode, I’m hoping they do. What do I do predict though is well Ashi is fending off the army Jack will get his sword back and fight side-by-side with her.

Goddamn I know the episode was last night but damn I want next Saturday to come already lmao The show is literally what is been getting me through each week of work.

So what did you guys think of the episode last night ?

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I'm so sorry but I'm unsubscribing. Your channel's quality is degrading steadily the past couple of months. I used to watch your videos to calm myself but now I can't even watch 3 minutes without getting annoyed of you. I don't know what happened, but if this is permanent, I'm sorry but I can't stay. I wish you the best of luck. Hopefully, I'll be able to find joy in your content again. Let's high five one last time ✋ So long, irish bean.

Hey there! That’s alright. You don’t have to like something forever and I would never expect you to. We all come and go about our lives all the time and if something isn’t for you anymore then you do you and I’ll do me.  Thanks for at least being there at all to begin with and yeah hopefully you can come back and enjoy the channel again eventually :)

Oh and *WHA-PISH*!


Shiro: (softly, but with a lot of feeling) what the fuck? 

inspired by this post

alternatively titled: Keith just wants to watch conspiracy theory videos on Shiros laptop 

What’s so beautiful about “you were beautiful” is the fact that the person knows very well that the relationship they had is buried in the past and despite that despite moving on despite the pain and whatever comes with a break up, that person still acknowledges how beautiful the relationship was, how beautiful their ex lover was, how lucky they were to have them even for just a moment and it’s very bittersweet because. To be grateful for a love once shared after letting go, to dare look back at memories that cause both warmth and heartache, it’s something very hard and levelheaded to do and day6 expressed that beautifully 

Tag yourself as music keys (as told by the Signature Series CBC)
  • C major: Childlike, carefree, unselfconscious
  • C minor: Misunderstood genius, misanthrope, caught in a heroic struggle
  • D-flat major: Has a dreamy smile, makes jewelry, innocent
  • C-sharp minor: Mysterious, secretive, doesn't open up to others
  • D major: Overachiever, cheerful, enthusiastic
  • D minor: Angry at the world, betrayed by friends, alone
  • E-flat major: Respected by others, popular, a great leader
  • E-flat minor: Quirky, strange, not very well known
  • E major: Delightful, charming, a morning person
  • E minor: Proud, likes drama, needy
  • F major: Calm, in control of things, secretly has an iron will beneath that sweet smile
  • F minor: Not to be messed with, tough, never gives up
  • F-sharp major: Friendly, gives hugs, has lovely plants
  • F-sharp minor: Shy, stays home a lot, scared of other people
  • G major: Playful, naive, a great sport
  • G minor: Stubborn, gets into arguments, smart
  • A-flat major: Kind, always pays for dinner, bakes cookies for friends
  • G-sharp minor: Weary, moves gracefully, 100% done with society
  • A major: Can't keep still, impatient, capricious
  • A minor: Has unfulfilled dreams, cannot let go of the past, mournful
  • B-flat major: Nerd, nature enthusiast, loves to gaze at the stars
  • B-flat minor: Doesn't show feelings, gets uncomfortable at the mention of feelings, actually has feelings
  • B major: Loves weekends, sleeps in, operates on a different internal clock
  • B minor: Gloomy, likes art and wine, hides under a blanket
the other side of the signs
  • aries: can be very soft, emotional. sometimes doubt themselves. feel unwanted, unloved. they are without a doubt strong people but sometimes they just need someone to make them feel alright again. cry over people who hurt them in the past sometimes. never really forget what others did to them.
  • taurus: overprotective and jealous because they doubt themselves as a partner. sometimes they feel not good enough. can get angry over little things. when in rage they may say things they don't really mean and regret later. focused on their goals so much that they are about to give them up after a little failure.
  • gemini: can be mean and bitter when hurt. wouldn't admit they're hurt. ignore people because they don't know how to express themselves sometimes. overthink things and panic. it takes them a lot of time to regain their strength. they look for a home in other people. they often feel misunderstood.
  • cancer: they can be hard as a rock. they give second chances but they know exactly that giving a third chance is foolish. they won't hurt those who hurt them but they will make sure the people who did them wrong know what they did. is normally a dreamy romantic but they have an iron skin to hide in when it all gets too much.
  • leo: sometimes they feel powerless, as if something was sucking their energy out of them. challenges that seem impossible can bring them to their knees. sometimes their "roar" is a soft, whispering voice. their pride can make them roar incredibly loud though. if they feel like you make fun of them you'll get to see their teeth and this is not how you want to experience them.
  • virgo: sometimes they are mean on purpose, hurt on purpose. they may try to control others emotionally. they do this to be let alone or to make someone stay. sometimes they feel lonely and down. they also create little worlds where they hide then. they can have problems with saying or even knowing what they want and it confuses them and makes them feel uncomfortable.
  • libra: they doubt themselves a lot. they sometimes feel like the failed first try of a painting. sometimes they are not as kind as nomally, sometimes they explode. they never forget what they deserve and they will do anything to get what they want. they use their elbows to get people out of their way if it's needed.
  • scorpio: they sometimes feel things they don't understand and it makes them feel depressed. sometimes they feel like no one on this planet is made to understand them. sometimes they regret things so much that they hate themselves for making those mistakes. it takes them a ot of strength to seem as strong as they are.
  • saggittarius: the longer they look for them, the more "flaws" they'll find in themselves. they are bright people who live in so many colours but sometimes all they see is black and white, maybe grey. sometimes deep thoughts keep them awake and although they usually have many friends they don't know who to talk to. then they feel like the whole word has given up on them. they are known as funny, charming people but sometimes they feel like they're carrying the weight of everyone's happiness, like they're responsible for it, and that can be too much for them from time to time.
  • capricorn: they can be furious. sometimes, when it all gets too much, they yell and kick things and start treating the people around them badly just for standing where they stand, just for being there. they like to know more than they should. they rarely speak about how they feel. they tend to hide their true feelings from everyone around them and when they finally talk about things that bother them no one knows how to comfort them. they don't say what they want but expect others to feel what they want and when no one understands them they get angry.
  • aquarius: there can be a lot of secrets behind the pretty face of an aquarius. the best kept can be their sadness. although they are bright personalities who love to laugh and make jokes, aquarius often have experienced things that still bother them even after a long time. they won't always speak about it, they may try to cover it, but some day they will tell everyone what bothers them. it's actually hard for them to let go of their past.
  • pisces: they can be the most revengeful people. sometimes they know nothing, neither friends nor family. if they want to make someone pay for something they will do so, they will get their revenge. although they love a lot and love intensely, they also know hate. they try to avoid this feeling but they know it too well. actually pisces are haunted by a lot of things, mostly their own mistakes. they sometimes can't find peace. they fight for justice but sometimes they go too far. too far with many things. they tend to be self-destructive.
exo shitpost #2: exo at the carnival
  • junmyeon: alright assholes go wild
  • chanyeol: hoo boy i'm going to win me some prizes
  • baekhyun: you suck ass at everything what could you possibly win
  • chanyeol: that thing with the hammer
  • sehun: your arms are two limp noodles lmao
  • chanyeol: fuck you
  • luhan: your weak ass can't even get it past the halfway mark
  • chanyeol: i don't deserve this verbal abuse you try it
  • luhan: what. the fuck.
  • luhan: it doesn't work
  • sehun: excuses are for the cheap
  • luhan: this is bullshit, this game is rigged, and we are going home
  • -
  • yifan: ok junmyeon let us get wild
  • junmyeon: would you fuck off i will not ride a roller coaster
  • yifan: why
  • junmyeon: because i may shit myself
  • junmyeon: but also because i don't want to be seen next to your crusty ass
  • yifan: why did i ever love you
  • -
  • jongdae: fuck yes corndogs
  • kai: holy shit kyungsoo take it slow
  • kyungsoo: i am a hungry bitch today don't speak to me
  • jongdae: did you really just inhale that entire corndog
  • kyungsoo: it's not that big
  • kai: i can personally assure you he's seen bigger
  • jongdae: wow kyungsoo, king of the dick
  • kyungsoo: if you don't shut up right now i might eat you
  • -
  • zitao: fuck i lost my watch, i must have left it on the ferris wheel
  • minseok: you irresponsible fuck what did i tell you about leaving your goddamn shit everywhere
  • zitao: here, take my ice cream and put it on your tits because you need to chill
  • minseok: /rubbing nosebridge/ how much did that stupid thing cost
  • zitao: it was gucci
  • minseok: i just pissed my pants
  • zitao: relax jethro i have like ten more at home
  • minseok: what
  • zitao: eleven including the one i gave to candy
  • minseok: you have eleven gucci watches, one of which is for your dog, and you still gave me a fucking slurpee for my birthday
  • zitao: at least it was a jumbo size
  • minseok: you're dead to me
  • -
  • yixing: life is fantastic
  • kyungsoo: you're a cheery mf today aren't you
  • yixing: why are you so pessimistic, go inhale another corndog
  • kyungsoo: i can't eat too many, i'm corn intolerant
  • yixing: that's not a thing
  • kyungsoo: i'm also mildly allergic to dogs
  • yixing: that's,,,, not how it works
  • luhan: don't bother this is from the same guy who didn't know how dna works
  • kyungsoo: no more kimchi spaghetti for you
  • -
  • sehun: cotton candy BITCH
  • chanyeol: this is your fifth one, stop it
  • sehun: i am in love with this shit
  • chanyeol: diabetes says hello
  • sehun: i might dye vivi this colour
  • chanyeol: what the fuck she's not an easter egg
  • sehun: doggosthetic
  • chanyeol: s e h u n that's abuse pLEASE DON’T DO THAT
  • -
  • yifan: aw fuck
  • junmyeon: what now you overgrown baby
  • yifan: i'm too tall for the bumpercars
  • junmyeon: too bad
  • yifan: this is no fair
  • junmyeon: go ride something else you ingrate
  • yifan: that's it i'm putting you on the death drop
  • junmyeon: you better freaking not
  • yifan: hi yes one ticket for the death drop
  • junmyeon: nonononono im sure i don't meet your height requirement eheheh
  • yifan: don't worry dear, they have seats for shrimps like you!
  • junmyeon: WU YI FAN YoU fUckeR
  • yifan: enjoy bitchy!!
  • junmyeon: YoU haVe a laWSUiT oN YoUR handS
  • -
  • jongin: i love the fact that i still look hot in all of these
  • jongdae: hey baekhyun this mirror's got me looking just like you
  • baekhyun: how so?
  • jongdae: makes me look ugly as shit
  • jongin: im piSSing
  • baekyun: this kind of commentary is the reason no one loves you
  • -
  • luhan: haunted house, leggo
  • zitao: fuck this shit i'm out
  • minseok: nah i'm in let's do it
  • yixing: zitao i'll protect you
  • zitao: too late i'm already crying
  • minseok: oh ShiT i am Spooked
  • luhan: his soul has left him
  • yixing: you made it taozi, i’m proud of you
  • zitao: thanks yixing, the only thing that helped me through it was the fact that those goblins back there kinda resembled you and it was really funny
  • yixing: wow, this is basically bullying!
  • -
  • junmyeon: well boys, it's been fun
  • kyungsoo: no it has not
  • junmyeon: but we must head back to hell
  • yifan: he means home
  • junmyeon: trust me, i mean hell

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What do I do if the love of my life broke up with me. I can't eat I'm so anxious. I feel like I'm suffocating.

you take care of yourself. you slowly let go and move on in your own time. you see that there are many loves in life and this one was not the one. “the one that got away” doesn’t exist. people say that because they romanticize the past. the ones that get away are meant to get away and they were not the people you were supposed to grow with. and darling, you eat. love does not shrink us. you drink water. you eat fruit and toast. you pace yourself with all of the regular things in life. you breathe. you open windows and sit in front of them. you write, you read, you listen to music, you take yourself on night walks and night drives. you change your life. and you go on. you reach out and strengthen friendships. you embrace your aching loneliness and watch it transform into solitude. you try not to let the world make you hard. you forgive yourself if you do. then you let love in again and again and again and always. 

sendursx2me-deactivated20170321  asked:

I can't figure why I hate myself so much & angry i work through the 12steps 14.5 yrs sober/clean I let go of past yet past energy of sexual abuse & violence stuck inside me I know it's not my fault why do I hate myself & angry @ the world & take it out on God & Jesus. I don't want to live this way it's been said suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem yet what's so temporary about being tormented 54 years.

Hi. Thank you for reaching out to me. Thank you for being brave enough to open up about your trials; about the battles you fight. The ones unbeknownst to everyone around you. You know, the real shit. I am not at your stage of life, I haven’t experienced your hardships, but I am here to empathize with you, to help get an understanding and aid you in navigating this point in your life. Often times self loath can be attributed to guilt, or a disconnect between who you are and who you think you should be (cognitive dissonance). Suicide isn’t often touched on. It’s not a “nice” and pretty subject. But it’s real. Suicide is a more commonly occurring thought than one might think. It is okay to let those thoughts come to mind, but don’t pursue them. 54 years of torment is a sentence I wouldn’t wish upon anybody, and though it hasn’t been a perfect 54 years, you’ve accomplished a great deal. You’re sober and you’ve survived the mental torture of being abused (you need to know it’s not your fault). I would take this opportunity to look ahead into the future. You are 54 years old and still have many years to continue your pursuit of fulfillment and happiness. What fulfillment and happiness looks like it not a question I can answer for you. Look around in your life and pick out the pieces that being you joy. Once you’ve found your joy, pursue. You have too much life to live and owe it to yourself to enjoy the shit out of your time here. Please stay. 

  • Apostasia: Stop, Arme. Just stop what you're doing.
  • Arme Thaumaturgy: Apostasia...
  • Apostasia: Pity? Is this pity? That's what this is, isn't it?
  • Arme Thaumatury: ... That's not it.
  • Apostasia: Do you consider me a failure? A failed version of you? Is that why you're doing this?
  • Arme Thaumaturgy: I can't... just let you go on like this. I can't see you suffering... so please...
  • Apostasia: Take a good look, Arme. Do I look like I am suffering?
  • Arme Thaumaturgy: ...
  • Apostasia: Just look at us and tell me which one of us is the one that needs help right now.
  • Arme Thaumaturgy: ...
  • ----
  • Erbluhen Emotion: ...
  • Apostasia: ...
  • Erbluhen Emotion: ^^;
  • Apostasia: -_-
  • Apostasia: What do you want?
  • Erbluhen Emotion: Oh, no, nothing. ^^
  • Apostasia: You've been sitting there and watching me read for the past 30 minutes. If you have something to say, then spit it out.
  • Erbluhen Emotion: I just. Uh, how should I say... I heard you and Arme arguing earlier.
  • Apostasia: Don't bring him up.
  • Erbluhen Emotion: He only cares about you.
  • Apostasia: ...Don't tell me you're going to try to "save" me as well.
  • Erbluhen Emotion: No, nothing of that sort. I just... want to keep you company.
  • Apostasia: ...?
  • Erbluhen Emotion: Arme is Arme because he is someone who needs to be in control, meticulously perfecting everything. He will try, if he could, to do everything in his power to correct what he believes is wrong. Seeing you in your state has ruined him. He feels responsible.
  • Apostasia: But I am this way of my own accord.
  • Erbluhen Emotion: I know, I know that. Arme just can't... He can't accept the irregularities in life.
  • Erluhen Emotion: But nothing in this world is be perfect, isn't it? Life is imperfect and that's precisely why it's so wonderful.
  • Apostasia: ... What are you trying to say?
  • Erbluhen Emotion: I understand why Arme is that way, but that also means I understand why you are the way you are. I may not agree with everything that you do but I do accept that you have taken that path because you believed that path was the one for you.
  • Erbluhen Emotion: I know this sounds extremely cheesy, but I really do believe everything happens for a reason. If the Goddess created us for us to take our own paths... then maybe in your world, the path you chose was the one you were meant to take.
  • Apostasia: Are you saying this was my fate...?
  • Erbluhen Emotion: I'm saying, if the world was meant to be like this, then I like it the way it is...
  • Erbluhen Emotion: And,
  • Erbluhen Emotion: I like you the way you are.
  • me yesterday: I feel really happy! God, I can't kill myself yet. I'm going to miss out on so many amazing experiences - I haven't even graduated yet! I want to live. I can do this.
  • me this morning: Can somebody hand me some hardcore drugs and a gun so I can leave this godforsaken place already? I can't fucking do this anymore.

anonymous asked:

I'm in love with my best friend but we're both in relationships with other people and I feel like a terrible person heeeelp.....

you came to me, so either you don’t know what kind of person i am, or you want to hear what other people aren’t going to tell you.

you are the only person you HAVE to live with for the rest of your life. friends and crushes are transient, but every choice you make, you will have to live with. if you value your friendships over your romantic feelings, don’t act on them. if you do, you don’t have a guarantee your best friend will return them, and both your significant others will be hurt/hate you if you pursue this person.

but. if you will regret this for years to come, and it’s real, and you’ve felt this way for a while, then pursue your best friend. steal them from their significant other and ditch your partner.

you have low stakes, low reward and high stakes, high reward. i’ve been accused of stealing hina from her ex, and yeah, that’s probably true. i definitely pursued her at the expense of my friendship with her ex. but i don’t regret it. i love hina more than i valued my friendship with her ex. the only thing i regret is pretending that i would try to not flirt with hina to her ex. i should’ve owned that i was infringing on a relationship.

does that make me a terrible person? probably. but anyone who has a problem doesn’t have to live with me. //i// have to live with me. and i would’ve been incredibly upset if i gave up hina.

so i pose the question to you: which do you value more? and are you willing to take the risk?

Love for the Signs
  • Aries: You try so hard to show your bulletproof vest to the world, but why is it every time they shoot, you bleed? Sweet Aries, you keep tying yourself to the train tracks without telling anyone, but whenever that train comes, your noble heart is crushed under insecurities' wheels. You'd rather watch yourself bleed out than ask from a giving hand. Your heart is too pure and your intentions are too raw to hide from others. Dear Aries, you are worthy of vulnerability. Exposing yourself to others does not and will not make you weak. It can only give you power.
  • Taurus: My sweet, dear Taurus, you are radiant in your glow and the person who ever told you otherwise is a damned liar. You pick their words off of sunflowers and dress yourself in their pedals, but Taurus you must let yourself see the flower as a whole. You sew the vibrant pieces to your heart without realizing that half the flower is already dead and now you are attached to something that no longer has life. You thrive in the grandeur of nature and having death fastened to your insides drains your once fluorescent glow. Something you once thought was so right, is now wrong. Admitting your faults will only let your heart breathe.
  • Gemini: Oh, the vivacity of life you hold within you my exuberant Gemini. You live two lives at once, you're a stimulated bolt of youth while simultaneously being a fallen heart always one finger away from an anxiety attack. Sometimes my dear, we can't see you with your forged facade. Do you even know which face you may wear today? It's an unconscious action, you feel both sides so you are able to be both sides at once and the others call your blasphemies. My dear, stop trying to suppress half of yourself in order to accommodate to their needs. Love both sides, then you may feel whole.
  • Cancer: My darling Cancer, are you still in bed holding your chest waiting for them by your window? You stand at the corner of their hearts holding a sign for hire "needed to be needed, loved to be loved" but didn't anyone ever tell you no one will ever love you as much as you do? If you move your hand from your chest, i promise you darling your heart will not fall, it can only grow. Your empty spots are not fatalistic, they are opportunities to be filled with the daises you picked from your garden. So let go sweet Cancer, let go and let in the fresh air of your beautiful aspirations.
  • Leo: I love to watch you paint as you delicately carve your love into trees you wish to lay under. You dream of peace but only seem to land on a pile of stressful need. Your heart is too big for them my sweet Leo, your heart is too pure and genuine that it often consumes you. They call you prideful but don't they know its because you already gave your heart to them and watched them squeeze its evergreen beauty? Your pride is not bad nor is it rotten or grim, it is an example of your standards. They broke your heart once and you'd be a fool to let them break it twice. Hold your head up high dear Leo, but remember to look down every now and then.
  • Virgo: You order ORDER itself and when it doesn't listen to you, you deteriorate into shambles. All you ever wanted was to help the ones you love, to give guidance for those who can't see past their eyes. Your detailed eye does not go unseen and your hidden heart will not go unfelt. You are the face of sacrifice, genuine in your quest for perfection but you must realize that you do not have to suffer. My sweet Virgo, you've come to know many lovers but have yet to know yourself. The ocean may seem infinite but you are far from the bottom, you may use your thoughts to drown yourself or you may use them to float. Your Mondays handwork with a heart full of integritY, but please my beautiful Virgo, let yourself breathe and enjoy the release of a Friday afternoon.
  • Libra: Dressed in black and red stained lips, you are lady lust herself playing both sides through stolen sips of wine. You hand out pieces of your heart in perfume masked gift baskets and then at night you hold yourself and wonder why you feel so empty. You have an exquisite soul my dear Libra, but you must stop walking around in the graveyards at night, trying to bury your feelings won't keep them from coming back alive. You fell in love with love itself and now the queen of the equilibrium can no longer keep balance. Sweet Libra, you are worthy of a voice but you must first speak to be heard. Stop using others affection for you as a measure of your worthiness, you must sit in silence and wait for what you cannot change.
  • Scorpio: Oh my dear Scorpio, how long has it been since you felt secure? Your jealous rampages are the result of your fractured loyalties and now when you do hold trust they often crush it in your hand and you're left to watch it fall through your fingers. You cannot manipulate another to love you. You are not tongue tied, you are delicately planned words with secret intentions hunting the truth you never wanted to know. My beautiful Scorpio, you must realize when to let yourself be. You haunt yourself with the action of others, but what they did to you does not define you, and it will no longer control you. The clever mind of a Scorpio shall not be wasted on the weak willed.
  • Sagittarius: The adventurous Sagittarius, which walks of life have you danced with today? You sing with the stories of tomorrow and live with the spontaneity of today, but you must realize that life is painted many different tones; it's wingspread freedom, but it's also storms of serious. Honesty is a virtue that we all thank you for, but my dear Sagittarius the integrity of others is not a joke you can recklessly play with. You are the embodiment of optimism cloaked in yesterdays ambition and tomorrows hope, you are beautiful in your wisdom. But life must be taken from all sights, you are the king of experiences, so dearest Sag, let yourself experience your emotions.
  • Capricorn: My dear Capricorn, you are grand in your restless hunger for the mountains peak. Rushing up the mountain side, trying to make it in time for the sunrise where you wish to lay in the hands of another sipping victorious wine. And although that sunrise will be magnificent in it's symbolic accomplishment, you must realize that missing it isn't a catalyst to your defeat. Although achieving hard works ambition is glorious, your hands are now ice and your heart isolated. This fight to the top may be easier alone, but who will hold you at the end? Remember, with every sunrise there is a sunset, both are qual in their beauty.
  • Aquarius: You are a blessing to tiresome routines while dressed in fortified independence. They can call you bundles of hand me down labels, making you a character to fit into their games but you will rebel to the noise and continue your crafts. But you see my sweet Aquarius, being a voice for the good, your beautiful detachment to judgement is also your biggest hamartia. Others are attracted to the impressions you plant and grow attachments while you disengage when you feel restricted. You must realize others do not break from their emotions so easily, your actions often leave scars. Let yourself be sedated by others, having emotions run deep is fatal but my dear Aquarius, you will never feel more alive.
  • Pisces: An extravagant castle, you are the magic that lives in all of us. The purity of your heart whispers divine compassion, constantly giving love to passing creatures. You live with not only your emotions, but you hold the hurt of everyone around you, you feel their tales of travesties. And my dear Pisces, when all you can do is feel floods of yours and others hurricanes, you escape back to your castle with locked gates. But my sweet Pisces, you must understand that you cannot live in that castle, you cannot wash away ruthless pain with sun dried whiskey and vindictive vodka. Your creative soul is magnificent, so never stop drawing your castle, never stop exploring the depths of your imagination, never stop having empathy, but you can't stop living.

Dinner with Simon? Yes, I can totally see how people think Harry’s been making his own choices without any strings attached.

Even if babygate were to end tomorrow you still could not convince me that they are free.