can't wait. :3


aight friends, i’m sure y’all remember @greymichaela​’s post, right? time to have a go at it, then

Wow, the finale was painful as hell, but it was also wonderful! Karamel’s endgame status was pretty much set in stone with the ILYs and Kara giving Mon-El her mother’s necklace, and Clark blessing Karamel and even drawing parallels between Lois and Mon-El... There’s no going back, guys. Karamel is endgame and their reunion will be glorious.

{ 02.10 } 松浦 果南  彡☆

Happy Birthday Kanan! (*˘︶˘*).。.:*♡

I’m not properly back from my hiatus. I’m just checking in to post something for no one other but @nightofthefury-3d. :)

Happy belated Birthday, Mr Fury! c: You’re such an amazing person, and there is no way I deserve all the things you offered me <3 ( (sorry my gift is so sketchy <3)

I painted a little Rufus with some daisies and hydrangea flowers! 🌼
This was really fun to paint :>

Get well soon Stefán! 💜