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The other day @inkstainsandbattythings brought this very interesting IMDb poll to my attention. Who’s the worst Batman villain to share a bunk bed with? Looks like we have a lot of options to choose from.

So,  I checked to see what the results were and

Scarecrow is in second place? I’m so proud of him~ Wait…why did Mr. Freeze get 87 votes? Surely Riddler would be much worse–

Oh, my sweet summer child.


Saitou Ami (Yachi) wrote three blog posts as Engeki Haikyuu finished touring.  

(x) (x) (x

The first, posted the evening of the final show, was a short and simple thank you that she couldn’t help but write before going to bed.

In the second, she reminisces about the 4 months spent working on this production, and how strange it feels to have it be over.  This show exposed her to a lot of new experiences and challenged her in many ways.  She doesn’t have a very high opinion about her athletic ability, or her singing or her dancing, or her math skills, but she really tried her best with this show.  It was a wonderful time for her, and she’s so grateful to all the cast and staff and the audience who came to see the shows.  She is honored and proud to be a part of Engeki Haikyuu family.

Her third blog post was dedicated to Yachi (with brief thank you’s for specifically Momo and Shizune as well).  Ami has been a fan of Haikyuu for a long time, she reads the manga, watched the anime, plays the card game… these photos were taken at J-World 3 years ago.  And ever since Yachi’s entrance, she has been a huge fan.  She was told she would get to play Yachi around the same time as her college graduation, and she writes that she cried more for her casting announcement than for her own graduation.  She was thrilled to be able to play her beloved character, but it was precisely because she loves Yachi so much that she worried about how best to bring her to life.  She couldn’t just go at it like a fangirl, she needed to put in a lot more work.  And now that she’s spent this time really getting close to her character, she loves her even more.  It was a bright and fun summer, and she thanks Yachi for opening up this brand new world for her with wonderful new people and amazing memories.  

Shavo’s Faves Squad™:
the grumpy son, the emo wife and the sweet summer child

From @wittyy-name and @wolfpainters ‘s original work “arthoria” ❤


Bonus grumpy avan from yesterday:

Hey-hey, Joey, little man! Ha, you’re already six years old, and I got a feeling you’re gonna be even bigger and stronger than me! I know you always – I know you always looked up to me. You wanted to grow up to be just like your big bro. But you’d have grown up to be so much better than me. So much better. So… I’m gonna make sure you get the chance to grow up.

Happy birthday Craiggers.

Huxlolidays: here are the prompts!

Here are the prompts! And a little explanation just below. 

Why are there more than one prompt some days?

Well, we had a lot of ideas ahah… Also we think it’ll add diversity and give you more freedom during the creation process. For the days with prompts separated by a slash, you have the choice between using one of them or both, or even creating two different things using the different prompts – again, you’re totally free.

About NSFW content and tags:

All kind of content is allowed, but we expect you to use the appropriate tags (for fics AND for art, like you would do on AO3) so that everyone can avoid things they don’t want to see. It is really important to us, so please be careful! We want everyone to enjoy this event! 

You can find the previous post with the rules HERE. And the French version is HERE. And if you have any questions, please ask us! We’ll answer as soon as possible! 

So with that, we wish you a good summer and we’re looking forward to see what you’ll create!

Since I’m technically “jobless” due to health reasons this summer I made a little master list of things I’m going to sell in my store and other projects!


  • Shiro and Lance bunny charms
  • Coran Charm (limited amount) 
  • Dandelions comic (with add on little shiro charm and prints)
  • Voltron food art book (with add on charm and recipes) 
  • other possible charms including the resale of my baby charms (limited amount)

- Patreon 

  • Subscribe to see dandelions works in progress, speedpaints, Cosplay(possibly some risque), and other prizes you won’t get anywhere else!
  • or you can just donate a little if you want to support me, my art and cosplays without having to buy anything 

faoraofylisse  asked:

I can't fucking handle this. I found you years ago when your LoZ comic wasn't even finished yet and fell in love, but lost track of you for a while. I find you randomly again on Tumblr and you're not only still making AMAZING art, but your making a comic about INUYASHA! MY FIRST SHIP EVER!!! My little shipper heart can't handle it!!! Your art is amazingly and I can't wait to see more! You're so awesome! 😍😭💕

Wow! Thank you so much!!!
I’ve loved InuYasha since the manga started to be published. On past summer I re watched the whole anime after long time and I catched the fan bug again. I adore the series so much and it brings me so much joy, it’ll be always a brightful piece in my heart.

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  • Seeing as YOI has been over for about two weeks now,I have some 2017 Sports Anime recommendations:
  • DIVE!!-similar to Free! but you know, the characters are diving. This show is going to make a big splash this summer!!
  • Welcome To The Ballroom-an anime following competitive ballroom dancing. Surely this show will waltz right into your hearts this year!

gothdaddydom  asked:

So, you have a boyfriend now? But you are still a virgin? How does that work? What are you waiting for? Can't imagine a sexy little girl like you would have any trouble getting laid, especially from your boyfriend.

We don’t get to see each other often now that it’s summer and we’re back home from college 😩

“Even if the Summer is over,
Jyou will heat you up.
Dive into this bosom.

I am waiting in Ebisu.

~Jyou” [x]

seriously though I can’t wait until I see general hux for the first time in TLJ for when he comes on screen in the theater it will knock me out, killing me instantly

[shows up days later, still mad] 

ABC had everything they needed for Still Star-Cross to be a decent summer success. Everything except patience and good sense. It was only seven episodes.That’s seven weeks of summer amidst reality competitions and series that can’t seem to die. I’m disappointed because there was no reason to kill it. This show was a perfect fit for an annual TV event and they just didn’t want it.  I’m sitting here like, you couldn’t spare seven freaking weeks? 

All that coupled with the fact that WILL, the TNT Shakespeare series is about it have a late-summer run makes me want to scream. 

sabaix  asked:

SO, I just finished my exams and I wanted to say that because of one of your livestreams, I discovered ORD (seeing you evolve with every page was amazing and your story made my breaks so much better, you also kind of convinced me to try out drawing this summer) and your Blood God visual novel. TBH, Blood God freaks me out xD (HE STILL CUTE THO) but damn Lucifine, damn. The humour in it is outstanding and I can't wait to buy the full version. Your art is great! You're kind and (ノ´ヮ´)ノ*:・゚✧

I’m glad that you enjoy all the dumb little projects I do XD
And that’s so awesome!!! O_O
Def keep drawing, I’m sure you’ll be a wonderful artist X3

Soooooooooooo happy you like the game ;A;
Sad to say, it is currently on hiatus due to the busy schedule of all the members ^^;
Hahaha, you’re too nice to me >///<
I’ve been kinda lazy lately…

anonymous asked:

aaa, you're back!! i love your stuff so much, i can't wait to see more!! : DD

Yeaaah, i’m back home haha!
I’m determined to make the most of my summer vacation and draaaaaw a lot of stardew stuff! But my boyfriend is back home too and it’s hard to be that productive when you have someone who distracts you. Damn you, love! Guess it’s better to be sad and lonely to draw stardew comics in peace haha :p !
Thank you for your compliment ! <3 <3 <3

bwdrawer-reblog  asked:

Thank you for drawing these bellow diamond comics ! 😆💕 Ever since you post this comic, every night i always imagine/think what will happen in your next bellow comic. Can't wait to see more~ 😍😄💗

Perhaps I might start a new Bellow diamond comic this summer once I finish school. X) also: I’m glad you like my bellow comic, I enjoy making them and others happy!