I know Dan has never had an eating disorder, but I do, and the way Dan acknowledged his weight gain and didn’t act totally horrified by it and made it out to be something that was OKAY really effected me and and made me feel….okay. It made me feel safe, and alright, and like I’m not a totally horrible piece of shit for gaining weight due to mental illness.

Ive always admired and loved Dan’s body shape, I always said if I could have anyone’s body shape it would be his, so to know he gained weight and he’s okay just… I don’t know !

During the darkest depths of my ED I would read ED phanfics to comfort myself and have something to relate to and like…the fact that he mentioned weight irl and not in fiction really stuck me in. That moment spoke to me in a very specific way and I’m…I don’t know.


“If this was a movie, you would die first.”


This short video is killing me ಥ_ಥ .

First:Taohun near to kiss.
Second:Taohun shaking their asses

The greatest thing is that Amber,while recording,was smiling.




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Today, one of my Uni friends saw my lockscreen, that's a Harry picture, and out of no where she said: "That's Harry, right? The one that dates the other band member, it's Louis his name, isn't it?". Can you imagine, my reaction? I just kept looking astonishingly at her and then surprisingly again she said "They are so cute together, they should get married!". I can't even explain my feeling at that moment. She doesn't even like 1D, but she thinks Larry is together! OMFG, I'm so happy right now!