can't you see she's so cute

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it's 8:49 nd i'm dying at uni but i'm thinking about joon being cute also about bea's face when she was talking about him and at one point thought about all force one and her expression changed to one of complete admiration

ppffFFFFFFFF EVEN IF YOU’D HIT THAT ANON OPTION AND LET MY EFFING NAME OUT OF IT IT’D BE CRYSTAL CLEAR WHO IT IS hello my sweetest dude my bromeo i hope you’ll be able to power-nap in between classes or properly later and that guk follows you into your dreams and next time i won’t stop gushing abt his bunny teeth for 15mins (also we do not talk abt my facial pudding when it comes to kim namjoon or bts in general or YOU /pokes cheek)

have a good one slay them with your grin reaper looks anja!!!!!!

that’s me laughing abt bashful you bC I TOLD YOU TO SLEEP

this is me ripping the ninth cup of coffee from your trembling fINGERS STOP

this is me pretending to know what a healthy sleep schedule is and telling u abt it my dude 

and this is my attempt to bring you home when you pASS OUT BC OF NO SLEEP

this is me smashing myself on top of you bc i haven’t slept either hAH

but srsly rest lots when you’re back home look you’re chim i’m taeguk and next time you better listen to good ol’ bea’s shark bedtime stories and go to bed my love >:^(

Anonymously (or nah) tell me what time it is there and what you’re thinking about.


I’ve been feeling pretty bummed out this entire day for no real reason so I doodled this comic. Idk, it seemed cute and funny in my head.

For context, Magical Hero Fi seriously injured Mobster Ghirahim to the point where he needed to be hospitalized for several weeks. She felt so bad about it that she visited him at the hospital everyday and paid for his medical bills. Needless to say Ghirahim caught the feels for her during this time.

I miss the way you smell. I miss the way you do that biting lip roll without thinking about it. I miss how you pick the skin off around your fingers the way that I do too. I miss when you’d stare at me until I noticed & then we’d both smile big. I miss the feel of your skin on mine. I miss the way your heart sounds when I lay on your chest. I miss your laugh, I haven’t forgotten it. I miss your kisses. I miss rubbing my hand along your back. And I miss the way your spine isn’t straight, although I’m sure you wish it was. I miss the color of your hair, and the way it smells too. I miss the shine in your eyes. They sparkle so beautifully. I miss your tallness. I miss the way you hold me. I miss bopping your nose. I miss you bopping mine back. I miss the way we hold hands when I drive, there’s no good way to do it when you drive a stick. I miss your chipped nail polish. I miss the freckles or beauty marks on your face, let’s go with beauty marks because you’re beautiful. I miss touching your butt in public. Especially when you tell me to stop, because I wanna touch it so much more then. Even though I hate when you say uhuh, I miss the way you exaggerate it. I miss the way you’d put lotion on my face after we shower. And the way you brush my hair, because apparently my parents never taught me right. I miss the way you hug me. I miss the way you get sad, and bury your head into my neck. Though I dislike when you’re sad. I miss kissing you, not just when you kiss me. I miss the way we walk in sync. Baby, I just miss you. I’ll come home soon.
—  callmesmallz94 (a letter to my girlfriend wavecrestvibe)

eunji trying to take a picture of the fans

About Fungas Crocodile and Chlomaki...

I honestly don’t understand why people are disgusted by how Mogeko/DSP chose to put Chlomaki and Fungas Crocodile in a relationship.

So what if it ruined what ever ship of yours she was in? So what if you hate it? So what if it wasn’t what you thought would happen?

You don’t have any rights to hating on this ship. In all due respect and honesty, I think it’s a cute ship and and would love to see more interactions between the two.

Plus, Fungas Crocodile and Chlomaki ARE NOT YOUR CHARACTERS. They belong to Mogeko/DSP, and if this is how they see THEIR CHARACTERS (please note the huge emphasis there) interacting and if this is how they see THEIR CHARACTERS in that type of relationship, so be it. Keep your mouths shut if you don’t have anything good to say.

And please, please, really try to understand that I’m not trying to stop you from shipping Chlomaki with someone else. I ship her with other characters too, notably Lobco. You can think whatever you want to think, but please, if those thoughts of yours are harmful, keep them to yourselves.

Thank you.

Bri spent the night at my place last night, it was really nice. I liked having her next to me. It was really cute how all night she slept right up against me. And those couple times she wasn’t sleeping up against me, she was at least touching my hand. I did come to learn those pics you see sometimes of a bed and it says “His side” and “Her side” and his side is really small and her side is really big, are true. I slept up against the wall and she slept up against me with a whole other half of the bed wide open. She also has a thing for taking over the blanket. But it’s all worth it because watching her sleep is the most adorable and calming thing I could do.
I have to be honest tho, I slept better last night than I have in a very long time and I’m gonna miss having Bri asleep next to me. I felt so loved and safe and happy and I smiled so much last night because I was so happy.

Y'all are so cute being so mad about Emma pushing Audrey and Zoe listening to Noah’s recording of her lmao did y'all forget when Audrey literally used chloroform to drug Noah and kidnap him? Remember when she stole Gustavo’s property and got him beat up and his property broken? Remember when she snooped through people’s things? Y'all are so cute when you hate on other characters and beg for them to die and call them sexist and racist names all in the sake of your fave who has done the same, and worse things lol

i think sometimes people get so caught up in Amber’s boyish style that they can’t see how gorgeous she is. Have you seen her jawline? Beautiful. Her cute little mouth? Beautiful. Her great big eyes? Beautiful. 

I wish people wouldn’t let their ideas about how a girl is supposed to look/think/act blind them. Because, looks aside, Amber is awesome and inspiring and I hate seeing that ignored because “yeah, but she dresses like a boy”. 

Ok so just a small little thing that popped into my head and all.. but I think I was so cute when being an awesome boyfriend just sitting with Carol at the tree there.. you know just being with her and not trying to make her talk and shit..

Just sitting taking watch with her and if she wants to talk she if she dosen’t that ok too.. so lovely..

And of course when they hear a noise our guy gets in front of his girl..

He’s just so protective and it dosen’t stop there. He sees a walker closing in his bae and he just like ‘oh hell no’

(last two gifs by oohshiny)

I been bae just took down the entire population of Terminus by herself and can certainly this but our boy just has to look after his girl. He’s been pretty good at it too. 

I mean there was also the getting in the bus first and that linebacker tackle of Noah into the bookcase. When it comes to Carol, Daryl don’t mess around. If he had been anywhere nearby when the Morgan thing happened, that guy would’ve been in a world of hurt.. just sayin.

It’s not about fighting someones battles for them or a damsel in distress kind of thing. It’s about looking after someone, standing for someone, and being about their best interest. And yes about protecting them, even if it  dosen’t seem as if they need. Its about having someones back.Daryl has always had Carol’s back (and she’s had his). It’s one of the many things I love their relationship  and I do very much miss that lately. 

And over-protective Daryl is just cute to me I just can’t even.. :)