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did some facial ref practice with the vento aureo gang also @ davidpro part 5 when????

The more I write about Mei’s cryostasis the less sense it makes.

Like, in who-knows-many years no one ever bothered to check up on these guys? 
They were six scientists, all presumably with families, friends and colleagues outside the Ecopoint. Not one of them ever thought “Hey, we haven’t heard from our son/sibling/spouse/friend in a while, what’s up with that?”

When Overwatch was shut down by the Petras Act the UN didn’t check if all their facilities followed the protocol? Like, the Ecopoint was active in at least one way - housing six cryogenically frozen people - not to mention they had six Overwatch agents unaccounted for, who were indirectly still working for Overwatch.

And if they were presumed dead, again, why did no one check? The Ecopoint wasn’t exactly hidden, it was an international project in the fields of climatology, everyone knew where it was. No one - not families, not the scientific community, not the UN - sent anyone to retrieve the bodies/figure out what actually happened?

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It's really annoying how people try to play down Octavia's feelings for Bellamy just because they're in a bad place now. She loved him whole-heatedly in season 2. She was angry with Clarke for sending him into Mt. weather. She literally said "I'm not going anywhere without my brother." She practically leaped into his arms and SMILED when she saw he was safe. Sure, I'm not her biggest fan now, but it's unfair to pretend like their relationship has always been shit - it hasn't.

I get not liking a character, clearly. 

But no one is doing anyone any justice by trying to rewrite the canon story so it fits their interpretation. 

If you can’t make the canon support your theory about a character, then your theory is suspect. Story comes first. Interpretation comes second. 

You can’t change to canon. We’ve got evidence. It’s on screen and it doesn’t change according to the viewers whims. 

Octavia loved Bellamy, and there’s a lot of evidence that even though she’s a little bitch now, she STILL loves him. People say some nasty things to their siblings. It doesn’t necessarily mean they don’t love them. It might just mean they are jerks. 

I’m still crying over the fact that there’s a gay power ranger like in all my 16 years of living i have never seen a movie in the theaters with a gay main character