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there’s a good reason these tables are numbered honey, you just haven’t thought of it yet // panic! at the disco


rory & logan | written in the stars

Imagine Woozi showing you his cute eye smile when you tell him that you’re happy to have met him.

Quick pencil sketch of a 17yo Prompto, in preparation for a Cinderella-esque, masquerade Promptio story I’m gonna post on AO3 (Raufnir) soon… The next time you see this photo, he’ll have his silver mask on, but I just wanted to show some love for is ickle freckles. 

me: *meets cute boy*

me: wow he’s beautiful, he definitely won’t be interested in me, I would probably die if he was

boy: *is genuinely interested*

me: you know what never mind, he’s not even that cute. I’m a free, independent spirit. I do not need a relationship to define me

me: *pushes boy away*

me: wait, shit

I asked if I could stand next to joe and if we could all do that pose but I guess joe didn’t hear me but he looked so happy that I asked to stand next to him like look at his face

Jack isn’t paranoid

A little something for @thethespacecoyote, concerning their cute rhack omegaverse au w/ lil Cyrus
Hope you feel better soon :P

Word count: 950

Jack isn’t paranoid.

Of course he isn’t, how could he be? He’s the ruthless CEO of Hyperion! He spaces idiots for fun and fires moonshots and Loaders at bandit camps as a sport! He strangles morons and drops off his bloodied clothes at the drycleaners just to see their faces, because it totally isn’t like he does that every day. He can walk down corridors and people will scatter as if Death itself is approaching, which of course it is. He’s the apex alpha and he is in control.

So he can’t be paranoid.

But there’s something niggling in the back of his head as he paces up and down his office. He’s already done the length of it about thirty times without breaking a sweat, and now he’s doing it in front of his desk. Jack thinks he’s done that about forty times now, he’s almost sure, as he’s burrowed deep into his own thoughts. Rhys is constantly telling him not to do that and Jack often doesn’t but now it’s hard not to. There’s something bothering him, something in the room with him, he’s so sure of it. Except every time he turns around there’s nothing there. But the hairs prickling on the back of his neck tell him otherwise.

‘Oh for God’s sake, now you’re just bein’ stupid.’ Jack growls to himself as he clenches his fists and crosses his arms, his pacing stalling. ‘There’s no reason to be paranoid and stupid. Security’s tight, Rhys is safe in the penthouse with the kid and no one can get in without your biometric scan!’ He tells himself off before there’s a beat and he’s back to thinking again.

‘But there are other ways into that penthouse, and people are very good at getting your biometric print.’ Jack says, a frown starting to paint his face. ‘And you put Rhys in there during a time when the entire station is on lockdown because someone tried to assassinate you.’

His heart almost skips a beat. The station is on lockdown, Rhys and Cyrus are safe in the penthouse and someone has tried to assassinate him. Logic is screaming at him that they’re fine, that nothing can happen to them and that whoever is trying to kill him can easily be taken down. But it doesn’t stop Jack from sprinting to the elevator in his office, the one he’s tucked behind a giant painting of himself that’s just been installed, and taking it straight to the penthouse. The seconds are ticking by so painstakingly slowly, making sweat start to bead on Jack’s forehead as he watches it climb the floors one by one until there’s a soft ding.

‘Rhys? Cyrus!’ Jack calls out the moment he’s in the penthouse, his heart racing in his chest as he looks around for them both. When there’s no response, panic starts to swallow the alpha and his senses prickle. He’s trying to find their scents, everything a blur otherwise as he moves through the penthouse. Jack calls for them again and there’s still no response. Oh God, has the assassin already gotten to them?

No, that’s ridiculous. There would have been alarms going off by now! Jack tries to reason with himself, but then the little niggling voice starts up again.

Unless they disabled them.

‘Jack?’ comes a sleepy voice from the doorway of the master bedroom, Jack’s head snapping around to look and relief floods him when he sees his omega stood there. Rhys is dressed in one of Jack’s stupidly big Hyperion sweaters, surrounding himself with his alpha’s scent, and Jack can see past him where Cyrus is a little sleeping bundle on the bed.

‘Oh thank God…’ Jack breathes, giving a nervous laugh as he runs a hand through his finely gelled hair. ‘You’re both okay?’

‘Of course we are, Jack.’ Rhys answers, looking confused for a moment before he smiles sweetly and walks over. ‘Paranoia again?’ he asks, receiving a gruff noise from Jack as if to say no. Rhys shakes his head and smiles, gently leading him into the bedroom after lacing his fingers with the alpha’s. The moment Jack enters the room he’s hit with a wave of Rhys’ scent, his heart’s racing being soothed immediately as Rhys leads him over to the bed. They both lay down together, one either side of the sleeping Cyrus, and Rhys gently combs his fingers through Jack’s hair.

‘I thought that asshole assassin got to you guys…’ Jack admits after a little while of silence, eyes closing as he holds Cyrus close and lets Rhys play with his hair. Only his omega is allowed to do that.

‘Hey, we’re both okay. Besides, you set up a whole legion of Loaders in the corridor on the way up here, didn’t you? We’re safe behind two blast doors and an entire legion as well as top-of-the-range security systems and you.’ Rhys smiles, pressing gentle kisses to Jack’s forehead as he felt the apex alpha’s jaw unclench slowly. ‘Right now, this room is the safest place on Helios. So you can settle down now, Handsome, Cyrus has been missing you.’

Jack looks down at the small boy cradled in his burly arms, a smile working its way onto his masked face as he gives a soft chuckle. Cyrus stirs after a little while, stretching in his father’s arms as his mother coos to him gently as his eyes blink open.

‘Dad…?’ he mumbles sleepily, Jack’s heart finally calming at that as he holds him tight.

‘I’m here, Cy, and I’m not letting you go.’ He murmurs, his low tone lulling the little one back to sleep. ‘I’m not letting either of you two go.’

Chanyeol, the destroyer of confetti (or at least the ones on Baekhyun’s head)

*flick flick* Chanyeol being a good boyfriend pal and helping Baekhyun out, aww, so cute. Is it just me or does it look like Chanyeol would be making little sound effects, like “Ba! Ba!” Wait Baekhyun are you smiling? You like getting attention from Chanyeol don’t you~

Being a little sweetie, and Baekhyun obediently letting him~

(from the same moment :3) Never fear Confetti remover Chanyeol is here to save Baekhyun’s hair from life threatening confetti. Did you see how he literally rushed over to Baekhyun, just to get confetti out of his hair? How adorable~

Then most recent, Chanyeol blowing away a random piece of confetti, or pieces I can’t tell. Either he is OCD or something, or he’s being a caring boyfriend, I’m leaning towards the second option tho, cuz apparently when Chanbaek was rooming together way back, their room was always the messiest. *wink*

This ship this ship this ship, why you do strange things to ma heart? 

So why don’t we just enjoy some Chanfetti and Baekfetti?

(why must they look so perfect together…?)

…V-sign…out……..for now…mwahahahahahaha (more Chanbaek in the future ya’ll, just you wait!)

the darned egg
Bummie Lim; King of Cute
the darned egg

Jaebum whining about how his okonomiyaki is ruined because of the egg.

JB: *sigh* It would’ve cooked better but I didn’t mix the egg well.
JB: If I mixed the egg well, it would’ve cooked faster. ㅠㅠ
JB: B-but it didn’t turn out like that. ;-;


forever a kiddo with the same childish grin♥

Are people really that upset? I mean I know it was a bit douche but I didn’t see a huge problem with it because it’s kinda true, most girls only look at Ash cause his fucking hot and not his drumming skills, guilty as charged now a days I’m more into how he drums but a few years back all I was focusing on was that cute little drummer having fun, also with the “chicks” comment, remember Ashton is Australian and “Chick(s)” is as a casual way to explain a girl/women in Australia