can't you see how cute he is


“i’ll show you how genuinely cute i can be”
(pay attention to everyone’s reactions)

If I Could Tell Him
  • Zoe: No, Evan....Connor <i>does</i> like you. A lot.
  • Evan: Connor Murphy? Likes me? How?
  • Zoe: Ugh, um...well...
  • He says,
  • There's nothing like your smile,
  • Sort of subtle and perfect and real...
  • And he says,
  • You don't know how wonderful
  • That smile can make a person feel
  • And he knows,
  • That you knows every tree
  • Every type across the ocean or sea-
  • *flashback*
  • Connor:
  • And I notice,
  • that whenever he gets bored,
  • He scribbles notes on the cuffs of his jeans...
  • Zoe:
  • But he keeps it all inside his head,
  • What he sees he leaves unsaid
  • And though he wants to
  • He won't talk to you
  • He can't find the way
  • But he will always say....
  • Connor:
  • If I could tell him,
  • Everything I see
  • If I could tell him,
  • How he's everything to me
  • But we're a million worlds apart,
  • And I don't know where I would start,
  • If I could tell him....
  • Evan: Um...does he s-say anything else? About me?
  • Zoe: Hm?
  • Evan: No, sorry, i-it doesn't-!
  • Zoe:
  • Well, he thinks
  • That you looked really cute
  • When you tucked that flower behind your ear
  • Evan: O-oh, Mom did that...
  • Zoe:
  • He told me when you look at him,
  • It's like the rest of the world isn't even there.
  • Connor:
  • If I could tell him...
  • But what to do when there's this great divide?
  • Evan: He just seems to h-hate me...
  • Connor:
  • And what to do when that distance is too wide?
  • Evan: But was he just afraid...?
  • Zoe: He just wants to say,
  • He loves you
  • He loves you
  • He loves you
  • Connor: I love you
  • But we're a million worlds apart
  • And I dunno where I would even start...
  • If I could tell him....
  • Connor: Wait, Zoe, what the fuck are you-
  • Evan: You like me?
  • Connor: what
  • Zoe: what

there’s a good reason these tables are numbered honey, you just haven’t thought of it yet // panic! at the disco

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I just wanted to stop by and say how much I love your art. It's just so beautiful and the coloring is fantastic. And the way you draw Reigen makes my heart pound. He j UST, looks so good in your style. I can't wait to see more art from you and I hope you have a wonderful day!!

SJKHSKJDGHSD AAAAAA I’M SO HAPPY TO KNOW THAT THANK YOU SO MUCH ;/////A//////; Here have my favorite kind of Reigen with his dumb (cute) salaryman smile <3

mark tuan as your boyfriend

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mark tuan as your boyfriend | 1,000 words

  • would be the Cutest and Softest Boyfriend ever
  • always wanting to cuddle or hold your hand and always looking out for you and thinking about you
  • one of his favorite past times is to wrap his arms around your waist, pull you in close and take a nap
  • he’d also be a super chill boyfriend too!! like Mark would be 101% happy with just staying home to cuddle and exchange kisses all day with you instead of going out
  • but he would like going out sometimes to spice thing up like from relaxing dates at the park or the beach where you two would just enjoy the scenery while snuggling closely to each other
  • of course he’d also take you out on exciting dates too filled with adventure like kayaking, skydiving, or going to an amusement park with extreme rollercoasters… only if you were down though

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Baby Jackson headcanons

If you can’t tell, I’m really excited for this baby

•Okay but Percy is definitely going to be the one crying while holding her

•And the one holding the camera if he so much as thinks she’s going to do something cute

•She looks so much like Sally, it’s insane

•Bath time with Percy is so much fun because he loves splashing the water for her

•Percy is such an over protective big brother, covering all of the outlets, drawers, tables

•She absolutely falls in love with messing with Annabeth’s hair

•While all the other girls in school are playing with dolls, she’s playing with a stuffed shark her brother gave her

•Clarrise sees her one time and falls in love

•Paul is such a cute dad and rants to his students about how cute his daughter is

•Nico picks her up once and doesn’t put her down for two hours

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Can I get a fluffy scenario where Shouto's s.o wakes up early in the morning and see his sleeping face and can't help but find it really cute and wants to take a picture of it. When they're taking the picture shouto wakes up and see his s.o with their handy in front of him and his s.o's face begins to blush. When they see his bed hair they begin to blush even more. How would Shouto react or what would he do. Maybe with a bit cuddle ♡

Todoroki Shouto:

Todoroki wasn’t almost always up before you, which is why you had to take advantage of this opportunity.

Your eyes sparkle as you look at his face, completely relaxed and still deeply asleep. It was nice to see him when he was in a truly peaceful state, where the worries of the world and his father couldn’t bother him. You’re tempted to stroke his face but don’t want to wake him up, at least, not before you can get a picture of this moment. Having such a cute picture of him…

You can’t get the idea out of your head and carefully reach over for your phone, carefully moving yourself to a better angle and snapping the picture. The flash going off surprises you, sending you nearly fumbling off the bed; Todoroki begins to stir, and within minutes, he’s awake, looking at you curiously. The phone had fallen onto the bed, the freshly taken picture of his face staring straight back at him.

“…Is that me?” He looks quite unique, so you’re sure he knows it’s him regardless of his sleepy brain, but you nod innocently, quickly grabbing your phone away.

“I just thought you looked cute, you know. I wanted to preserve the memory.”

He still looks confused but is in a dazed state, not seeming to care otherwise about the picture you’ve taken. He lays back down further rumpling his hair, another look that you would’ve loved to catch with a camera but know he would most likely protest now that he’s awake.

“Good morning, Shouto.” You smile and put your phone back on the bedside table, moving so that you could rest your head on his chest. His arm curves up and strokes your hair lazily, turning to look at you with half-lidded eyes.

“Good morning…”

Sleepy Todoroki was definitely one of the cutest kinds of Todoroki.


rory & logan | written in the stars

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Da:I lovers react please? The inquisitor gets knocked in the head, so they have temporary amnesia. When they wake up they can't remember who their s/o is. S/o tells them that they're in a relationship and the inquisitor is astounded " What!?! But you're the most beautiful woman/handsome man I've ever seen! How did I manage to do that? Are you sure you're not an angel?" -I thought it would be cute? You write the characters so well!

THIS IS FROM SOMETHING!!!! I remember watching a video about a guy who had this happen to him, and he saw his wife and said those exact words!!! (That is the cutest video gaWDDD)
Thank you 😊
When they see Bull, it’s as if it was their first time seeing a Qunari so close, so they flip out, intimidated by his size. ‘We were together?! How did you not split me in half?!’

They’d also be intimidated by Cassandra. She almost comes off as too brash during first impressions, but they quickly learn the woman is a very caring woman, who has the most beautiful set of eyes.

They’d be slightly confused by Sera at first, wishing that she’s slow down a minute and start making sense. However, Sera’s nearly constant enthusiasm has the Inquisitor laughing, blushing from cheek to cheek when they hear Sera snort as she laughs.

Blackwall is a big, lumbering man, who looks as if he hasn’t slept in a good 25 years, but as soon as the Inquisitor sees him again, they can’t help feeling a certain… draw towards him. ‘I like your mustache. I know a grey warden with a mustache, but his is better.’ He’s hurt, and flattered by the… compliment?

Dorian… they’d think he fell from the high heavens, and landed next to their bed. 'You’re a beautiful man.’ Dorian laughs, 'stating the obvious, as usual.’

They’d think Cullen was an incredibly handsome as soon as they laid eyes on him, seeing how nervous and concern he was would make the Inquisitor smile, 'you need to relax more, or that golden hair of yours will be grey within minutes.’

Josephine, oh wow… marvelous… The Inquisitor wouldn’t believe anybody when they told them they were together. No way they could snag such a beautiful woman…

Solas…..he’s bald……

My feelings About Levi and Mikasa’s relationship

I really love the way Mikasa’s and Levi’s relationship has grown through the story. 

We’ve seen Levi being a responsible leader to his subordinates,  tough but caring, exigent but understanding, and that was the captain in him. Now with Mikasa .. it’s the first time Levi is actually involved with someone from his squad on a personal level.

Levi has always recognized Mikasa’s abilities, trusted her enough to place her next to him in missions, and the way I see it, treated her a bit differently than the other squad members! – it could be because Mikasa proved herself reliable or because he saw a piece of him in her, or it’s just a feeling of whatever is this thing that relates them.. or all of this!-.
(for one .. she’s definitely his protégée! )

I always found it funny that whenever Mikasa retorted on Levi roughly he never gets mad or give it much thought.. like Yo I’m your captain where’s manners! 
If anything he makes sure to explain things or clear his idea.

And Mikasa –despite the not so encouraging start- definitely looked up to him as a competent soldier and captain, and this was obvious from the female titan Arc where she decided to assume the responsibility for the Humanity’s strongest soldier ‘s injury, and this, is her clearly admitting his worth and statue ! 

-as opposed to some who picture her as self-delusional who considers herself better than levi.. Mikasa is wiser than that!-

 And with time, she has come to trust him. Even after he displayed roughness when dealing with Historia and everyone doubted him, she still chose to believe in him! And I don’t think she would’ve done that if she didn’t catch a glimpse of the person he is behind his tough cold exterior.


Lately it looked as if Levi has started to crack, he’s lost so much, endured so much, and now that Kenny has reappeared evoking questions about his past and who he is, Levi doesn’t seem that level-headed and unflappable person he used to be, If anything  a hint of vulnerability has started to creep in. 

So maybe it’s time for Mikasa to help him! Not only in matter of strength and fighting –which I think will indeed happen in the Ackerman showdown-  

But maybe Mikasa will even act as a new stabilizing force for him, an unspoken close support in this whole past/origins thing they share!  And I’m sure Mikasa has the strength needed to knock him out of whatever can absorb him .

If she becomes a person that he cares for and wants to protect, this might even give him more determination, kind of like when Eren is stronger when he needs to protect his loved ones .

It would be nice to see this side of Levi, he was good to Eren but that’s what any good captain would’ve done, I want to see a more personal aspect of the way Levi shows his care!  

Not to say this will protect him from danger, since the presence of such a person might only expose him more to it! And I totally see a scenario of Levi dying for someone else but that’s another story!

And It goes both ways..

For Mikasa, this new discovery about herself and origins will certainly trouble her in a way or another, and I’m certain that Levi’s presence will make things a lot easier for her.

Think of how it’ll be great for her to know that she’s not alone in this, that she has a support?
Not someone from her peers, not exactly a friend, someone more mature, someone she can rely on, and can lead her through this unknown path that opened from her past.

She had and will always have Eren and Armin, but her bond with Levi will be different and I think it will help her to mature more and will add a lot to her personality.

I don’t want to expand so much on what I WANT to happen rather than what’s ACTUALLY HAPPENING!  I already did though

but I’m really looking forward to a close -really close- duo dynamic!

In short this growing bond between Levi and Mikasa has a great potential and will hopefully help both of them grow even more :)

Isayama has put quite an effort in building their relationship and I really want to see where he will take it!

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(Monii) So can we discuss Jungkook's love/fascination with Jimin's body in light of recent events. Let's talk about all the times he's stroked his chest/arms, rubbed/smacked/grabbed his butt, checked him out, stared at his lips (to the point of trying to take off something we can't see), stared in general, compliments him (since when are toes cute?!), stands behind him really close (because he loves the size difference) and whatever else I missed. (p.s. your tags are making me blush. stop it.)

hey Monii ~ ~

if you look look at jungkook’s behaviour with jimin from their debut till now , you can see how much it has changed , he used to be shy around jimin , not really able to express how fond of him he really was , nor how much he liked him as a person and respected him , how cute he thought he was .. he was overwhelmed with the love jimin was showering him with when he was still figuring out himself , and this was only when it’s jimin , with every other member he’d be okay with the excessive skinship whenever there was a camera around.. etc, but when it was jimin , he’d get so flustered..

in recent interviews,he said that he’d use the “tsundere” /”cold on the outside warm in the inside” image with the person he likes/has a crush on, and well he has been using that with jimin all these years , by giving him his jacket whenever he felt cold (war of hormones mv making) , by trying to act really manly around him (trying to grill meat for him when he has never tried doing it whenever he went out with the other members) him and stuff.

so all of that was a part of : him trying to figure out who he was , and why the hell was he feeling so flustered with jimin’s love , but also trying so show jimin that even though he was shy and still figuring everything out that he still cared about him , that he acknowledges his feelings which were very sincere , he has never faked it just for the show , nor for fanservice… he knew that jimin really did like him..

- complements- nowadays , jungkook is so much better at expressing himself and how he feels about jimin , he compiments him freely whenever he wants , unlike how he used to be like , like that time he got a mission to compliment jimin , and jimin was so surprised he was like : “but you never complement me” , see ? now he does it whenever he has a chance to !  “cute toes” (!!!!!!)( are you talking about the video where he kept saying that he wants jimin over and over again?” ) , “jimin hyung is so unique” , “ jimin , are you allowed to be this cool?” <— this last one , the level of flustration one must feel in order for them to say something  like that is just …  , jimin is driving him crazy! , the countless times he called jimin “sexy”,” jimin hyung’s eyes are so pretty” <—- he literally repeated himself over three times just to make sure that jimin has indeed heard him.

-body appreciation- it’s well known that jungkook has a thing for jimin’s chest by now , i mean he was standing in front of a lake he could only get one chance to see in his life, and he was so much more fascinated by jimin’s chest ,or that time he was unnecessarilly stroking jimin’s chest when he was showing his outfit , or in their anniversary thing when he did it again with no reason at all.  he likes his arms as well , i remember seeing him not being able to stop touching jimin’s arm muscles in one video , and jimin was totally chill about it like he got used to that by now .

he has a thing for the jibooty as well , there is this video where he literally zooms in to jimin’s butt and says: “ looks at his butt”, the thirst in his voice is undeniable! , there was also this time when he literally grabbed jimin’s butt when everyone was lined up during one of their performances and were supposed to slightly touch the person in front of them , and last but not least that iconic moment when he grabbed , rubbed , then slapped jimin’s butt right when they were about to start rehearsing , oh and in the most recent run ep when he smacked it after manhandling jimin ( that was a legendary slap the best one yet)

how many times has he been caught staring at jimin’s lips ? like that time during this vlive when stared at them hard enough to notice something no camera was able to catch , and was even willing to take it off jimin’s lips ?? what? and during the same reahearsel that i mentioned above , whenever he talked to jimin he’d be looking directly at his lips!

the size difference !!! by now, it’s very clear how obsessed jungkook is by their size difference, in one the most recent fansigns he was the one to suggest to compare their fingers with jimin’s (!!) , he indeed has a thing for jimin’s hands , he’d take every opportunity to touch them , like , here he touched jimin’s hand with no apparent reason at all, or like how they’d keep playing arm wrestling just to touch each other’s hands (????)   the size difference is really notable between them , i remember @satellite-jeon once said that jungkook is getting buffer and biffer each day,it’s really so much for jimin to take .. which i  couldn’t agree more on.

he has a thing for jimin’s aegyo as well, he even said that his ideal type was “ someone cute who can’t do aegyo” , and it’s well known that jimin used to do his “horror aegyo”  . doing aegyo is just not his thing yet he is a person who’s naturally cute , he also stated that his ideal type was someone “with six packs” “tanned skin” “jimin’s height” “older” *cough*jimin*cough* , no but seriously tho , he’d high key describe jimin every damn time he was asked about his ideal type !

staring at jimin in general, looking like he just fell in love with him all over again, this one here is just … anyone can tell how much he loves / is attracted to  the person he’s looking at , this one too, and during that whole vlive where he looked like he could kiss him at any moment ………..

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Can I get a scenario where Bakugous shy s.o wakes up early in the morning and they see his sleeping face and can't help but find it really cute and they want to take a picture of it. When they're taking a picture bakugou wakes up an see his s.o with their Handy in front of him and his s.o's face begins to blush.When they see his bed hair they begin to blush even more. How would Bakugou react and what would he do? Maybe with a bit cuddle or something (///^///) 😍 ❤ Thank you ❤

I very much hope I could write it well enough and that you’re going to like it! =)

As soon as he notices what his partner is doing, he scowls in confusion and pushes their phone away from his face. He’s still too incoherent to deal with anything complicated right now and doesn’t even bother to lift his head.

“What the hell are you doing?” He grumbles, half hiding a yawn in his pillow. Then he notices how flustered they look. “Were you taking pictures?”

His partner tugs their chin down and fiddles with their phone before they push it aside.

“I liked how you look.”  They murmur and give him a sheepish, unsure shrug. “I couldn’t resist.”

He feels surprised for a moment and then feels the light nip of heat on his ears. Bakugou pulls them against him and heavily rests his arm over their side. He still half feels like going back to sleep and buries half his face in his pillow, while comfortably stretching out his legs and feeling his partner resting against him.

“It‘s fine if you want to make some fucking pictures. It’s fucking whatever.” He closes his eyes and exhales when he feels his partner’s head rest on his shoulder. Their arm snakes over his side to hug him back and he tilts his head to rest his cheek against their temple.

They drift off like that again and Bakugou dozes for a while longer, content and warm to have his partner with him.

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Could I request maybe MTMTE Drift, Rodimus, and Skids with a mini-bot (or maybe just small in general) S/o who likes to sneak-up on them and jump/cling onto their backs- like I'm here now and you can't get rid of me. Maybe they do it just for fun or cause it's how they express their affection? (Like random Koala cuddles haha) this can be headcanons of scenarios- whatever works better for you. Thank you!!!!! I always look forward to seeing your posts/work ^.^

Aww thank you!! This is so cute omg 


He would react differently depending on what he was doing before you jumped on him. If he was fully alert and heard you coming, he would just smile and let you jump on him since he was so used to it. You’re smaller than him so it’s not like it’s difficult to carry you around either. He actually enjoys carrying you like that too; it’s a comforting pressure on his back and you laughing in his audial is a welcome sound 

If he didn’t hear you coming though, or was meditating, he might jump and fight you off. He wasn’t always in with a good crowd so he might think it was a sneak attack or something. He’d feel pretty guilty for lashing out at an innocent display of affection though, warn him next time or wait till he’s paying attention! 

Rodimus Prime MTMTE

The first time you did it, he didn’t react much beyond smirking and asking what you were doing. Now he’s so used to it that he just supports your legs when you jump up and says ‘hi’ without missing a beat. He thinks it’s a bit odd, but then again Tailgate does it and he’s a minibot, maybe it’s just a minibot thing? He won’t ever ask you to stop though, it’s become like a perfect hug to him and he loves the attention 

Bonus points if you lean over his shoulder to kiss (or nuzzle if you don’t have a mouth) his cheek when you notice he’s in a bad mood or stressed. He also likes it when he leans his head back so you can rest your helm against his, he thinks it’s sweet and relaxing 

Skids MTMTE 

He loves affection like this, so he has no problem letting you jump on his back and carrying you around. If after the first time you jumped on him you actually said ‘I’m here now and you can’t get rid of me’, he would laugh really hard and agree, you weren’t going anywhere. If he had to put you down to do something and you refused to move, he’s not above pretending he’s gonna let you fall. Also if you tease him while you’re up there, he might let you slip a little bit too…just a little! 

He’s not really into pda, but when the two of you are alone and you’re doing your koala thing, he’ll ask you to loosen your grip a bit so he can swing you around to his front. Doesn’t matter if you have a visor + mask or not, he’ll then pepper your face in kisses 

Imagine Woozi showing you his cute eye smile when you tell him that you’re happy to have met him.

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It's fine of you don't but I was wondering if you could write something for how All Might would react to one of his students/reader giving him something for fathers day and they're like "I know you're not my dad but I see you as one" like i can't stop thinking about how sweet this would be Cheers 😊

Hehe cheers~~ This is so sweet and cute~~!!XD


His eyes widened in surprise, no words managing to escape from his baffled figure as he boggled at the outstretched hands whose fingers were nervously clutching onto a beautifully wrapped box that evidently showed the amount of time required for such perfection, a small envelope patiently sitting on top in company, both extended out in a gesture for him to receive them.

“U-umm…All Might-sensei!!”

His source of bewilderment suddenly exclaimed, eyes shut tightly as a big coat of red flashed across their cheeks in fluster, their heads bent down to the floor as if avoiding his gaze purposefully and their frame distinctively shaking with tension and nerve. He didn’t say anything, kindly awaiting them to succeed in finishing their sentence.

“I—I umm…just wanted to say!! Even though you’re not my real Father…umm…!! I know you’re not my dad but but I see you as one!! Thank you for always being so kind and caring and—uh dependable!! H-happy Fathers’ day!!”

As their intended sentence was finally expressed out with much difficulty, they bowed politely, their back arched forward and their head lowered even further, though the arms still quivering in apprehension remained diligent in holding on to the precious gifts in their grasp.

“Young (y/n), please raise your head.”

The familiar deep and soothing voice sounded after a brief moment of silence, though it felt like ages for the poor student, and they raised their head slightly in response, curious yet anxious as to what reply they would be presented with. One glance at their teacher’s face immediately relaxed the stiffness off their shoulders, and unconsciously their lips curved upwards to return the bright smile.

“Thank you so much.”

His muscular arm lifted, closing the distance between them and stopping at their soft (y/h/c)-coloured locks, gently brushing the stray strands back into place. His other hand had long already took the presents thankfully from their grip in a tender manner, and his lips could only widen in a bigger beam.

Seeing the sweet smile of his student made him so happy, and that was why he had to continue to persevere. To stay on as long as he could as the Symbol of Peace, something that not only his students but the rest of the world could rely on, to lean on, to be able to flip all of their despair into hope in an instant…..

Otherwise there’d be no point being the number one hero, Right?

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How did you come up with the nickname Chef? Also, awesome comic and I can't wait to see new Chef in action soon! :)

(( Awww, thank you! I’m glad you enjoy my stuff. ))
(( I came up with Little Chef’s nickname because of my headcanon basically. It’s a silly one, and pretty much only exists because it’s cute imo, but I think Flowey would be an absolute foodie. He doesn’t get much food underground, since he’s alone and pretty much homeless. It’s not like he NEEDS food, but he can still appreciate the taste. My Flowey, Chef, likes to cook and bake! He’s very particular about what he thinks is right and wrong in the kitchen [think Gordon Ramsay] and enjoys the culinary arts fully, even uses it to express himself if given the chance. It’s his hobby! ))

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So, when you guys fight, who can't keep a straight face because the other looks super cute while trying to look mad/angry?? How do these fights end? 😉😉 (Btw, I love how Draco's the flustered one of the two during the NSFW asks 💜)

Draco: I don’t get flustered

Harry: You do, it’s adorable.

Draco: *irritably* I’m sorry I don’t share your enthusiasm for giving out obscene details–

Harry: *interrupting with a grin* See? I can hardly ever keep a straight face when he starts off.

Draco: Oh, I’ll give you straight face–

Harry: Not that this counts as a ‘fight’–

Draco: Oh, I’ll give you a fight

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The headcanon goes like: After all that happened to Matt now he is pretty chill-since his sister is safe-So Lance starts flirting with him and unexpectedly HE FLRITS BACK! Those cheesy pick up lines (are you from tennessee? Cuz you are the only ten i see stuff) and they have no chill and if the find a moment THEY FLIRT Shiro jealous of his Matt, Keith of his Lance AND PIDGE SO PROUD OF HER BROTHER LIKE "I APPROVE THIS DORKY SITUATION. PLEASE DO AS YOUR HEART'S CONTENT" she can't be more proud!!

Aww this is so cute!!! Thank you for sharing this with me!!!