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I get so absurdly angry perpetually, because I constantly think about how there is enough food, water, medicine and resources to help nearly everyone survive/live well, but this doesn’t happen because a small percentage of hoarding humans are selfish and refuse to change the system for the better. It’s so wrong. How has this become our world? How can these people get away with making everyone else suffer needlessly?? And it’s just accepted as the reality of our collective society by the vast majority, and the powerful love keeping it that way??

I just don’t understand. My mom and I are lower class based on our income and I’m chronically ill, but we are so lucky to have everything we need and fun clothes/video games/nice car (my mom is very smart with money and my badass independent grandma set her up to survive comfortably with her hard work). I want for nothing except better medical care and access to fodmap medical diet food. How can these people with an absurd amount of wealth not want to give back and help people who are struggling? Why do they need (want) so much money and don’t want to give back??? They should be paying the community taxes majority by far. They have the majority of the money, they need to pay the majority of the taxes. Taxing the poor is criminal and shouldn’t be a set norm that has been accepted for so many centuries.


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for sheith, them talking about the upcoming kerberos mission (like there was that background shot in s4 of shiro showing keith around the rocket), and then keith's reaction to when they get the news that it's all gone wrong

thought of you (and where you’d gone)

Notes: you chose the angst and therefore this is not my fault. i will hold to that even as i take your prompt, dear nonnie, and make in worse. also, if y’all really want to hurt, listen to the weepies world spins madly on w/this.

Also On: Ao3

Three months after mission failure he will collapse in the middle of the desert, under a sky full of meteors, and vomit until his throat burns. He’ll hold himself on hand and knees. It’ll feel like praying. He’ll think of a ship plummeting into ice and pilot error in red across the bottom of a TV screen and the last moments before impact. Maybe he’ll want to vomit again, stomach clenching and hands curling into fists, but he won’t be able to. There’ll be nothing left.

The trials are a formality.

A single day in the sim chambers for those who qualified. Everyone in the Garrison watches. Students are expected to write a report afterward. To keep up the pretense that this is educational. Keith leaves his notepad on a bench and dared an instructor to say something.

Before the pilots go in, they’re given a breather and Shiro doesn’t even hesitate before jogging to Keith’s side. Others eye them and Keith knows he’ll have to pay for this later in the sparring ring but he doesn’t care. Shiro’s chosen to spend these last moments before the most important test of his life with Keith. No amount of bruises will take this away.

“Wish me luck,” Shiro says. The flight suit is rumpled but his face is alight with the hunger of wanting something. Maybe that’s why Keith’s stomach clenches with wanting right back. They’ve talked about how much Shiro wants this. To be out there in the stars, reforging the edges of the galaxy, putting his name in history. People don’t think it because most of the time Shiro keeps his ambition tucked beneath his duty but oh, he’s burning up on the inside with his wanting, and Keith aches for him.

Stepping close, Keith says, “You don’t need luck.” Hesitance slows him but doesn’t stop him. Fingers grip the flight suit and tug it into better alignment. It’s hardly anything but Shiro smiles in this way that illuminates all the dark pieces of Keith’s soul.

“Wish me luck,” Shiro says. Gentler, softer, easier. A hand brushes the small of Keith’s back, urging him closer, and Keith gives in instinctively. Garrison rules live in the six inch gap between their bodies. But it doesn’t matter because they both know what it means that Shiro keeps his hand at Keith’s back and Keith lets his palm flatten over Shiro’s steady heart.

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Is the fic where Steve gets into a car accident aka My Death actually in works or was that just a quick headcanon that won't become a whole story?

Okay so it was! And then… I uhh deleted it because I thought it was Shit? I’m really sorry! And now you’ve reminded me I will actually put it on my list because I do want to fill that out! So I mean. You may get that one if I have ten-ish hours to spare?

Survivors do not have any sort of moral obligation to you or anyone else when it comes to creating fiction. In fact, survivor or not (since people shouldn’t be forced to nor do they have to disclose that) no one is morally obligated to do anything for or revolving around fiction

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Yo I was reading a fic and forgot to check archive warnings and then lance died in this fic and I had a heart attack and had to quickly exit the fic and now I’m SAD

oh no!! here, have some sappy as shit lovey-dovey lance from my nanovel to (hopefully) cheer you up!

Lance has been in love exactly once in his whole life. Sure, he’s felt like he was in love several times, but the real thing? Oh, hell no. Somehow, despite centering his entire life around finding and keeping love, he’s only ever managed to actually love someone once.

He realizes perhaps a little belatedly that it’s probably due to this whole soul bond thing. And he realizes that if he’s meant to be with someone, then the universe will always find some way to make that a reality. And he realizes that he can’t exactly change his fate, although maybe he could talk to that Slav person that Keith keeps talking about and figure out how to get into another reality where things are different and his emotions aren’t bound by destiny.

But god, he really doesn’t want this whole realization to happen right now. And more than anything, he doesn’t want this whole thing to be centered around that one person he’s ever loved.

But there Keith is, and here Lance is, and the longer he stares, the more he realizes that he’s in love with this asshole.

He’s not even doing anything that particularly stands out.  Keith is just sitting there, reading some book (for once, it’s not a textbook, and Lance is pleasantly surprised), not really doing much of anything. But when he brushes a lock of hair behind his ear, his hand moving so fluidly and then grasping onto the end to tug at it before reluctantly letting go, Lance’s heart leaps into his throat.

When he reads something funny and giggles—yes, he fucking giggles—under his breath, so soft that Lance can barely hear it, his chest squeezes tight, his heart clenching as his face heats up.

When he finally looks up and acknowledges Lance’s presence again, his pretty dark eyes with unnatural purple specks in them gazing at him with open and unguarded innocence, Lance swears he’s forgotten how to breathe.

The realization that he’s in love with Keith comes with the affirmation that he’s never truly experienced love until this moment, and another realization that he has to rewrite his entire bank of knowledge about the concept of it.  Because everything he thought he knew, everything he had felt before, was all a lie.

Lance feels like a kid again, experiencing everything for the first time and being so completely enthralled by the world around him, and yes it is the world because everything except for Keith has melted away into nothingness and then it’s just him and Lance and nothing else, his entire world replaced by this one guy who was apparently made just for him and who he was made for.

God, that sounds so cheesy, but in this moment, as Lance feels his chest swell with unbridled affection, his inner child releasing his inhibitions as he looks at Keith with nothing but pure love, he doesn’t care.  He doesn’t even know the meaning of the word “cheesy” because all he can feel is genuine emotion cradled by soft desire and nothing more.

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For "I love you" list. 32, Hoperai, LR. Damn you if you don't make it angsty. lol

total nano count: 22591/50000

32: In a way I can’t return

this isn’t actually LR-related, buuuut I’ve had this idea floating around in the back of my head for awhile now and this prompt was perfect. please don’t be scared off by the second person POV whoops

You’re in love with an amazing man, and the amazing part is that he loves you back.

He’s not overly romantic, but then again, neither are you, so that’s okay. It’s in the little things, like how after six months or so, he lets you leave you toothbrush in the bathroom and clears away a drawer in his bedroom so that you’d have a place to put your stuff. He unceremoniously gives you a key to his place, just because it ‘made sense’ for you to have it.

Dependable and practical. That was Hope Estheim in a nutshell.

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I’m the best


Nothin’s gonna ever keep me down

I’m the best


Nothin’s gonna ever keep me dooooowwwwwwwwwn

nano update: i’m less than 18k away from word count goal! i’ll do way more than that by the end of this thing, but it’s so exciting to think i’ve written so much in such a short time! we’ve got one Very Emotional scene and three more chapters to go and then this lil baby is ready for edits!

at this rate, i’m thinking chapter one will go up mid-december…

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Are you ever going to update Miraculous x Hunter? Sorry I don’t want it to seem like I’m pressuring you or anything, I just wanted to know if you’re going to continue the fic. Again, sorry if this came off as rude _:(´ཀ`」 ∠):

You’re not rude don’t worry!!!! I’ll continue the series whenever emthimofnight comes off hiatus ^^ I just can’t continue writing that series without her since it’s her au! Thank you for being so interested in the series ❤️

i know we all have our own lives. we spiral in our own orbits. i’m telling myself the reason you never text is because you’re busy. i ask you how things are going, the conversation is stilted. remember when we were madly in love. when you would text me with every stupid joke you thought of. 

“how you been?” i ask. three days later i get, “fine.” 

i am trying to tell myself: at least you’re alive.

Salazar: Fuck Gryffindors

Students: Fuck Gryffindors

Quidditch Team: Fuck Gryffindors

Draco: Fuck I’m tRYING

Ravenclaw Headcanon

Ravenclaws love and hate ambient noise. It needs to be a specific kind of noise depending on what they’re doing, and if it varies too far from the ambient noise they wanted, they just find it distracting.

Hermione: Do you still have a problem with Muggles

Draco: No that’s ridiculous

Hermione: You wouldn’t smile at my parents all evening

Draco: Oh that I didn’t want them to see my teeth

Hermione: Your teeth are perfect

Draco: And do you think I want your crazy dentist parents going after me with their torture clamps and pliers

Hermione: Draco WHAT do you think dentists do

Draco: …

Hermione: …

Draco: Well played Potter

Keith: I promised I wouldn’t cry! *runs out right into Lance*

Lance: what the he- OH MY GOD ARE YOU OK?!

Keith: *crying* n-no

Lance: *picks Keith up in a hug* ok that’s ok let’s get Hunk to make some coca and have a cuddle on the couch while we watch some movies

Keith: *buries face into Lance’s neck*

Lance: sound good?

Keith: yeah… love you

Lance: love you too