can't we all just get along!

I like Rogue One.
I like Cassian not being a morally perfect hero but a man sacrificing himself for what he believes in.
I like watching K2SO and Jyn’s salty banter.
I like squealing over Bodhi’s goggles and Cassian’s jackets.
I like Chirrut and Baze being totally freaking married all the time.
I like being amazed at how Chirrut takes out a unit of Stormtroopers with his staff all by himself.
I like being amazed at how Jyn takes out a unit of Stormtroopers with her baton all by herself.
I like laughing when Baze tells Chirrut, No, he did Not take them out all by himself.
I like Jyn being brave enough to admit and say she doesn’t want to be part of this fight.
I like that Bodhi is scared shitless the whole time he’s in Saw Gerrera’s hands, but is still speaking up and throwing it in his face That He Defected.
I like Baze saying that Cassian has the face of a friend.
I like hearing Cassian telling Bodhi to go back so he won’t see Cassian shooting Galen.
I like Cassian dragging Jyn away from her father’s body to save her.
I like K2 and Cassian being a perfectly synced team when maneuvering that ship through horrible conditions.
I like realizing that Cassian smiles for the first time after Bodhi comes back to himself.
I like Jyn quoting Cassian showing that she now understands what this fight is about and respects him for it.
I like seeing Bodhi never having been a fighter but a cargo pilot, and using his knowledge against the Empire to bluff their way through the shields.
I like Cassian giving his men strength and courage despite a clear disadvantage.
I like Cassian telling Bodhi he’s their only hope to get the transmission through.
I like Bodhi throwing caution in the wind and giving his damnedest because he needs to plug that cord in.
I like K2 sacrificing himself for his companion. For his longtime friend. For his only friend.
I like witnessing Cassian’s emotional reaction to the cease-of-existence of his companion. His longtime friend. His only friend.
I like being impressed by Cassian forcing himself up that entire tower while being injured just to help Jyn with the plans.
I like crying over Baze chanting Chirrut’s prayer in reverse as he holds him while breathing his last breath.
I like yelling Nooo! when the grenade rolls to Bodhi’s feet.
I like seeing the dead-set resolution in Baze’s eyes as he shoulders his blaster.
I like watching Jyn and Cassian hug at that beach and give each other strength and comfort in the face of death and disaster.
I like feeling my heart break as the whole planet goes down in flames.
I like hearing Leia tell me they gave us hope.

I like reading and writing stories where Cassian and Bodhi fall in love.
And I still like all the above.

Look, we all love Bughead but that doesn’t mean you just should shit on Varchie in the process.

Be courteous. If it were Bughead in the shower in the promo and every Varchie shipper and anti posted about how it should have been Varchie you’d feel a way.

Look, I’m not saying you have to like every ship, I just personally think it’s bad form.

MY opinion, doesn’t have to be yours. Just something to think about

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Sheesh people, Destiel is NEVER gonna be canon, especially since less than 1% ship it. You all are only making yourselves miserable. Even Jensen publicly said Destiel does not exist. Misha is taking you all for ride because you keep throwing money at him to queerbait you.

The Daily Dot article by Aja Romano—Dec 3, 2014 at 08:53:44 | Last updated Mar 8 at 13:55:12

For the first time, Tumblr has published statistics on shipping as part of its Year in Review report, a project that began last year as a way of providing insight into its community activity. According to Tumblr, Destiel is the most reblogged ship on the Internet.

To put this coup in its proper perspective, consider what wasn’t number one. One Direction is by far the most popular fandom on Tumblr, generating over a billion posts to date. Yet the most popular 1D ship, Larry Stylinson—that’s bandmates Harry Styles/Louis Tomlinson, for the uninitiated—only made no. 3 on the list. It fell behind another Superwholock ship: Johnlock, short for BBC Sherlock pairing John Watson and Sherlock Holmes.

My darling Salty, this was in 2014. That means these stats are not taking into account three years of fandom growth and the addition of Supernatural to Netflix, which we know is flooding the numbers with even more people enthusiastic about the angsty misery that is this fantastic love story.

What else can I offer you to not just negate your 1% claim entirely, but actually blow it utterly and completely out of the shipping waters? Oh, I know!

This poll was posted on BuzzFeed on October 8th, 2016 and these pics show the most recent stats as I literally just now (May 20th, 2017) clicked in my own vote to view them:

Favourite character?

Now, please, Salty, tell me, are you feeling ok? Are you experiencing shortness of breath or lightheadedness? Here, come with me, have a seat. Comfortable? Put your feet up, we’re all friends here. See, you and I, we are both a valid part of the SPN Family and differing of opinion is welcomed and encouraged. 

That said, what is not tolerated is spreading negativity based on your own growing fear that what you don’t want to have happen is actually about to happen. (it is, btw) (andrew dabb is the biggest destiel shipper of all) (and when captain of show is captain of ship) (safe sailing Salty baby) (maybe you should consider hopping aboard) (standing invitation) <3

Further more, what is not welcomed or encouraged is failing to fact check your claims before you make them, thinking they won’t be checked for you. Nor is bashing an actor who not only happens to be one of the members of the show who is the most vocal about being pro-LGBTQ, but whose relationship with the term “queerbaiting” is one that has very much informed my own.

Misha talking about this topic can be viewed through a very simple search on YouTube. Like, super simple. You type in “misha collins queerbaiting”. It literally took me more seconds to write this paragraph about the search than actually performing the search. My point is - don’t be a lazy Anon, Salty darling. Do your research if you’re going to gnash and bash, but for now, keep those feet up because I’m feeling generous and so here you go:

I would very much love it if you Salties out there could stop using your dismissive and so clearly erroneous Less Than 1% Ships It claim from here on, because all it does is show the rest of us your ignorance, and, quite frankly, it just makes me embarrassed for you guys. 

If you don’t want to board the ship - don’t board the ship. Stand on the shore and wave at it. Or don’t. You know, we don’t expect you to cheer us on as we glide into harbour. But please please stop trying to convince us that we’re not sailing. It must be so exhausting for you and, frankly, isn’t it nice to just lean back, feet up, and feel the love? There is only love here for you!! And waving. Because we will always wave at you lovelies stranded on the shore.

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Goro Fans: I think Goro is an interesting character despite his flaws, though I understand he isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, and I respect their opinion.

Goro Haters:

*climbs on soapbox*  Let’s all bring it down a notch guys!  There is a lot of anger flying around my favorite fandom over ships.  Let’s all just agree that Yuri On Ice is the best thing since sliced bread and ship and let ship ok?  *climbs off soapbox*

Reblog if you agree please!!!!!

((I didn’t draw the Makkachin, it’s from the official website))

Personally, I found the Tomstar stuff in ‘Demoncism’ to be nice, okay? Like, when she grabs him saying “I’m here.”, I was touched by that scene.


I’m positive Star is still head-over-heels for Marco; like he is for her and they will choose each other and it will be the cutest, most epic love scene ever. Right now, she’s just lonely and misses having a boyfriend at her side. The hand-holding…I don’t think they even realized it; it just happened.

Hopefully Tom won’t be hurt too badly by Starco; he’s turning into a great guy :( and I think he deserves happiness. If the three can remain friends (which I think is likely) that would be awesome.

Tomstars and Starcos, try not to stab each other with forks too much, please? XD

I don’t like Ginny. That’s it. That being said, it’s cool that people love her too. That’s fine, just like it’s fine to dislike her. I wish the community would stop looking at each other’s likes/dislikes and acting with so much animosity. Whether you like something or not, it isn’t okay to be awful to someone with a differing opinion. We should honestly just try to get along instead of being rude to each other over stuff like that.

great comet characters as shit my classmates have said pt. 3
  • dolokhov: "can't we all get along? just this once? please? actually, fuck that. i'm gonna punch your jaw if you touch my project one more time"
  • sonya: "my cousin once ate three entire jars of peanut butter because her boyfriend dumped her and she was so sad"
  • marya d: *opens locker, seven water bottles fall out* "i wish i could say that i'm okay"
  • bolkonsky: "do you think fire is dangerous?"
  • natasha: "i think i'm married to someone now but i'm not sure how it happened or why it happened. at least my fiancé is cute"
  • mary: *after being pushed down an entire flight of stairs* "why do i constantly suffer? who decided that i deserve this? why"
  • anatole: "my sister threw an orange peel at me this morning because i accidentally dropped her makeup palette"
  • pierre: "all i want is seven bottles of listerine to chug right now"
  • hélène: *after getting hit in the face with a roller skate* "i'm the swan princess and none shall touch me"
  • andrey: *after getting hit in the face with a bottle full of water* "this is the third time this has happened this week and i want to be deceased"
  • balaga: *throws a toy car across the room* "YEET" *toy car hits teacher* "...yeet"