can't wait to touch her and see her live

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Oh my gosh I live for how you're writing Chloe as a relatable character in TTWK in the show she's so irredeemable but in your ice she's my Slytherin spirit animal and I love her.

Aww, thank you so much! I really love writing her. <3

I’m going to take a moment to touch on something here that I see all over the place. The Chloe in the show is not irredeemable. Is she a bully? Absolutely. Is she spoiled and selfish? You betcha. But these things do not make her irredeemable. We got little snippets of the more emotional/tender side of Chloe in Season One. Some of them were so fast, you probably missed them if you blinked, but they are there. In the leaked spoilers for Season Two, we definitely see more of that.

There was a girl who bullied me when we were younger. She made fun of the things I liked, the clothes I wore, what I looked like, and I was this shy, quiet girl with zero self confidence who honestly would’ve preferred to have been invisible for the most part. Things happen as they do in the life. She changed. I changed. We ended up being really close friends all through high school. We’re both married with children now and although we don’t stay in touch other than seeing bits of each other’s lives through social media, I’m still really glad to have experienced that friendship because it showed me one irrevocable thing: People can change.

Am I fan of the Chloe we see right now from Season 1? Not really. But I can see that chance for redemption. I see that glimmer of hope. I hope no one ever reaches a point of being irredeemable. We all have the chance to turn to around. It isn’t easy but holy cats, it’s worth it.