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what was the first kiss for the professional au like?

(awkward, to say the least)

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How would RFA react to finding out MC has organizational OCD, and if they can't figure out the perfect way to sort something (like books in alphabetical order by title or author) they get really panicky and paranoid? (I suffer from 2 ocd types)

I’m a perfectionist myself, so I kind of know the feeling, but not quite(?)


- When you told her, she was worried (?)
- She would get worried because she keeps thinking she may now give you the best or she won’t make you happy
- She would give you so much support
- She would ask what things bothered you the most and try to change them
- Because of her work, she tends to be really organized, right? So she would just keep an eye on details
- I think she would end up worrying a lot more than she should.


- He’d be so confused, like he wouldn’t understand at first
- But when you explained how it made you feel, he ordered to keep things in the penthouse exactly as you wanted them
- “If you need something, just say it, I want you to be comfortable while you stay with me”
- If something bothers you, he would make it be perfect by any means


- He would research everything about it and how to help you
- When you get all panicky he would feel so bad
- He would really really try to be more organized to make things easier for you
- And if you needed something he would get it for you
- “I’m sorry, MC, I’ve never cared much about things… I’ll try my best but sorry if I mess up”


- Same as Jaehee, he would be so very worried
- He’d think he won’t be good enough
- But he doesn’t want you to feel stressed when you’re with him
- He would put so much effort to be organized
- He’d change everything for you
- He’d ask you how to do something
- He’s totally into doing things your way
- He just wants to make you happy


- He’d start researching about it too
- He would be the most supporting boyfriend of all time
- It doesn’t matter if he has to change almost everything, he would do it for you.
- If you ever feel bad about being like that he would just hug you and tell you that you are perfect
- “I don’t want you to change, princess. If you need something I want to give it to you”

Every time I see a post about the MAMAs that says 

“Oh my god do you guys even care about BTS”
“I can’t believe you would let BTS down like this”
“After everything they’ve done for us this is how you repay them”
“Are you even trying anymore”
“If you’re not voting unfollow me”
“If you’re not voting I’m blocking”

Or any variation of, it sickens me. You have no idea what’s going on in people’s lives. America is breaking in two, SKorea is crumbling, there’s crazy earthquakes happening, so many countries are in turmoil, and you are sitting there guilting people because they aren’t voting in an online poll? Seriously?

Look, I know you want BTS to win MAMA awards. So do I, very much. But guilting people isn’t going to do shit. It will actually decrease peoples’ want to vote. How about encouragement for a change? Or how about asking if you can help out? I wonder how many people have seen those posts and just went well fuck this shit. There are so many better methods of going about this. Please just stop. Don’t guilt, help.

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Hey so, I've been trying to draw BTS for a while now, but I can never get their skintones right, but I think you draw them so well, and I know you already answered which colors you use, but I've been trying to find the post but I can't, so I'm sorry to bother you with this again, but can you maybe link the other? óvò

It’s in my faq in my description!

but i think i changed it but i’m not rlly sure so 

this is the new skin tone palette :^DD (the first line) The order is Namnam-Jin-Yoongi-Hoseok-Jimin-Taehyung-Jungkook :^DDD


Boyfriend thanking Bestfriends for their Bounce1stWIN

the signs as things my mom ( a scorpio) has said
  • Aries: *watching pizza commercial and they say their pizza is only $5 for a medium* "THAT'S A LIE!!! IT WAS LIKE $10."
  • Taurus: "I just love the $5 bin at Target. It makes me feel like I'm actually getting a bargain."
  • Gemini: "Now THIS is real 80's music."
  • Cancer: "I don't like it when people cry. Because I start to cry. And I don't like it. Why does this happen? I don't know. But I don't like it."
  • Leo: "Why are you upset about him? He's not even that cute..."
  • Virgo: "I don't like that shirt. It has a tiny stain on it." "Mom, you can't even see it? Its so tiny." "Yeah, but I can see it, and it's going to bother me. Please change."
  • Libra: "I just want to wear cute sweaters and jackets all the time, okay? No judgement needed."
  • Scorpio: "Ew. I hate people. They drain me."
  • Sagittarius: "I like to look at people and try to guess where they are here. Like, that guy sitting on the bench over there? He's an old spy enjoying his retirement, and reminiscing about his ex wife. Fun, huh?"
  • Capricorn: "Eating is such a waste of time. I could be doing anything else, but NO."
  • Aquarius: *does a little dance* "ORANGES, ORANGES, WHAT RHYMES WITH ORANGES?!"
  • Pisces: "They were right when they said a mother's love is the strongest force on Earth. I love you guys. I would kill for you guys, man."

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I mean, yikes, that's the most he's ever said before. Doesn't it make you think that it's real? Or at least it's signed up for this long term? He seems really happy and relaxed today, not bothered by the idea of that coming. I don't know. If he's happy being a dad, whatever the circumstances, I guess that's that. We can't change it.

nope. it means that, as of right now, this bullshit is still the official narrative and if the hosts keep pushing the topic during an interview louis is literally forced to respond. 

we don’t know if they blacklisted it and the hosts chose to ignore that or if it wasn’t blacklisted because they want to refresh everyone’s memory before there’s another development or if if it’s not blacklisted because they want to get through all the immediate jho promo before ending it because that’ll be a huge black cloud hanging over the interviews otherwise.

we just don’t know. what we do know is that louis has literally been phoning this shit in forever and that he was holding ANOTHER BABY IN THAT BEACH PICTURE.

how is he going to be happy being a dad whatever the circumstances if he has to borrow other people’s children for staged photo ops? like how on earth would that work in the longrun?

if you can still look at everything on this page and honestly think that a) he would sign up for something like this in the longterm willingly and b) that it’s even sustainable in the longterm then that’s your choice but it’s not something i can even begin to wrap my head around sorry.

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Vel, I don't know if you're gonna even read this, but honestly don't pay attention to these people, your comment sections and probably ask box are filled with positivism, too, you know? My mesage point and case. Also I can tell by experience, my very gay experience, that internalized homophobia is a thing, so just hope someday those dudes accept themselves enough and stop bothering other people for their sexuality or other things we can't change about ourselves.

Yeah I agree, it was just kinda sad because I actually thought he was a good dude for that .1 second before he slapped me in the face with that homophobia trash virtually lmao

Thank you to all the supportive messages I got though!! I’ve got no intention of letting that stuff change me or the story

However, I will be adding that dude in the story as a super gay nice dude that pops in every now and then in ctc. be sure to look out for “Epic Pompadour guy”

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lol so kxk shippers have now changed tactics. they're sending KD blogs their kxk "moments" and making you analyze them and when what you say doesn't match what they want to hear, they accuse you of avoiding the question because the moment is real. this is why we can't have nice things. kxk shippers are the ones going in KD tags and blogs. if your ship is confirmed, why do you care about kaisoo so much? so your ship is in confirmed, that's nice. why are you bothering KD blogs feeling insecure?

Like I always said: they’re insecure. They’re afraid that, one day, they’ll wake up and their precious real ship will be destroyed by the same company who put them together.

  • DE: *teleports at young Add's back* Ey kid.
  • Add: *groans* What now??
  • DE: Wanna play a game? A game like.. hide-and-seek???? OuO
  • Add: Crazy fucked-up future me, I can't play right now, I got to work on my research.
  • DE: Aw, What a shame... Guess I'll just go back in time and watch you change to your pajamas.
  • Add: Wait, you watch me change my clothes??
  • DE: Chill, I only watch you when you're changing to your pajamas. I like it's cat patterns, okay??
  • DE: Pfft, my mind is already broken, don't bother.
  • DE: Fine, fine~ *opens up a portal then enters* I'm still gonna peek at your pj's though. *closes portal*

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Of course his sense of smell of got stronger? Cause he literally said 'I smell people behind me' the very next day? That's why he can't stand paint's smell

Urie has literally always had a strong sense of smell since his his introduction Tokyo Ghoul:RE , in chapter 1 he smelled the ghoul cabby by the smell of blood. So smelling a person behind him isn’t a big deal.

What is a big deal is one specific smell (paint) used to signify lack of change is now bothering him. It’s very distinct and much too specific to signify nothing.

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Okay, so I have no one else to turn too. I love your blog and it makes me smile all the time! :) So, I'm gay. And I'm terrified. My family is unbelievably homophobic, my aunty who came out a while ago was pretty much "shunned." She was kicked out straight away and we're not aloud talk to her. It goes as far as I'm not aloud have Dan and Phil things in my room because my mom thinks they're gay. I cry every single day because I now I can't change the fact I like girls. Should I come out? Idk..

I’ve been looking at this question all day. I think before you do, have a backup plan. Im really hoping that your parents will accept you, but its good to have money saved up if it bothers them that much. If you need anything that I can help with more, please don’t even hesitate to ask me, I will do whatever i can. I promise.

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Sometimes I'm really bothered that the confessions have errors on them. Can't you guys change them? I know it's not your job, but it happens more often, than once a month.

Not on the ones we don’t make. Taiga fixes the errors when she makes them, tho like every human being she’s bound to miss some every now and then, but the ones that get submitted as graphics get queued exactly how they are. We can’t fix them