can't you wait a few seasons for that

It's gonna happen

You’re gonna sit down and it’ll be there. Your hands will shake, your heart will beat, you’ll smile so wide it’ll hurt. You’ll jump up and down when you hear about it, you’ll squeal, or let out a series of jumbled, unrelated words because you can’t get your mind to work right. You’ll click on it. (you’ve been waiting so long but those few seconds - maybe minutes depending on how many are watching - they seem like forever) The screen will go dark for just a second, and then you’ll hear that first word, those first sounds - you’ll see the first frame, whatever it is, and it’ll dawn upon you: this is really happening.

Stranger Things season two is streaming on Netflix. Finally

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Am//edo//t fans and anti lapidot fans seem to be really hyped for Lapis leaving. If people think that Steven, Pumpkin and Peridot's reaction is gonna be emotional, I can't wait to see the look on everyone's face when they get reunited. People are saying how now that Lapis gone, Peridot and *insert characters name here* will confess to each other, but people are forgetting that when Lapis leaves Peridot will be either angry or revert back to her season 2-3 coldness.

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Honestly, some of the reaction to Lapis potentially leaving for a few episodes is just ridiculous IMO.

Like… she’s coming back, you guys - that’s why Jennifer Paz is still recording (with Shelby, no less~)!  Everyone’s getting all worked-up over nothing. 

But also, like, do people not realise that if Lapis leaves it’s going to emotionally destroy Peridot?!  Like it or not, our green bean is totally besotted with Lapis - her leaving isn’t going to change that.  If anything, it’s going to strengthen their relationship when they reunite, because being apart will really make them realise how much they mean to each other…

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Hello! Congratulations on the stuff you've been working on coming out! The community is certainly extremely hyped, and we can't wait for the movie. Just a quick question/clarification-you said these are the first episodes you worked on, does that mean this movie is the start of Season 3 (as in the movie is the first few episodes of S3, and S3 will then be the remaining....18 or so episodes)? If you can't disclose that information, that's fine-thank you for all the work you've done!

Yeah the “movie” is the first several episodes that will be played consecutively- so that means 2 hours of Star! They’re all under one arc though so it kind of is like a movie!

  • <p> <b>What she says:</b> I'm fine<p/><b>What she means:</b> mtv's scream is such a brilliantly written show. The plot is absolutely insane, the characters are amazing, and the music is perfection. The killer was predictable, called it around episodes 2 or 3, but the way she acts upon revealing herself was fucking insane. She looked so psychotic and the way she kept calling Daisy "mommy"... How do you make a slasher movie into a TV show? You do it like that. You kill people steadily, stop for a few episodes, then kill off a huge character in a horrifying way. You can build those solid relationships with characters so the viewer pleads with the world to let their favorite characters live. That's how. I can't believe I have to wait a year for season 2<p/></p>

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excuse me,i just want to ask you about something,is it good to make a comic without background? :)) i'm sorry if this is a weird question :)) oh and i'm sorry if my english is so bad :) oh! oh! by the way,i love your drawing and i can't wait for your next update ! XD

Hmm, you mean…backgrounds - as in the surroundings, right? If you browse through few of Echotale pages, you can see that they lack backgrounds mostly or have very very simplicistic ones. In comics you have to establish the feeling of surroundings to give the reader an image of WHERE the story takes place (a building?, outside?, some special place?is it day or night? what season?)So you can’t SKIP on the backgrounds ENTIRELY if you don’t want to give the reader a feeling that the story takes place in a neutral void of sort….. (only if you intend to give off that feeling on purpose…because…the story does take place in a void :’D). But you do not have to draw too detailed backgrounds everywhere, in each panel. Just choose few establishing panel shots, especially at start of chapter or start of new scene - to give the reader information about where it happens. On other panels it’s even encouraged to cut the background or make it as simple as possible, to emphasize the facial expressions or importance of text. Overwhelming backgrounds can work contraproductive. I’d love to make the art better in my case but I can’t afford it time-wise, so I really just sketch the bgr in few strokes or few details (like the floor tiles, few walls, trees). You just have to think about what is most important to show in each panel and act from there so the reader could have a comfortable read instead of asking questions that would disrupt the experience ;) Best of luck if you want to draw comics!

That Awkward Moment in the SuperWhoLock Fandom
  • Whovians: I can't wait to see our gag reel this year.
  • Supernatural Fandom: Same,the last one we had reduced me to tears.
  • Whovians: It's too bad they only show us a few minutes.
  • Supernatural Fandom: I know! It really isn't fair.
  • Whovians: Seriously, but imagine if we didn't get one?
  • Supernatural Fandom: Now THAT would be a tragedy.
  • Sherlock Fandom: *awkward silence*
  • Whovians: *awkward silence*
  • Supernatural Fandom: *awkward silence*
  • Whovians: You had a great season this year.
  • Supernatural Fandom: Thanks, which five episodes were your favorite ones?
  • Whovians: *slowly face palms*
  • Sherlock Fandom: *awkward silence*
  • Whovians: *awkward silence*
  • Supernatural Fandom: *awkward silence*
  • Supernatural Fandom: So...
  • Whovians: *gives warning look*
  • Supernatural Fandom: I hear your hiatus is almost over?
  • Whovians: *disappears into Tardis*
  • Sherlock Fandom: *SHOTS FIRED*
  • Felicity: "You really sold it."
  • Translation: I am doing so terribly at hiding my sheer disappointment at how this turned out, but with that being said, you were so fucking convincing! I have always been able to smell shit on you, Mr. Queen. Where did those acting skills come from? How did you do that?
  • Oliver: "We both did."
  • Translation: Your real, genuine reaction to my *secret* real, genuine feelings was so fucking cute I could have taken you right there in that dark foyer, but Slade did not deserve *that* particular show, you know? I seriously wanna devour the living force out of you right here on this sunlit beach, but yeah, gotta keep up the pretense for a few more seasons, haha. We are such a great team, Felicity. I can't wait to get over my shitty life so that I can smother you with all this hot, fire-breathing, life-altering love and attraction that has your name branded on it. 2017, that's our year. *wink*

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Hey Marc, thanks so much for what you do on Arrow. I only started watching a few months ago but now I can't get enough!! I've even started reading the comics now, including Arrow 2.5 which I love! I'm waiting impatiently for #11 on Monday! So as the story goes on, are we going to get to see when Felicity buys Oliver a bed??

Yes, we’ll be including that moment in Season 2.5.

okay but can we just appreciate something very important about episode 11 of the 100, bc i mean how much time have we bellarke fandom have been waiting to see them team up in leadership again??? How much time have we been waiting, getting upset, or frustrated at the bad interactions (or lack thereof) between bellamy and clarke and the rest of the delinquents, or the deviation or loss of the characters’ development?

and now here we have bellamy and clarke back again, understanding each other, worrying about each other, helping each other, silently comunicating through nods and stares, giving each other comforting words, teaming up with their delinquents squad, working together in agreement and just surviving together, as it should have been since the end of season 2. and let’s just not forget how this seems to be what they needed to be themselves again

i know one episode doesn’t fix all our frustration and bitterness through this whole season, but it sure makes up for a lot of things and this is just so important

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Hi, i've watched the got series till season 4 (of course) but now i want to read the books 'cause i can't wait till the next season but is it possible to start reading from AFFC? or do i have to start from the first book?

There will be people who will say you can start reading from AFFC. But you didn’t ask any of those people, you asked me, which is a good thing, because those people are wrong.

AGOT and GoT S1 are very close in terms of plot, although there are a few somewhat frustrating character differences. The plots and characters start to diverge more strongly in GoT S2, and even more so in S3 and S4. GoT S4 especially does not adapt ASOS as such — it adapts most of ASOS, but also parts of AFFC and ADWD for certain characters, and makes up lots of brand new material. And there is one major character in particular whose ASOS storyline did not get to its very dramatic end in S4 (not to mention another dramatic ending where what happens to the character may never be handled on the show), so if you start with AFFC you will be majorly spoiled and also confused.

Read the books. Read all the books. Start with AGOT. That will introduce you to GRRM’s writing and characters and plots from the start, and fully immerse you in the world and its history, and also give you the narrative and thoughts and points of view of the characters that the show could only touch upon. (I mean, there’s even a remarkable amount of Ned’s thoughts that weren’t — couldn’t be — filmed, and they tell stories the show’s barely hinted at yet.)

Then when you get to AFFC, I strongly recommend you read that book combined with ADWD. That will hopefully keep you from being bored in case you have a favorite character whose POV appears only in ADWD (or vice versa), and makes for a better sense of the timing and connections between characters and events. boiledleather’s combined AFFC/ADWD reading order is best, I’m told. (One of these days I’m going to sit down and reread the books that way myself.) The show will certainly be putting the books together for S5 anyway.

Good luck (I know you can do it), and hope you enjoy!

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As soon as I read that interview I went to your blog to find your reaction, can't wait to hear what else you have to say about it.

You betcha. There is so much to love about what they said, I almost don’t know where to start.  Showrunners just don’t do this. They don’t take aim at their own shows publicity. That’s how you know how far off track the preseason narrative has gotten. 

Here are a few things that stood out to me: 

1). Do you feel there are any misconceptions out there about Season 5A?

This is amazing. As I said prior, I’m positive that the reason Mitovich asked this question is because A&E told him they wanted to clear up some misconceptions. This is absolute, 100% proof that the Regina as Savior and Regina saves Emma rhetoric that Lana has been spouting unabated is totally her own ego-centric, character-centric spin.  We knew it, and since Adam has tried to shut it down twice on Twitter, others who have been paying attention knew it, but this is next level damage control.  This is taking it a step further and clearing it up for fans who are not in fandom.  You don’t do that, unless you know what a problem you have. 

It’s very telling they went to Mitovich to clean up Entertainment Weekly’s mess. Matt even mentions SDCC where all this nonsense started.  If I were Mitovich, I’d say “Sure, I’ll help you clear up the misconceptions, but next time you have a big exclusive, you know who to call, right?”  

As far as Lana is concerned, sorry babe, you took your make believe talking points too far and now you’re going to have to find some new way to insert Regina where she doesn’t belong. Hmmm… what will she say next?

2) Adam’s breezy answer.  "I think that by a quick look at Twitter and the internet there are a million misconceptions out there - and I’m kind of glad because that means there will hopefully be a lot of surprises.

Counttotwenty mentioned this to me and she’s absolutely right.  Adam starts nonchalantly, almost breezy… you know, like he’s trying to play it cool around an ex-girlfriend he ran into getting an Orange Julius at the mall.  He makes like the misconceptions are no big deal and, even, you know a good thing.  

However, in short order he mentions Twitter specifically. then addresses head on the worst misconceptions that have been laying siege to this fandom since NA’s Dark Swan exclusive the week before comic con.  And they pretty much all have to do with the role Regina is playing in the arc.  

Riiiiiight, Adam.  You think it’s a good thing.  It’s okay, we know you have a thin line to walk and a delusional actress to placate.  

3) ”It’s not necessarily that Regina is the Savior.“

Thank you Adam for saying it outright. Look how Mitovich worded the question. He asked about their roles being flipped and  then asked how the role of quasi-savior fit Regina. “Quasi-Savior.”  Mitovich knew what the issue was, what Adam wanted to clear up.  He mentioned the Savior thing so Adam could address it, but added the ‘quasi’ so he didn’t look like an idiot (aka a Natalie Abrahms-esque biased hack.) 

Adam clearly had an agenda here and that agenda was stating to fans that Regina is not the new savior. Beautiful. He also, in answering the question, ties Regina’s role in saving Emma to Hook.  That should tell you right there who is playing the most important role.  Adam is done with the “Regina saves Emma” nonsense and when he had the chance to elaborate on Regina’s role, he related it to Hook.

That is not at all insignificant. It’s meant to reassure Hook fans and CSers who have been upset by Lana’s spin.  

4) “And she’s go to work with people like Hook, who has a very strong interest in saving Emma as well.”

Translation: Listen here delusional SQers, Hook matters. And when it comes to Dark Swan, he matters more than your fav. Get used to it.