I just got back from metrocon! I saw these two cosplaying as characters from one of my favorite book series, “all for the game.” I asked if I could get a picture (twice because I forgot to ask for the back of the jersey) and they were so gracious. They were truly awesome people!

I just spent a half hour wrangling chickens, because some of them made a jailbreak last night. 

And the two bassets were nice enough to “help,” but we didn’t end up with any dead (or with missing feathers!) so that’s a win. 

I still think there’s one out there, but it’s one of the crotchety old black Australorp hens that occasionally forgets it’s a chicken and decides it’s a duck, or a jungle beast. So it’s going to be just fine. Probably. 

So maybe I’ll have some coffee and go into work now.