Dreams and Fantasies - Magic!Anon RP

This was new. Well, not exactly too new, it started out at the tower most of the time. Sometimes Clint could tell he was in a dream, sometimes not. He was sure this was one, though. Like those dreams where everything seemed real and you just knew…but it made it worse.

Clint was no idiot, he had dreamt night for night kind of the same stuff. He knew what would happen. He knew at some point he would start to feel insanely cold, or not be able to move anymore. At some point there would be shadows and demons and faces he knew. Barney, Loki, Hyde, Zemo…faces that had haunted him in the past, were still haunting him, hurting him. He just wondered how long it would take them to appear, his heart already racing, shivering because it was kind of cool. He had turned the heating on before he went to bed, right? 

With a slow moan, Clint tried to find his path through the dark. He didn’t even bother to steady himself on walls or stuff like that…this was a dream and in dreams you always found the way, whether it was good or not.