No it wasn’t, Jake Goldman. The girls already had distinct personalities. All you guys did was change two of the main characters into copies of Simpsons characters (Buttercup and Blossom are Bart and Lisa now because you didn’t even bother to see how the two acted in the original series). You made one of the greatest side characters of all time (Robin Schneider) act and sound like a complete idiot. You got rid of a female character who was the smartest, most competent character in the entire series because she had boobs. You’re already being transmisogynist, misogynist, misandrist… all the -ists. You have so far done nothing to improve upon any of the characters of this series. You have no clue how to structure narratives and your episodes just jump all over the place.

And worst of all? You’re trying to separate the girls. Yeah, they have their personalities, but they’re the strongest as a team. And you’ve totally destroyed the team dynamic by so far constantly having Bubbles and Blossom in peril and Buttercup as the gallant hero who saves these two damsels.

You’re delusional. You’re not adding spokes. You’ve driven a car into what worked and pushed it off of a cliff and sent it to its fiery death.


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'Sky High AU'

requested by anonymous

summary: Calum and I had grown up in the underground superhero world but Sky High was the biggest change we’d ever experienced

warning: it’s really really long, 6k long but so, so worth it

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