every westallen scene ever (55/?)

I just bought 2 sets of Beats headphones for 50 Turkish Lira which equals to about 11 British pounds. Then I was given the earphones in the middle for free 🙌🏼 Thank you Turkey!

I mean… I’m not stupid. I know they’re not *REAL* Beats but as someone who can’t afford name brands its kind of nice to be able to buy some replicas that actually sound good (also my previous earphones broke last night so to get another pair for free was awesome).

They may last 2 days, 2 weeks or if I’m lucky 2 years, hence why I bought both sets just in case. Due to the fact they’re knock off’s I figured it’d be smart to get more than one but who can argue when the smaller headphones were £4 and the bigger £7.


and are we not created in his image?

prompt: hannibal quotes [want a graphic?]

339. When Harry visits Hogwarts after the final battle he asks Professor Flitwick for a small piece of the Whomping Willow that he then takes home and grows in his yard.

I quit life