SELF-PARA 001 § Friday Night's All Right for Fighting

          It was the first time she’d ever fought with her grandfather.

          Except… They weren’t exactly fighting. At least, it didn’t exactly sound like fighting – there were no raised voices, no angry points and counter points shouted irrationally across the dinner table, no harsh insults tossed at the other party in aggravated sighs and hisses. What there was was a mild-mannered but tense debate that kept the entire room on edge and left a bitter taste in Charity’s mouth.

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anonymous asked:

I'm so confused I can't seem to decide wether I'm J or P, could you help me? I've made like 12 different tests and my result is always INTJ/INTP, and like I identify with both it's crazy, I feel like I'm a J because I really like to plan ahead and hate when plans are changed or something unexpected happens but also I feel like a P because I don't know, I'm also really spontaneous at times and I'm not that organized with things like my room, my office and stuff.

Look into your cognitive functions instead of just relying on tests. No matter how many tests you take getting similar results, it’s not gonna make it accurate, that’s for sure. 

INTP: Ti Ne Si Fe
INTJ: Ni Te Fi Se

P vs. J is in my opinion the most defining of the four dichotomies. INTPs and INTJs can seem very similar because they’re both introverts and intuitives and thinkers, but the mental processes associated with each are all different. Yes, both are logical and thinkers over feelers, but the things they put their energy and logical mind towards are usually different. They’re both intuitive, but the nature of their intuition is different. They’re both introverts and prefer to be in their minds instead of the real world, but what goes on in that mind is pretty different.

And honestly, I can’t tell you which one you are by a few statements. INTPs sometimes plan ahead because maybe something went really wrong the last time they didn’t. INTJs may plan ahead because their Te tends to like prioritizing tasks. Hating when plans are changed could definitely be Si for INTPs. INTJs, on the other hand, may not like plans changed because they already put so much energy into the first plan, and now they have to think it all over. Neither INTPs nor INTJs are characterized as being particularly spontaneous, but they could be. Most INTPs aren’t good with organization, but it’s not like all INTJs can’t live without a tidy room especially when their priority and focus is elsewhere.

You can’t type yourself based on stereotypes. I’m trying to hope that this doesn’t come off as too mean ‘cause hey, if you’re really an INT, if anything, this is just gonna compel you to look into the functions more which is exactly what you should do if you want to figure out your type.