Jay Z

Things done changed


CultureVIDEO: “Can’t Knock The Hustle (Live)” - Jay Z feat. Mary J. Blige (2008) - David Letterman Show

Jigga on fire and don’t ever forget that Mary J is a Queen.  

Boxing is a glorious sport to watch and boxers are incredible, heroic athletes, but it’s also, to be honest, a stupid game to play. Even the winners can end up with crippling brain damage. In a lot of ways, hustling is the same. But you learn something special from playing the most difficult games, the games where winning is close to impossible and losing is catastrophic. You learn how to compete as if your life depended on it. That’s the lesson I brought with me to the so-called “legitimate” world.

Jay-Z, Decoded

The perfect metaphor for life as an artist.