can't wait until you're home

#28 - Parenting Series (Children) - Bonding Moments
  • Louis: Quincy walked up and sat down next to you with a long sigh. "What's up, Quin?" You ask softly, pulling her to your chest. "There's this boy..." She mumbles. You smile and kiss her head, "And?" You ask softly. "I think I like him, mummy." She says softly. "What's he like?" You smile. "He's really funny and he always talks to me and I think he like likes me." She grins. You smile and sit her up so you're looking at her directly. "Then talk to him back and show him what a wonderful girl you are." You smile. She nods with a shy grin, "Thanks mummy! You're the best!" She grins, hopping down and running off.
  • Niall: Niall held Sophie on his hip as she stared down into the small crib that contained her new baby sister. "She's so tiny, daddy." She whispers. He nods as you watch her. "Why don't you tell her who you are, Soph?" Niall says softly. She nods, "Hi sissy...I'm your big sister....I can't wait until you're big and healthy and then you'll come home with us and we can play." She grins, "You're going to be so pretty. I just know it. I love you." Niall smiles and kisses her head, "She's going to love you, Sophie. I just know it." He whispers.
  • Liam: Ben had witnessed you bleeding before you went to the hopsital, so naturally, he was curious about what happened. "So...there's no more baby?" He asks softly. "No more baby, buddy." Liam says sadly. He nods and moves across Liam's lap to yours. "I'm sorry mummy." He whispers, hugging you unexpectedly. You smile weakly and hug him back. "You'll have a baby soon. Don't be sad. The baby is okay now." He whispers before pulling away. You nod, looking down at him as you started to cry, "Thanks buddy. I needed to hear that." You whisper, kissing his cheek.
  • Zayn: "So, there's like two babies in there?" Caroline asks in shock, pointing to your small rounded stomach. "That's right." You nod, looking at her. "How're they going to fit in there?" You asks in awe. "My belly will stretch every time they grow. I'm going to start getting pretty big soon." You say softly, brushing her hair out with your fingers. "You know you'll still be pretty, right mummy?" She smiles. You smile and raise your eyebrows, "What do you mean?" You ask. "No matter how big your belly gets, you'll still be beautiful!" She grins, kissing your small belly. "Thanks Car, but I'll never be as beautiful as you."
  • Harry: You sat next to Harry, curled up to his side with Olivia on his lap. She suddenly leaned down and patted your belly carefully before smiling. "Hi bubby." She says softly. "Daddy told me today that you're going to be here soon and I just wanted to tell you that I can't wait and that I love you." She says softly, kissing it right on the peak before pulling away. You looked at Harry with a small smile and he grinned, shrugging. You both stayed silent and watched as she turned her attention back to the TV like nothing had just happened.