thenamesrio asked Joseph Gordon-Levitt or Tom Hardy


I know I’m cheating again but I honestly cannot choose between the two and I simply won’t. You got to understand JGL has sort of been there since my childhood and thus my love for him just keeps growing and it’s massive (lol). On the other hand TH has been this new phenomenal from me ever since I seen Inception. I haven’t gone this ‘gaga’ over a celeb in…AGES. So yes I love both these actors like something fierce.

I just really like alternative sexuality Tony Stark. Like, bisexual Steve gives me life, but what about Tony? Bi Tony, fulfilling the promiscuous stereotype and not giving a shit because he knows better. Pan Tony, all charisma and chemistry. Demi Tony, who sleeps with people for the hell of it but doesn’t even realise what attraction truly is until he’s heading down a feelings road, and his eyes just widening, because this is it, this is what people meant. Grey Tony, who finds sex fun but doesn’t care about sexual attraction until it hits him from across the room. Ace Tony, because yeah, he enjoys sex, but what’s the big deal if he doesn’t feel that pull?