can't you see amy saying this

listen music elitism is all shit i should know i’m a music major and i love britney spears completely unironically and what’s more i’m pretty sure most of my division does too and that includes the professors okay you like what you like and tdlr britney spears is probably better than mozart

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I think it's also worth pointing out that characters like Tails, Knuckles and Vector technically don't the same muzzle/mouth designs like most other characters. (Knuckles' tapers out into a 'point', Tails has a small canid muzzle of sorts and rarely uses the side mouth anymore, and obviously Vector has a long crocodile snout. I guess you toss in Antoine and Rotor too) All theirs protrudes out enough to where you can't fully see their other cheek in certain 3/4 angles.

I’d say for the most part all Sonic characters have roughly the same type of muzzle, just tweaked/pushed pulled in different ways. If you master the basic muzzle, you’re in good shape for tackling any other arrangement.

it’s also worth mentioning on the mouth placement- ‘cool’ characters get side-mouths (Sonic, Shadow, Rouge usually, etc), ‘cute’ characters get front facing mouths (Amy, Tails, Cream).

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(All your prompts and writing has given me so much feels Mayra <3 wanna say that you're so talented xD keep up with the great work!) Prompt: The new character in Forces is a very malicious villain and Amy tries to get him on the good side, prove that nothing can be achieved with bad intentions however, things backfire and she's in huge trouble. What will Sonic do? (Can't wait to see what you come up with! XD)

(*crying tears of joy* she said talented and great work, and that it gave her feels, I’m just.. my heart. *grips* Thank you, child. Thank you.)

I actually have been KILLING to write my idea for the new character as a villain. I have two scenarios, one as a man and one as a woman, but both villains. After this one, I’ll definitely have to write the female version! In both of them, either Amy or Sonic is threatened and the other basically saves/helps them out.

I’m so excited~ You are the best for giving me a prompt that allows me to work my magic!!!~<3


As he looked out over the battlefield, seeing how Eggman’s minions were doing and also analyzing team strategies, the villain suddenly took notice of a girl fighting the crowd.

“Oh?” his curiosity peaked up as he smirked, “Cubot. Orbot.”

The two robots shivered, deeply afraid of him, maybe even more so than Eggman since this mercenary had a ‘darker’ moral code than even he…

“Who’s she?” he looked fondly to the scene, but there was something sinister in his questioning.

“…” the robots looked to each other, worried about giving him information.

The man turned his head back, “Do I not recall your creator giving you strict instruction to inform me on my enemies?”

The robots, on either side of him, suddenly scooted back and gripped each other in a clanking hug. They saw what he did to their kind…

“S-sh-she’s Amy Rose, sir!”

“N-no one of any great importance really. Her skill set is mostly a balance of raw power and extraordinary speed.”

“Y-yeah! And the self proclaimed girlfriend of Sonic the-EMPH!” Orbot shoved a hand up over Cubot’s speaker.

“You idiot! He doesn’t need to know that!”

“What? A girlfriend?” he suddenly looked down at the girl, fighting to her heart’s content.

He suddenly smirked, and began to chuckle.

“She’s the queen of this little band of fools?”

“Q…queen?” the two looked at each other, confused.

He laughed again, leaning his head up before looking back down and seeing Sonic come in to take out a few robots around her.

She smiled and nodded to him as he winked and gave her a thumbs up, and sped off.

He adjusted his gloves, pulling them down. “Come on, boys. You know what they say…” he walked with absolute steadiness that didn’t seem earthly, as his quills suddenly stood on end, as if he was excited for the events his mind imagined to unfold…

“If you want to learn the strength of the pack…

                                                 ,,,you attack the queen.”

Amy swung around and dodged a large robot arm that had swung down at her, then, taking the A.I robot by surprise, she twisted her hammer to where it’s edges gripped the crook of it’s arm, and pulled it over herself and let it smash to the ground.

She wiped some sweat off her brow, seeing her work here was done.

“My, you really are a strong alpha female…”


Amy turned around, but only saw a shadow within the flames.

“I’m amazed they left you unguarded… without any way to call for help..”

“Who are you..? And I’m perfectly able on my own!” Amy held her hammer up, confident as she glared into the flaming silhouette, as it continued to walk around and behind the flame.

He laughed lightly, before the silhouette showed him raising his hand up, as if gesturing skyward. “I simply wanted to see what would happen if I got you alone… I suppose my little strategy worked. Look,… no cameras.”

She took a second to turn and look up, seeing that the cameras Eggman installed were destroyed.

Her eyes traced the area for origin of destruction, but was suddenly met by a fierce wind that broke the flames from him, creating a curtain effect of a kind that parted a way for him, as he charged her and gripped her neck.

“Augh! Ahh…” she gripped his arm and pulled it back, but noticed his being was still hovering from the launch.

His steel eyes were fixated on her, as he slowly moved to place a foot on the ground, and then another.

“You certainly are a careless queen. Turning your eyes from the enemy.” he tilted his head as she struggled.

He eyed her hand.

“You have… a remarkable strength about you.”

“L…Let me go!”

“Why? It’s almost a dream to hold you close..” he suddenly pulled her towards him, shocking her into a gasp, before he looked down at her and moved his hand to punch her in the gut.

“Ack..! Ugh…” she dropped her hammer, as he saw her hand loosen from his own and moved his grip to her chin, pulling her up so she didn’t fully collapse.

“Oh, you’re no fun…” he moved his lips carefully over the side of her face, barely closing his eyes as he took in her scent. “I would have at least thought you’d scream for help…”

“I don’t… urk… scream.” she twitched her eyebrow, before pushing back and summoning her hammer from the ground, swinging it.

He reached up and gripped it, but she smiled.

“What?” He lost his suave as Amy traced the fearful surprise in his eyes.

She cleverly hammed a fist into his stomach, as he slowly bent over from the impact, and moved away, rubbing her hand on her chin and then wiping the side of her face off.

She stood boldly, as if with pride. “I guess I’m not as stupid as you thought. Thanks for the idea.” She narrowed her eyes, “You must be Eggman’s new puppet, right? The Metallic bender.”

He gripped his stomach, having purposefully let her go to get away, and then looked up from kneeling on one knee.

He shook his head and rose up again, shaking off the pain by rotating his shoulders, and again, laughing lightly.

“You amaze even the most dangerous of foes.” he complimented, before shifting a flirty eye back to her. “Perhaps that why you’re a solo queen.”

“Excuse me?” Amy rose an eyebrow. “Look, I don’t know what you’re getting at here…”

She readied herself for another counter, in case he charged again. But he just laughed, bending over and then arching his back to do so.

“But what you’re doing is wrong! Can’t you see that? They’re must be some mercy and justice in you!”

Mercy?” he suddenly, and with sharp precision, cut off his laughter to smile and look back at her.

The turning of his body made her step back slightly, before making sure her footing was sturdy enough to take a blow.

Why was he so… cheery?

“Heh. You speak of mercy… What? Ah!” he suddenly pointed to her, “You… no,…” he slightly moved his head back, as if questioning his own theory. “You’re not trying to reform me,… are you? Oh, that’s precious. You see… people like you will always be prey. Believing that the… oh, what would you call it… natural order of things can be pursued against itself to a far better nature than presented.” he casual swung himself towards her in his walk, as if completely confident in both his words and the unsettling situation.

As he approached, he snapped his fingers and searched for a word, but once having it, continued on before stopping in front of her, eyeing her and not even giving her hammer the corner of his eye…

“But you’re forgetting something very important, Queen Rose.” he looked so innocent as he pouted with a shake of his head, mocking her.

He spoke quietly, and watched her intently as he moved ever so slightly closer to her.

Then his tone grew vicious, and his true hangs appeared as he leaned above and down to loom over her with every bit of a bite to his words…

You forget that some in this world love the suffering of others! The pure torture of taking everything one loves away from them. And the screams of their last hope lost.”

“…Like I said.” Amy breathed hard quietly, but it showed by the bouncing of her chest that she was unnerved by his reaction.

“I don’t scream.”

He suddenly shifted his fierce demeanor, leaning back and laughing.

“You are too idealistic, Rose! Oh, queen of the rebellion! You are truly a prize worth risking a king’s anger for.” he bent his head back down as she attempted to swing her hammer out, but he dodged it.

“I will enjoy ripping every last bit of fight out of you… and crippling your friends into a submission that will cost them more then the war… but their very lives…” he started to quickly advantage on her.

“Ge… Get away from me!” Amy continued to fight him, as he dodged and blocked, going to hits but she skillfully deflected and at times, reflected them.

He was hit away, at last, before looking fierce and animistic in his eyes.

Fire burned in his eyes much like the surroundings, as he held his arms outstretched.

“What’s wrong, queen? Refusing to reform me? Have you given up!?” he slammed his hands down, and the robot parts around him spiraled upward and formed armor around his being.

Let’s dance.” the that had just formed helmet clicked down.


Eggman was trying to turn on his cameras, but the spy system seemed busted. “Dratt! I thought Sonic and his pathetic friends would never find them this time!”

Orbot and Cubot, coming through the door first, looked worriedly at each other as they pushed their fingers up nervously together, and swiped them over the other before addressing Eggman.

“Sir… we need to talk.” Cubot started, gesturing up to the doctor.

“Not now! Can’t you see I’m working blind?”

The two looked at each other.

“That’s the thing! You’re new recruit is-!”

“Doctor. I’ve arrived.”

The two froze up, clanking in fright as they turned around.

He smiled, looking easy as his eyelids drooped to show how calm he was.

He looked to the robots.

With every bit of poison that sounded like charmingly smooth music, he spoke to them, “Hello, boys.”

They hugged each other again, afraid he may have overheard them about to warn Eggman.

“Hmm? What’s gotten into you two?” Eggman looked down at how intimidated they were, before looking around and seeing the mercenary put Amy down, gently stroking a quill out from upon her face, as if obscuring her face was a sin in his eyes.

A lesser sin… perhaps… to those that he’s already performed…

“There’s been a change of plans, Eggman.”

“EMPEROR EGGMAN to you.” He stood tall, folding his arms, and suddenly extremely suspicious.

“What’s this all about?” he cocked an eyebrow up.

He smirked, and walked forward, “I want to rearrange our little deal.”

“…Go on?” Eggman was still curious why Amy was there, but figured he’d explain soon enough.

“The girl. I want her apart of the deal.” he fondly turned back to Amy. “I was planning to knock her out and use her as bait to rile up her teammates. But I grew slightly fond of her. If you really do robotize the world, I’d like to have at least one… play thing in it.” he turned back to Eggman.

Eggman, suddenly feeling a bit fatherly for the first time, threw his arms down.

“Absolutely not.” he briskly walked back to his computer.

“You lay a hand on even a fraction of her quills, and Sonic’ll have your head. I’m not going to be responsible for that kind of revenge plotting. You haven’t seen him when he’s upset.” Eggman looked indirectly over his shoulder, that last line as if he knew first hand how dangerous that could be.

“Typical of a king.” he rolled his eyes at Eggman’s response, as if having little to no real worry about any of that.

“It’s best to play it off as a game. Deliver her back or use her. I don’t care which. But don’t think I’ll leave you an Eve to your Dark Eden.”

“There’d be no Eden without Eve…”

He didn’t look pleased by that response, before turning back to Amy.

“The answers no.” He stated very firmly, folding his arms, and then turning back to his work. “Now, scat along, will you? I’ve a very busy tyrant.”

“Then… perhaps I won’t be so… willing to assist you anymore.”

“Excuse me-EEE?!?!?” Eggman leaned back as a metallic shard was thrown to hook a side of his mustache against the computer screen, causing the screen to crack and show grey streaks of lines as if offline.

Eggman tugged a moment, before ripping the shard out, and looking it over.

“…You make a good point,… Synchro…” he gripped the metallic shard, and turned back to him, a deadly bargain afoot as at first Synchro looked serious, before smiling friendly back to the Doctor.

“I could use a man with your… unique… metal bending talents.”

“Oh, go on.” he rolled his head, as if adoring the praise. “I live to please~” he bowed deeply, but clearly, it was all for show.

“..Heh… good.” Eggman threw the metallic piece down, slamming it with his fist into the ground, and then pointing directly up at Synchro.

“I want no part of your scheming, Synchro. But you can tease the girl all you want. But there better not be even a scratch on her head by the time Sonic comes to get her. Understood?”

Synchro raised a mocking eyebrow, “You seem to say that as if suggesting I’ll give her back.”

“Not. One. Hair.” Eggman wagged the finger closer and closer to his face, before the two turned to see Amy slowly coming too.

“Take her away from here. Do what you will but Orbot and Cubot will see to the girl.”

“Ah. Supervisors?” Synchro looked to them. “Well, things are just going to seem awkward for you third and forth wheel.” he kid, as the two quickly scurried to Amy, having processed their new commands.

He turned his head, and seemed to eyed them very closely… as if figuring out how to get rid of them later.


He turned his head back to Eggman. “My liege~” he faked another proper bow.

Eggman stared back at him over his shoulder, leaning down with his hands supporting him on the control panel, before clicking something to get his cameras and sights back online.

“…Don’t abuse her. I won’t forgive defying me.”

“Defiling? What was that? Doctor! I’m surprised you would suppose…” he smirked, lifting an acted hand to his ear as if just playing the role.

“I need to hear it. You won’t harm the girl.”

“…I may just do that. But I won’t kill her.”

Eggman turned his head back to him, growing angrily.

“… I’ll only touch what can be seen~” he winked and held up a finger, before drawing an ‘X’ over his heart. “Promise, good tyrant. Promise.”

“…See that he does.” Eggman turned to his robots, who worried they didn’t know how to stop him.

The two dragged Amy off, hauling her onto a hover cart, as Synchro turned around and looked down at her.

“Even protected by a supposed evil overlord. Tell me, queeny. Have you reformed the world?”

His mocking laughs trailed into Amy’s ears as she twitched her eyes, attempting to try and wake up… as the light faded…

And she was dragged off into an unknown location.

“Son-” she barely could speak out, as he looked out, and placed a finger over his mouth, smirking. “-ic…” he placed something over her mouth.

“Shh…” he cooed, ever so softly, before the gas knocked her out again. “There’ll be no talk of such things.” he looked to the robots.

They quickly turned forward, pulling the hover craft along.

He crooked his smile even further before looking ahead.

“Now it’s my time to assert the throne. I’ll steal your queen. I’ll overthrow the overthrower. I’ll kill this world’s hero. And all the while I shall I make this world… My world…”

Orbot and Cubot, once out of distance from Eggman, were suddenly cringing as their beings were combined and reorganized into a chest armor and gun, and then a nice metallic crown on his head.

“Heh. Such trusting fools.” he laughed as he kicked Amy’s craft down an air shoot, and jumped on it.

Taking her far away, he looked back to see a blue blur charging Eggman’s tower.

“….She’s not there~” he whispered manically, and let his wicked laugh carry in the winds…

(Don’t worry, she’ll be okay :) I hope you don’t mind… I focused more on Amy in danger and trying to reform him than I did Sonic saving her. It’s clear he will, but I wanted to show off a villain who was interested in Amy. It makes it even more sinister when he flirts with her! Don’t you think?)

(Part 2 x)


Hey guys! I finally sat down and I feel like I could actually put some coherent thought into a sentence. 

Yesterday was awesome~ Just gotta say that right off the bat. It was so cool. I never actually thought I’d be picked for a call, especially not first! I was pretty shocked when skype started to ring. I’m so glad that this was something they decided to do. I think it was a great idea to interact with the community more. 

They were all so nice and it was fun talking to them. I hope I have a chance to talk to them all again in the future. I was also really glad I got to tell Mark that I’m also from Cincinnati! And so the Skyline, Goldstar discourse continues lol

I feel very lucky to have gotten a few minutes to talk, it’s more than a lot of people get so I really appreciate that. Thanks Ethan for saying I was nice cause I was really unsure of how I came off lol And thanks to Tyler for laughing at the silly things I said.

Also Amy mentioning my blog later in the stream to Mark! That was so awesome of her! Like wow! I know I’ve said that on my other social media but that was really cool, thank you~

I’ve been here for a long time, over 2 years now and I’ve been watching Mark for just a little bit longer. I’m so happy to be a part of this community and I’m so happy that I get to make things and get creative. Just thank you all so much for being here and following my blog for all this time. And thanks for tolerating me talking about the game all the time. It is coming, don’t worry~ 

I’m getting rambly so I’ll leave this here. Thank you Mark for inspiring me to make things and thanks to all of you (team markiplier) for talking to me yesterday~

Also if any of you want to see the part where I get called on skype, you can see it here~


random thoughts.

When Sheldon texted Amy  “ Would you like to sing karaoke with us.”

All I could think about is that Sheldon is so drunk. So wasted. Can’t even find the restroom. Can’t even see Leonard’s face clearly. And amidst all the chaos, his mind is still saying 

“I want Amy here.”

And I just lay in my bed and cry about how beautiful and too good and too pure their love is. 

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I just took the new pottermore test and was shocked when I got gryffindor. I know it's just a test and isn't final and all that, but it really hurt. I've been having a hufflepuff house crisis even though I feel that it's my home, I can't help but wonder if I qualify. And this isn't going to help at all. I can't even go on anymore because it makes me empty to see the red and gold instead of my yellow and black. It's been a while since if been this lost....

You’re a Hufflepuff. End of story.

-Justin (Slytherin)

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As much as I don’t like to say it, make a new account and take the test again. It you want to use Pottermore but want the House that you most identify with, then take it again.

-Amy (Hufflepuff)

  • Enjolras: Do we fight for the right to a night at the opera now?
  • Courfeyrac: I don't want go and fight for a night at the opera. Can I fight for the right go and see Beyoncè instead?
  • Enjolras: But that doesn't fit into the song. It doesn't sound right if I sing, 'Do we fight go the right go see Beyoncè now?' Courfeyrac, do I even want to know why you would fight to see Beyoncè?
  • Courfeyrac: The answer is simple Enjolras. Beyoncè is my queen.
  • All of the Amis: *gasp and cover ears*
  • Jehan: Oh no, he said the Q word.
  • Courfeyrac: Enjolras, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to offended any one by saying that word. I'm sorry every one.
  • Enjolras: Just make sure that it doesn't happen again, we people may think that we are *whispers* royalist, and I can't bear the shame. Courfeyrac, stand in the corner of shame and think about your words and how they can affect people.
  • Courfeyrac: This is so embarrasing.
  • Combeferre: You should consider yourself lucky that you only said the Q word. Enjolras would guillotine you if he heard you use the K word, or even worse, the M word.
  • Courfeyrac: Enjolras is just jelous of the fact that Beyoncè has better hair than him, that is what his problem is. Beyoncè's hair speaks over a thousand words, while Enjolras's hair screams ' I look like a dandelion, Vive La France!

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yo what's good, big fan. anyways main issue, you know the crocodile that appears in tales of grotesquely grim bunny? do you know what the hell he is saying, i've listened to it 20+ times and can't figure it out

you know what, i have literally no idea. it SOUNDS like he’s saying “woah, Sushi-Ami-Uni-Ogi: Rise of Ronnus, awesome!” 

my version of the video is formatted for square screens so part of the episode is chopped off BUT i looked up the episode on youtube which is formatted for widescreen and you can see the crocodile holding a comic book. 

it’s so low-res i can’t make out what it says BUT the first line looks like one word (possible SUSHIAMIUNIOGI) and the second line looks like it’s three to four words (”rise of [something]”)

a youtube comment thinks the crocodile is saying “sushi ami uni ogi roger ronus”. the arthur wiki thinks the crocodile is saying “sushi-omni-ooni-ogie ragju rans”. youtube captions thinks he’s saying “okie raunchy month”. here’s the episode in question. now i’m turning this to all y’all: what do YOU think he’s saying?

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I guess you didn't see it because you weren't online but people you reblog from (verily, Amy) were calling Danielle desperate in posts that had hundreds of notes in a matter of mins. They were everywhere. I can't ask that we think twice about what we're all saying? Just a few weeks ago we were talking about how she's doing Louis a favor by helping him keep distance from Briana. And now everyone's insulting her because she was topless next to Louis? It's bullshit.

Anonymous said:from what i’ve seen though people seem to forget that danielle’s not just a beard but she’s doing this to get more famous. sex sells. it got her name (only first mind you) trending for the first time in her life. i’m sure it was her manager’s idea and she may be a lovely girl and all but let’s not play ourselves, they’re both getting something out of the arrangement and when you consider what she wants as well it makes more sense than just the bearding.

Two anons, two opinions. And to be fair, I think a lot of people have been calling Danielle desperate for a while. She is desperate. She wants to be famous so she’s willing to go along with this in order to become famous. That has nothing to do with her gender. It has everything to do with wanting to be famous and being willing to do anything to get that fame. I admit I haven’t seen the posts from Amy and Vee, but I’ve seen enough from them to be pretty sure that that is what they were talking about. To the first anon, you’re making a false contradiction. No one thinks or thought that she’s doing a favor to Louis out of the goodness of her heart. She’s doing it because she wants to be famous. But there are degrees of desperation to wanting to be famous and she jumped up a level by being willing to be photographed topless. I’m guessing that’s what prompted Vee and Amy’s posts and why so many people reblogged. I think that’s an opinion I agree with. We can appreciate the role she’s playing to keep Louis distanced from Briana while still criticizing how far she is willing to take it, especially when she’s actively participating in something that depends on exploiting people’s desire to protect women from unwanted invasions of privacy (that goes for Louis too). Those opinions are not mutually exclusive.

  • France: Sir Britain... I have something important to say to you. ...I would like... for you to marry me.
  • England: T-That's very funny, France. I don't believe it's April Fool's day yet. ... What's the matter old chap? Can't even afford to buy a calendar anymore? *nervous laugh*
  • France: You are wrong, mon ami, and this is not so funny.
  • England: Right, what the hell is wrong with you?!
  • France: [pushes a piece of paper across the table to England] Here, take this.
  • France: [grabs England's hand] No it's not. Can't you see it is a calendar?
  • England: ...
  • France: IT'S FOR YOU! IT IS A CALENDAR! [grabs England's hand while holding a pen] You shall sign it!
  • England: I will do no such thing!
  • France: I said sign it!
  • England: No! [frees himself from France's grasp; scribbles all over the form] Here's what I think of your damn form! That's what happens when you try to force someone to marry you! [laughs]
  • France: You fool! Damnit! Don't you even care if I die?! Come on, help me! Please, I can become England's quaint little French village if you want me to.
  • England: No! Why on Earth would I want to marry you? First off, you need to learn to deal with and accept your failures.
  • ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  • Me: Hold up. So, if he learned to deal with and accept his failures you WOULD marry him? I think this might be my FrUk talking but...
  • "so, how did you know that she was the one?"
  • what he says: whenever i look at her face and the... attached physique
  • what he means: when i look at her it's like the moon and the stars have perfectly aligned with the earth. my heart is at peace and she inspires me to become a better version of myself. you could say she is my muse. when she looks at me she somehow makes me feel like i'm flying and like i'm standing with both feet on the ground at the same time. she makes me feel weak in the knees but she keeps me grounded. whenever i look at her face i see more than just a beautiful woman. i see a hopeful future and everything that is right in the world

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I saw that you gave some great advice for a fellow Broadway-lover so I was hoping you could for me too? It's been my dream for along time to go to performing arts college then make it to Broadway (long shot I know) but recently I have been told I am unable to dance and it feels like my dream has been crushed. You can't be a triple threat if you are unable to dance. Any advice for next steps wether to give up and enjoy theatre as only recreation or is there another way??xx

Damn, that’s cold. It’s horrible to be knocked like that, and I’m really sorry it’s happened to you. Unfortunately, knockbacks are common - very common - in the theatre industry. Amy Adams (yes, THE Amy Adams) once went to a table read for a TV pilot and left with the producer saying “See you tomorrow!” only to later get a call informing her she’d been let go.

HOWEVER. What I don’t want you to gain from this is anything along the lines of “Well, if you can’t take criticism, you stand no chance in the industry” - no. Not at all. You mentioned wanting to go to drama school, so I’m guessing you’re still in school right now, and what that means is that you have time. Even if you’re about to graduate and applications are due next month, you have time. So yes, you do have to learn to take criticism (not that being told you can’t dance is criticism, it’s just being said to knock you if it didn’t come with anything constructive) but it’s okay to be disappointed at first: the thing that’s important is bouncing back.

The first thing to consider is this: where did the criticism come from? Who said you can’t dance? If it’s anyone other than a dance teacher or an industry professional, you might as well ignore them, because ultimately their opinion doesn’t count in your career. If it was a dance teacher, get on to step two:

Prove them wrong. Put 110% into your next class, or the next routine you have to learn. Practice at home, go over the steps subconsciously at your desk in class, anything you can to get that one step you’ve been struggling with. Dance is like any other skill, it requires practice, practice, practice. Leonardo Da Vinci didn’t create a masterpiece the first time he put a pencil to paper; Darcey Bussell wasn’t a prima ballerina the second she stepped into her dance shoes. If you work hard enough at anything, you can become one of the best in your field. The key is not to stop. Another great thing you can do is ask questions in dance class. It may seem silly, but if you’re unsure how to do a step or how to move your foot, or arm, or anything at a certain point, then asking is the only way you’ll ever understand how it’s done. I can promise you’ll find yourself much better off as a result.

Honestly, if your dream is to get into a performing arts college and get into Broadway, then chase it. Chase it with all you’ve got, and I can’t guarantee you’ll make it, but it’ll be a hell of a lot better than looking back in twenty years and thinking “I wish I’d tried.” I know someone who was rejected from drama school two years running and got in on her final try (it’s far more common than you’d think for schools to reject pupils on their first try purely to test their resilience) and yes, that could be what it takes, but right now she’s living her dream and couldn’t be any happier. I support your dream and I hope things turn out the way you wish - or better!