can't we all just get along!

Just can we all stop having this fight about who is worse. Who had the worse family situation and who did worse things to the other?

They both suffered abuse, different kinds of abuse and they both handle that abuse differently. They both have done terrible things to each other and they both have brought each other great happiness.

Why does one have to be a villain? Why can’t we understand both sides motivations and try to understand and relate and see the dynamic for what it is?

Two broken boys in love trying to make it work?

A few words for @melon-ellen....

As the title suggests I’m going to be addressing this user known as @melon-ellen.

It was recently brought to light how this person is a NaruHina fan who doesn’t seem to like SS and SNS. Fair enough, yes? I mean, heck I’m not, now nor will I ever really ship SS. BUT the problem is how this person has gone as far as to send hate to various SNS fans including @sasuke-prevails and @someone-who-is-there and screencaps can be seen down below:

And has even hated on SS fans such as @madara-fate and that post can be seen down below:

It gets worse. She’s also been said to have several fake blogs as well, some of which are down below:

I’m sorry but is all this person wants to be is a troll? What’s sad about that is that she can’t even do that right! Case-in-point?

Special thanks to @bahare-uzuchiha for catching that!

And not only that, @someone-who-is-there​ also received an ask saying how she’s even Anti-BLM and believes in a whole bunch of ignorant nonsense:

And now my words to the not so delectable melon:

You know something? You followed me and I talked with you all those months ago and I thought you were a pretty cool and nice person but with everything that’s been shown, I suppose all that was wrong on my part. After all, not all melons are sweet.

I only have one question for you?

Why? Why would you do it? Why would you troll people? Not only on one blog but SEVERAL blogs? Why did you do it, Ilianna? Are you aware of what you did was CYBER-BULLYING? Are you also that’s a CRIME? How can you honestly feel satisfied hating on people who want NOTHING to do BUT enjoy what they love, be it, Sakura, SNS or SasuSaku.

I’m not going to spit hate and vitriol like A LOT of people would but what I’m going to say to you is this:

Change your attitude. I’m sure there are some people in this world who do care about you but at the rate you’re going, NO ONE will want to have anything to do with you.

I could go on but I’m done. Thank you all for reading.

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anonymous asked:

so if you love 'supergirl' so much where were you all in season 1? oh that's right, you weren't watching because you're racist and you hate women and the only reason you're watching now is you're thirsty for that yt boy lmao why don't u just go watch arrow?

Hello, random Anon who has literally no clue about my life! Thank you for taking the time out if your obviously busy schedule to hate on me! I really appreciate it. I have been watching the show since season one, have watched every single episode, and actually got a friend to start watching it too! Also, just thought you should know you’re talking to a woman of color, so once again, great job on the assumptions that I’m a woman hating racist! And I actually watch all 4 DC CW shows (Supergirl, flash, arrow, legends), and Gotham. And I happen to not like arrow that much because Oliver is an idiot, but I still watch cuz there are other parts that give me satisfaction and that I love. Actually, if i was a woman hater, I wouldn’t watch arrow, cuz the only reason I’m watching it right now is for Felicity Smoak. You don’t see me spreading arrow hate cuz I don’t like Oliver, do you? And before you decide to go to the other insult that I’m an abuse apologist or whatever, I’m actually a abuse survivor.Part of why Supergirl is such a good show is because it immerses you in it and makes you forget about your problems, so think before you send hate, cuz you never know what could put someone over the edge. Kara Danvers wants to spread light in the world. I’m happy you’re following her example by spreading hate in the name of the show. 👍

So once again, I’d like to thank you, nonnie, for overanalyzing my decision to like a character so much that you came to a conclusion so far from the truth that it made me laugh. I actually wrote an open letter to Supergirl fans a couple of days ago. I think you might need to read it, so here it is:

Have a great day and stay out of my feed!

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My advice if you’re new to a fandom is to wait a bit before making a “why can’t we all just get along?” shipping post because you’ll usually find that there are actual valid ass reasons why. 

Edit: To clarify, it’s usually because one ship is problematic at its core. 

Uh, defense of mshep and sheploo...

I don’t usually speak out about stuff, but this kinda irks me today. There’s quite a bit of criticism going against m!Shepard today and normally I just ignore it, but…guys, come on. It’s a game. With a customizable main character that you can choose the gender. Just because you have a preference towards one over the other doesn’t mean that if someone else doesn’t agree with you, their opinion or preference is invalid.

I am all for femshep.

I am all for mshep.

I am all for a femshep who identifies as male.

I am all for an mshep who identifies as female.

I am all for a Shepard who doesn’t identify at all. Or as both. Or anyway the player chooses them to be.

Because it has absolutely no bearing on me or my game experience. (But I love hearing about them, because they are interesting! Hence why I am fanfic trash!! Seriously, message me to talk nonstop about head canon, lol)

Personally, I prefer mshep, and Sheploo in particular, because I find him pretty. (My John Shepard will actually blush and say thank you if you tell him that.) He is stereotypically masculine, but if left to his own devices, is decidedly not so.

Wanna know why I prefer mshep?

Because I feel more comfortable as a male in a game. I am physically female, and I just put it out there. Does that mean that I am invalid for feeling that way? I hope not, given the community here.

But I also have a wonderful selection of femsheps, too. They are all strong bamfs in their own right, with their own stories and triumphs and heartaches and quirks. Because I have Nessa, Natalie, Lilith, and Stephanie, does that invalidate John? Or Asher? Or Derek? Or any of my other Shepards?


It does not.

Here’s a secret:

It doesn’t invalidate anybody else’s Shepard, either.

So you prefer femshep. That’s fantastic! She’s a great role model and a strong, decisive, effective leader.

But leave it at that. You don’t have to tell me your femshep is better than my John, because I know it. It’s your truth. But my truth is that my John will be number one. For ME. And isn’t that just amazing about this game and fandom? We can all have exactly the Shepard that we adore and love to share with each other. And they are all true and valid!

So let’s all agree that we can be individual and have differences of opinion and preferences. But let’s also agree that nobody has to be put down for what they like, either. Mshep and all who play as him don’t deserve to be dragged through the mud to elevate how awesome femshep is, and the reverse is just as true. They are both awesome in their own ways. Equality is the name of the game.

Isn’t that what we all are ultimately fighting for?