can't wait to see you this summer

  • Seeing as YOI has been over for about two weeks now,I have some 2017 Sports Anime recommendations:
  • DIVE!!-similar to Free! but you know, the characters are diving. This show is going to make a big splash this summer!!
  • Welcome To The Ballroom-an anime following competitive ballroom dancing. Surely this show will waltz right into your hearts this year!
  • Me: *sees Cars 3 preview* Wow this actually looks way better than the second one. I can't wait to see what it's about.
  • Also Me: OH MY GOD OH MY GOD OH MY GOD. Lightning McQueen are you ok, what the fuck kind of movie are they planning, making lightning crash like that?!
  • Also me: Well looks like I have a few months until the movie comes out the anticipation is killing me.
  • Also me: I'll bring the tissues.

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Name: (Technically but I don’t use it ) August

Nicknames: Gus (M’name!)

Zodiac Sign: Cancer

Height: Hm around middle height. Not exactly tall but not very small either. Next time I see a height scale thing I’ll update this!

Orientation: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯!!! (Sorry but I’m not sure!)

Ethnicity: I am white, I think that’s what this means, right?

Favourite Fruit: Toffee apples :D

Favourite Season: Summer

Favourite Book: The Hunger Games was pretty good!

Favourite Flower: This one glows! 

But daisies are nice too. 

Favourite Scent: When you go into a sweet shop and it smells like pure sugar ლ(`∀´ლ)

Favourite Colour: Yellow and Blue!

Favourite Animal: Oh man I like dogs but I also like this elephant on a motorcycle!

Coffee, tea, or hot chocolate: Hot chocolate. 

Average Sleep Hours: Around 7 hours usually. I try to get 8 since that’s the minimum you’re meant to get but hey, memes are important too.

Cat or dog person?: I already gave this away! Damn! (Cats are cool too though! I love cats)

Favourite fictional character: APH America (next APH Russia!)

Number of blankets you sleep with: 1

Ideal trip: D I S N E Y W O R L D

Blog Created: Like a week or two ago. 

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you were my ticket out of here
and i was your dream come true
you gave me everything i ever wanted
except for you

i convinced myself that over don’t mean over
and i convinced myself that i could fix it all
two dreams collided
maybe we got too excited for our own good


🌸 summers-in-sunnydale said: have a lovely time

thank you both so, so much :)) these past few days have been really.. well i haven’t slept that much because i kept waiting for that email. but now it’s here and i’m finally going to see jongin ;; in ten days!

Definitely Unexpected, a CS/Frozen Jewel AU (1/?)

A/N: This was a summer project idea that I was kicking around for a while based on the movie “The Holiday”.  I wanted to make it more of a summer vacation fic, and I realize summer is nearly over, so oops I wrote the thing anyway.  Thank you immensely to my betas the-captains-ayebrows and lovemelikeapirate for their endless wisdom and insight.  The exposition might be a little slow, but I promise things will pick up when we get to the meet cute(s). Overall though, I think we’re off to a great start!

Definitely Unexpected

Summary:  Emma Swan, self-described “loner, loser, and complicated wreck” takes a much needed vacation from her New York City life by doing a home exchange with Liam Jones, a charming bartender from Brighton, England.  She could have never anticipated that what, or whom, she would find on her summer vacation was exactly what she had always been missing. (The Holiday AU, summer style)

Also on Ao3

Chapter 1:

Emma Swan trudged up the stairs to her 5th floor walkup, arriving at her apartment door. She fumbled with her keys and mercifully got the door open with what little energy she barely had left.  It was a miracle she made it home at all after the day she had.  She stepped inside and closed the door behind her by collapsing against it.  Her bag and keys fell to the floor with a clatter as she exhaled the deepest breath she had taken all day.

Workaholic.  Married to your job. Burnt out. Her boss hadn’t said anything to her face that she hadn’t been thinking to herself already.  But by hearing these things out loud, it suddenly made them real and meant she couldn’t hide from them anymore.  She shuffled across the empty apartment, making her way to the kitchen.  The light from the fridge flooded her vision and she squinted at the sparse contents inside.  She grabbed the closest beer she could lay her hands on and dragged it with her to the couch, where she flopped down, reflecting on the events of the day and what she should do next.

“Swan!  Get in here!”

He called her into his office after what had already been a long and trying day filled with scumbags, liars and general ne’er-do-wells. He couldn’t just use the intercom or email, he had to stand in his doorway and scream across the office like J. Jonah-frickin-Jameson.

Emma closed her eyes and inhaled deeply, mustering whatever strength she could, before walking into a confrontation that by the sound of things had no prayer of going smoothly.  She squared her shoulders and walked into her boss’s office, prepared for battle.  She stood in front of his broad, cluttered desk and folded her arms, awaiting whatever fresh hell he was bringing to her today.

The man looked at her, waiting for some prickly opening comment, but when it became clear that folded arms and a raised eyebrow were all he was going to get, he began.  “Can you please explain to me why the number of your clients that have broken noses and arms is greater than the ones that don’t?”

“Sir, I-” Emma began, but was immediately cut off.

“And can you ALSO explain why you have the highest amount of collateral damage costs of any other bail bondsperson in this office?  Do you manage to break a piece of property on EVERY case?”

“That’s not-”

“Swan, I hired you because you’re great at what you do.  You read people.  You have the best record of any agent here.  But you’re losing your nerve! You’re of no use to anyone if you work yourself into the ground!”  Her boss continued to describe how her job performance, while yielding of results, was losing the tact and finesse that she had become known for.  After using a few choice phrases that sounded all too familiar to her own inner voice, he asked “When was the last time you took a day off?”

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SSS- These Words are a Lie

My vision is blurry and distorted, tears completely overriding my sight. The blood is pounding within my ears, wreaking havoc on my already fragile mind. My chest aches from every heave. My throat grows rawer with every gasp.

I am in a state like no other.

And I probably would linger here, locked away both physically and mentally, had it not been for a few knocks on the door.

I crane my head up slowly, sniffling and choking out whimpers. But it’s the sound of a voice that tugs me completely back into reality.

“Jennifer? Are you still in there?”

It’s not Liam this time; it’s someone who immediately brings flutters to my trembling heart.


I open my mouth to reply, but all that rasps out is a feeble croak of a cry, my voice completely lost.

And with no answer, Josh only grows more and more desperate.

“Jen? Jennifer? Let me in.”

I shudder, trying in vain to bring my composure back down to something resembling normalcy. But how can I? Not with the positive pregnancy tests strung across the tile. Not with tears and moisture completely soaking various parts of my face and clothing. Not with my body reduced to a fearful, hollow soul.

Josh’s voice sounds from outside once again, and I focus on it, trying to let it soothe me even with its fraught tone.

“Liam…Holy shit….I thought you said she was okay.”

(Chapter Four: Coming this Thursday)

i am done being nice when you don’t show me the least bit of appreciation. i offer all these things because i care but all you do is take advantage of that and honestly, i am hurt. you used my genuine feelings to your advantage and i am done being played. tonight will be the last night because honestly, i am tired and done with your shit. i thought that maybe, just maybe, we can be friends…but now i understand why there’s always someone different around you. i am done being the sucker and getting the shorter end of the stick. i am tired of being the nice one and staying in parasitic “friendships.” it’s about time i stood up to those who took advantage of my kindness that i take out of myself to give. my first impressions were right – i should have stayed away.