i literally just walked into a social media marketing company today and said “hey i drive by u guys every day, can i talk to ur community manager and analytics head” and they were basically like “lmao sure let’s sit u down for an interview”



My 23y.o., graphic designer nephew Dylan’s This Side Up t-shirt design got chosen for production by Cotton Bureau*! This Side Up is an impossible object (a 2-D type of design that is interpreted by our brains as 3-D) which is associated with the Penrose triangle.

The t-shirts are available in men’s XS-5X & women’s S-XL cuts in grey, indigo, and cranberry (that’s what they call the colors, I’m not being a dick who uses artsy names for blue and burgundy), and are super soft.

*cottonbureau uses a pre-order system, meaning every design gets two weeks to sell as many as it can, and then they print them. Cotton Bureau handles all the selling/printing/shipping/customer service. They ship two weeks after the pre-order deadline, which in this case is July 13, and the expected ship date is July 27.

There are 3 days left to order, if you happen to be interested.