reason number 239623906823 why I highly doubt that my boyfriend is real: today he brought me a hoodie he has worn recently to “keep me warm” and I can return it when it stops smelling like him

this is all I ever WANTED FROM LIFE




Guys, this girl here (yeah, you nagi) is the most lovely person ever u/v/u ♥ Just look at these amazing gifts… I really did never thought to get so much of one single person and since I know it comes from heart… I… I can’t explain how I feel it’s just overwhelming =´///v///`= I hope you will like the things I made for you too… ♥ ♥ ♥ this isn’t even everything, I got one more picture from her x <3 <3 <3 and much… much love <3

I really do love my, my sweetest Love >´v< thank you for the amazing day… ♥♥♥

And thanks to my family I’m able to make photos of these *got a new cell phone* =/v/=

I got even more pictures T/v/T I have to show them to you, I just have to <333

by blacklamour / thousandleaves <33 (X)

by martza <33 (X)

*muffled scream*

whenever i’m really happy, like top of the world kind of happy, i close my eyes for a few seconds and take a deep breath, trying to take in everything around me like the noises and smells and how i’m feeling so i can remember it for later

It's a new day!

Today felt really surreal… I don’t know how to even explain it! But if I tried to explain it it would be like this…
My last day of school was yesterday and I went to another school to watch my group of friends graduate!
So this morning I woke up knowing that everything would be different, and feel different from here on out as I grow up, and I swear to god that every life lesson that i’ve ever known or heard of has crossed my mind today! Every person that had some kind of importance in my life has crossed my thoughts today!
Today just felt so right, the weather was right, the music i listened to was right, my home made mac n cheese was right, the shows i was watching today were right, everything about today was just so perfect and sweet that I felt like I was in a movie! Everything felt different!
Today was like… I don’t even know how to word it…. Perfect!

I know I’m depressed and I know I have bad anxiety but I feel??? like i got more goin on but do I know what it is???? no

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