can't wait to see his date


Jeremy Renner in The House (2017)

After Scott (Will Ferrell) and Kate (Amy Poehler) Johansen lose their daughter Alex’s college fund, they become desperate to earn it back so she can pursue her dream. With the help of their neighbor Frank (Jason Mantzoukas), they decide to start an illegal casino in the basement of his house.
Release date: June 30, 2017. [x] [x] [x]

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Jimin might have that fame of Gang Boss and stuff but I can't wait to see the Soft side inside him (that I believe that is hidden through that jerk grin and dirty accent)

“Hey boss, how’d it go?”

One of the new recruits - Jimin can’t really remember her name, but Hani brought her to the garage saying she had promise - stops Jimin when he’s about to enter his office. Jimin feels tired and sweaty after a whole day’s worth of stealing, and he’d just finished a phone call letting V know he could put the surveillance cameras back up, but he appreciates when recruits wants to keep themselves up to date; even if Jimin doesn’t allow them to come along.

“’t went well,” Jimin replies, “the girls are checkin’ the catch today. Few bikes and a pretty good 2005 Toyota Corolla picked up in sum’ neighborhood in Myeongdong. Looks like it hasn’t run a single mile.”

Jimin raises one eyebrow at the way the girl’s eyes glitters. “’m sure Hani’ll let ya look at the catch before we pull it apart,” Jimin continues, grinning.

“Really? Think so?” the girl exclaims, excitement obvious. “Oh cool - I’ll - I’m gonna go find her, then! Uhh - your hooker stopped by, by the way, he’s in your office?”

“My… hooker?” Jimin questions, crossing his arms over his chest. “Ya mean my darlin’ is ‘ere?”

The girl flushes. “Oh. Uh. Yeah, your boyfriend, then, I suppose?”

“Nah. Hooker’s right,” Jimin grinned, enjoying the panicked look on the girl’s face. “’m just messing with you girlie. You let him in?”

She nods, quickly. “Was I not supposed to? I mean, he didn’t give me much of a choice, just said ‘I’m here for your boss’ and when I said you weren’t in he just said he’d wait for you. Shut the door in my face and all, and - uhh - I mean no disrespect but I didn’t wanna go in your office.”

Huh. Jimin clicks his tongue. “S'okay girlie, you can let 'im in whenever. Technically he’s one of us, yeah?” He pauses, uncrosses his arms. “Run along then, before Hani dissembles everythin’.”

The girl nods and scampers off with a mumbled 'thank you G,’ and Jimin stares after her until she’s out of sight. He turns to his locked office door then, fingers itching. Yoongi isn’t supposed to be here today. Jimin hasn’t called him.

Was… something wrong?

Considering the possibility that they would have to get rid of another body, Jimin pushes the door open.

The office looks empty at first glance, until Jimin spots movement in the corner of the room. On the immaculate leather couch Hani had got him (stole) for his birthday lays Yoongi, sleeping. He is bundled into a few blankets Jimin keeps around whenever it gets a little too cold in the garage, cheek smushed into the fabric of the couch. Jimin closes the door behind himself, quietly, and suppresses a smile.

Slowly, Jimin walks over and sits down on the couch. He runs a hand through Yoongi’s mint hair, watching his face scrunch up in his sleep. Jimin chuckles when Yoongi opens his eyes drowsily and gives him a deadly glare. “This was a welcome surprise, darlin’,” Jimin says, “findin’ you on my couch like this. You wearin’ a little too much, though. The whole blanket burrito thing isn’t very sexy.”

“Fuck off,” Yoongi grunts, pulling the blankets around him a little tighter. “I’m not here to fuck.”

“Hmm… sounds fake.”

Yoongi throws him another glare. Jimin might have been intimidated if Yoongi didn’t look like a sleepy cat at the moment. “Again - fuck you,” Yoongi says, wriggling his hands out of the blanket to flip Jimin the bird. “You can have your way with me later, I just need sleep. Some assholes have been renovating next door so I can’t get any rest in my own apartment.”

“An’ my garage was the best option?” Jimin asks, smirk sliding onto his lips.

“Better than the brothel.”

Fair enough, Jimin supposes. He wasn’t going to complain about Yoongi showing up out of nowhere. At least he wasn’t hurt or needed Jimin’s help hurting someone. “Alright, s’ long as you suck my dick later.”

Grunt. “Gonna pay me?”

Jimin laughs. “Of course not. Forever indebted, Yoongi. Your own words.”

Yoongi grumbles. “Fine. I’ll suck your dick for free, you filthy, greedy loanshark. Now - let me rest.”

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Okay I just went through the entire eerie crests tag and I have so many questions?? Is Malek dead or is he just missing? And you say Mallas isn't canon but what is the truth? And also why did Dallas dye his hair? Anyways I really love eeries crests, can't wait to see it develop!!

Oh wow oh gosh
Erm okay!

1. No one knows if Malek is dead or alive. His status is unknown, but he’s listed in the Blue Crests Obituary. (Next coming updates) but I’m not confirming or denying whether or not he’s dead
2. Dallas and Malek aren’t dating but they sure are in love with each other like Fools
3. Uhhhh he dyed his hair out of impulse. Dallas is awkward about it because he’s not nearly cute enough to pull off hair colors that make him stand out but Malek’s favorite color is blue because ~the sea~ (and inside jokes about kool-aid) and also he enjoys Malek touching him Like That (dyeing his hair)
And Hazel thinks it makes him look like a fairy so Bonus Points.

HECK thank you djjsjsjsjsjaasks

Imagine where Jin sees his girlfriend dressed up all elegantly for a red carpet event for the first time and he can't stop staring at her all night

Originally posted by kim-soekjins

Jin was waiting for you at the red carpet. He knew you were coming and he could not stop smiling. You have been dating for three years now and this is the first time you agreed on walking down the red carpet with your boyfriend. He kept on shifting his weight from one leg to another as his eyes kept on looking around for you. ‘’Hyung-‘’ he heard behind him and saw Jimin with huge smile on his face. ‘’You nervous?’’ Jimin asked and Jin slightly nodded. ‘’Kind of, yeah.’’ Jimin smiled and the rest of the boys joined. ‘’I can’t wait to see her.’’ Jin confessed biting his bottom lip. ‘’Well, I hope you have a gun with you Hyung because she is here and everybody is staring at her.’’ Jin raised his eyebrow at Suga ’s statement and turned around.

His jaw dropped and he had trouble with breathing. You, his beloved girl walked down the red carpet. Your (f/c) long dress hugged your body perfectly. Your hair style opened your beautiful angelic features and Jin had to blink several times before he was able to function. A slight push from the back made him walk and after making three steps, your eyes locked. Again, he stopped and raised his hand towards you. You smiled brightly as you took his hand which Jin then wrapped around your torso and pulled you close. Not saying a word, he placed a kiss on your temple before he showed you the way in.  

Jin ’s eyes had hard time focusing on something that is not you. He watched you smiling and talking with other members and groups. ‘’Hyung, are you listening?’’ Namjoon asked waving his hand in front of Jin ’s eyes. ‘’Ah, yes.’’ Jin lied as he barely managed to rip his eyes away from you. Namjoon chuckled ‘’You lied Hyung.’’ Namjoon said looking at him. ‘’You keep on staring at S/O ever since she came here.’’ He teased the older male who blushed. ‘’I just can’t help it. She is so damn beautiful.’’ Jin ’s eyes switched to you again and this time you were looking at him. Bowing slightly down and excusing yourself you went towards your boyfriend.

‘’Do I have something on my face or?’’ You asked with a small smile as you stood in front of Jin. ‘’Ah, no.’’ Jin blushed ‘’Then what is it?’’ Tilting your head slightly to the right you watched Jin with curious eyes.  ‘’Babe, this is not like you. What is wrong?’’ You asked after several moments of silence. ‘’There is one problem…’’ he started but did not continue ‘’Seokjin?’’ You called his name and his hands wrapped around you. He buried his face in the crock of your neck.

‘’You are so damn beautiful S/O.’’ he confessed. ‘’I can’t help but stare at how beautiful you are.’’ Chuckling you ruffled his hair and felt his lips pressing against your neck. ‘’I love you Jin.’’ Words rolled down your lips when his chocolate eyes looked at your (E/C) ones. A smile broke on Jin’s lips as he wrapped his right hand around your torso. Placing his left hand on your face and stroking your cheek, he leaned down and pressed his lips against yours. ‘’I love you too S/O.’’ he grinned as you wrapped your hands around his neck. ‘’I know and you really should stop staring at me like that.’’ You teased ‘’I will try too.’’ Jin promised, sealing your lips once more but he did not keep it, he couldn’t.

Carlos Vs. Audrey Pt. 3
  • *Carlos casually sitting down doing homework*
  • Carlos: Where is Ben? He was supposed to be here 10 minutes ago.
  • Audrey: *Walks up* Aw, Ben late for your little study date? I can't wait to see your face when he comes crawling back to to me. He's already started hinting he wants to get back together...
  • Carlos: *About to respond but Ben runs up*
  • Ben: Hey Carlos. Sorry, I'm late but I saw this nice little puppy keychain and it made me think of you cause your my puppy prince and I love you so much...
  • Oh hi Audrey. Didn't see ya there.
  • Carlos: ...
  • Audrey: I... You... Uh... oh forget it.

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A while back you did relationship headcanons for Hitoshi (which were absolutely marvelous btw), could I request you do that for Katsuki Bakugou and his so please? Keep up the great work, I can't wait to see more!

Thanks, I hope you like these as well!

Relationship Headcanons:


  • Before he even gets into a relationship he’s the type to not notice he has a crush on someone until some time later (it hits him in the face and he denies it vehemently at first)
  • He’d only really have a crush on someone he respected or at least partially considered an equal
  • He doesn’t really get flustered around them but a little meaner, trying to get rid of his feelings
  • Not really the type to confess per se, but he instead declares or demands dates like “Meet me at (place) at (time).” or “We’re walking home together.” 
  • If he does confess prepare to be insulted at the same time (its a bad habit of his but what can you do)


  • Bakugou is the possessive type, so he can easily get jealous (jealous HCs)
  • He’d be the one to initiate the first kiss
  • Not really into cuddling, but there are exceptions and sometimes he can be convinced into cuddling
  • If he does cuddle he is basically always the big spoon, no exceptions
  • Although he’d never admit it, he really enjoys being around his s/o
  • Really protective of his s/o, any kind of threat to them he will meet and he will fight it if he has to
  • He relatively enjoys PDA (its a way for him to brag about his s/o cause he knows they’re great)
  • Dates can literally be anywhere but he prefers amusement parks, especially those with plenty of roller coasters 
  • Laser tag and rollerblading are a close second 
  • He doesn’t say he loves his s/o a lot but he tries to show it in other ways, he tries to be really sweet with some of his kisses and the like (seems out of character for him but his s/o is the only one that knows about this side of him)

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unpopular opinion : I can't wait to see Sizzy rise in season 3, although it'll be as a slow burn...I can live with it if it is well written and serves them for the long shot though...! also, love you Anica ! <3

strongly agree | agree | neutral | disagree | strongly disagree

I’ve been all waiting for like 84 years and I love/hate this fucking slow burn but I know the outcome will be a-ma-zing! These two are so freaking adorable, like… give this to me and Alec totally having no chill when he finds out his sister is dating the nerdy vampire, kthxbye.

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I know it's way up in ch 11/ ch 5 when Viktor sees Yuuri's softer side in its all glory, but earlier moments where it shows - like on their not-date, or in next chapter when Yuuri goes to hide at the drink table (he blushes so much there <333 ) - just make him melt and I can't wait to see his thought process at the next banquet. He's so wry and closed off at first, but it doesn't last when Yuuri is being completely precious. Poor Vitya, he's helpless

The next banquet is interesting because from where we are now with Viktor thinking ‘I’m done with sleeping with Yuuri’ (crumbling resolve after the date but still there) by the end of the next banquet he’s done exactly that and slept with Yuuri again and you’ll be able to see his thought process and reasons why!

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So Becks what is awaiting us this weekend?Heart eyes M can't wait 2 more days to be back in Vancouver with DD. Is it normal that DD has heart eyes assistant? Just curious what do you think🔮🤔

MP will be back on Friday and then will attend the concert. Same like Bailee the last time.
Come on ppl do you honestly think a man who attended Ivy League universities, is in his late 50’s, will date a university drop out who is just a couple years older than his own daughter?!?! And on top of that hangs in the same friend circles his daughter used to have?!
Sorry I don’t see that happening 🤷🏽‍♀️

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Do you have any general relationship headcanons for Revali and a Hylian s/o? SFW and NSFW if you don't mind. Thank you! I can't wait to see more of your work!

Thanks for resending it! Ah I’m sorry about that ;-; mobile sucks.

-Mod A

Revali and Hylian s/o

  • Revali is pretty nervous about his relationship with s/o.
  • A Rito and a Hylian? Dating?? You bet there’s going to be a lot of people who are going to be against it.
  • But, none the less, these two love each other more than anything.
  • Even though he seems like a true narcissist, Revali doesn’t act like that when he and s/o are alone.
  • He’s actually pretty quiet around them. probably because he’s always embarassed lol
  • He and s/o go on way too many dates, but s/o enjoys it.
  • On nights when s/o can’t sleep, he’ll take them onto Vah Medoh and just chill there until s/o can finally sleep.
  • And when he’s on a journey, he’s constantly sending s/o letters about his adventures.
  • He also shows off a lot, of course.
A meeting of the Sans
  • sans1 has just created the room
  • sans2 has joined the room
  • sans1: hey sans.
  • sans2: hi sans.
  • sans1: any change over in your timeline?
  • sans2: eh. not really. the kid keeps botching his genocide run.
  • sans1: they still haven't given up on that, have they?
  • sans2: in a way. they always stop at my bro, thank god. speaking of, how is he on your end? you got a pacifist run, right?
  • sans1: yeah. he's studying for his permit. undyne is teaching him the ropes.
  • sans2: niiiiiice. what caught on fire this time?
  • sans3 has joined the room
  • sans1: nothing, but they did manage to destroy an old warehouse the other day. we've been told we're saving the city millions by letting them practice in destruction zones.
  • sans3: hey sans and sans. talking about papyrus?
  • sans1: hey, sans. yeah, post-pacifist and learning to drive from undyne.
  • sans3: nice. what caught on fire this time?
  • sans1: nothing.
  • sans3: really?
  • sans2: i know, i'm so proud of him.
  • sans3: hey sans. still on botched genocide?
  • sans2: yeah. hope the kid gives up soon, it's giving me a heart attack every time they approach papyrus.
  • sans3: yeah... god i miss him.
  • sans1: don't tell me. genocide?
  • sans3: the kid's taking a break from being dunked on.
  • sans2: how many times have you won?
  • sans3: 107. i know it's only a matter of time, but isn't that approaching the record?
  • sans1: dude, i think the record was 618.
  • sans4 has joined the room
  • sans3: oh man, really? so much for my record.
  • sans4: hey guys. dunking record?
  • sans3: yup. 107.
  • sans4: dude, nice.
  • sans3: oh, actually make that 108. brb
  • sans3 has left the room
  • sans2: christ how does he keep that up?
  • sans1: i hear the sanses in the genocide runs get numb a lot faster.
  • sans2: that's hard to believe for me. i still break into a cold sweat when my papyrus is facing the kid, and he always backs down in my timeline.
  • sans4: they're still at that?
  • sans2: yeah. can we move on to a lighter topic of conversation?
  • sans4: ah man sans, i didn't mean to rattle your bones or anything.
  • sans1: tibia honest, i didn't wanna make light of your situation.
  • sans2: heh. want me to pull papyrus in here? he'd hate this.
  • sans5 has joined the room
  • sans4: nah. he deserves a break every once in awhile.
  • sans5: hey guys. can't stay for long, about to head out. just wanted to check in.
  • sans1: hey sans. what's the rush?
  • sans5: date.
  • sans2: oooooooooh
  • sans1: oh oh oh oh
  • sans4: c'mon spill the beans man
  • sans5: heh, alright. post pacifist, toriel.
  • sans4: i can relate. i'm with toriel in my timeline, too.
  • sans5: how long?
  • sans4: about two years, now. first date on your end?
  • sans5: that obvious?
  • sans4: i can't even see you and i can tell you're rattling your bones.
  • sans2: wait, who's toriel?
  • sans1: the lady behind the door.
  • sans1: let's focus on what's important right now. namely, embarrassing sans before he goes on his first date.
  • sans5: wait. what.
  • sans4: i agree totally. hey sans, toriel really likes touching the rib cage. just saying.
  • sans5: oh
  • sans4: and watch it, she's a cuddler. like, you've seen how she hugs frisk? just wait until she gets her paws on you. like being wrapped in a thick, furry blanket.
  • sans5: oooooooooh
  • sans4: and if it goes well, she has this really cute dress that
  • sans5: i came here to have a good time and i'm honestly feeling so attacked right now
  • sans2: guys if i laugh any harder i'll wake papyrus up
  • sans4: alright alright. seriously though, she prefers white wine, she'll expect a kiss at the end but she'll be fine if you're too flustered, and avoid talking about asgore, unless you immediately turn it into a pun. her favorite is the "my aim is getting better" one. if she's comfortable enough to initiate that herself, you're golden. that help?
  • sans5: yeah. thanks.
  • sans4: also, she has this sweet spot right at her thigh. she'll make this adorable bleating/giggle and you know you've got the right spot.
  • sans5: okay wow it looks like time i should go
  • sans5 has left the room
  • sans4: he'll be fine.
  • sans1: so toriel, huh? weird.
  • sans4: why's that?
  • sans1: honestly, i can't see myself with anyone but mettaton.
  • sans4: oh my god, mettaton?
  • sans2: dude. dude. whoa.
  • sans1: what? what's wrong with that?
  • sans4: my papyrus is dating mettaton in my timeline.
  • sans1: your papyrus is in a relationship? mine's aro.
  • sans2: and meanwhile i'm sitting in a timeline where papyrus just has a huge crush on the rectangle.
  • sans6 has joined the room
  • sans1: that's just... bizarre.
  • sans2: and chatting with parallel timeline versions of yourself isn't?
  • sans1: point taken.
  • sans6: hey guys. what's up?
  • sans4: quick, who are you in a relationship with?
  • sans6: uh... gaster?
  • sans2: ...
  • sans4: uh, ew.
  • sans1: whoa.
  • sans6: hey man, don't kinkshame me bro.
  • sans4: dude, he's my dad in my timeline?
  • sans6: your dad? freaky.
  • sans2: oh you poor soul. he was just my lab partner in my timeline.
  • sans1: it's... weird for me.
  • sans4: okay, i'm really curious. how weird?
  • sans1: well, "gaster" is actually the name me and pap used to call ourselves before he split into us two.
  • sans6: oh yeah, i've met a sans like that.
  • sans2: i sure haven't. when does he get on?
  • sans6: time is relative, but i think early morning?
  • sans2: ah. that explains it.
  • sans4: yeah, the only reason i get out of bed in the mornings is because toriel practically drags me out on my feet.
  • sans2: papyrus does the same for me.
  • sans6: so... wait. does this mean, from a multiversal sense, i'm engaging in both incest and selfcest?
  • sans1: hey, this is a judgement free zone dude.
  • sans3 has joined the room
  • sans4: you're the one who said not to kinkshame you.
  • sans3: back. 108 now. man i walked into a weird conversation.
  • sans2: c'mon sans, we've had weirder.
  • sans6: wait, 108 what?
  • sans4: speak for yourself. i'm getting weird mental images with me and gaster, now.
  • sans3: dunks. end of genocide route.
  • sans2: hey, remember when amalgamate sans entered the chat?
  • sans4: okay, i'll admit that was weirder.
  • sans6: and really sad. i think that was the only time alphys ever joined the chat.
  • sans1: yeah. i wonder how they're doing?
  • sans6: amalgamate sans or alphys?
  • sans1: both.
  • Core Frisk has joined the room
  • sans6: well hopefully
  • sans2: wait who's this?
  • sans1: frisk? wait, what?
  • sans4: oh, hey frisk.
  • Core Frisk: Hello Sanses. Sorry, I'm not interrupting anything, am I?
  • sans6: uh. hey kid. this is a little hard to explain, but
  • Core Frisk: Don't bother. I'm not your Frisk, anyway.
  • sans4: yeah, he's a frisk that fell into the core and now he's kinda omniscient.
  • sans1: wait, what?
  • sans3: whoa.
  • sans6: and gaster was worried about nearly falling into the core.
  • sans1: he had every right to be.
  • Core Frisk: I just wanted to pop in and saying the particular sans amalgamate you were talking about a moment ago is doing fine, in a manner of speaking. He insists that he's happy so long as Papyrus is with him.
  • sans1: that's a relief, i guess.
  • Core Frisk: Oh, and Sans? The one who's been married to Toriel for two years?
  • sans4: yeah?
  • Core Frisk: Just a heads up, sans' first date went fine, but he's plotting a revenge prank on you.
  • sans4: wow kid, that's real cool of you to let me know.
  • Core Frisk: Don't thank me. He asked me to pull the prank myself. Undyne is going to be hunting for you to get her eyepatches back.
  • sans4: what.
  • Core Frisk: if you start running now, you may just get a head-start! :-)
  • sans4: ...
  • sans4 has left the room
  • sans3: that was ice cold, kid.
  • sans6: and amazing. teach me your ways, o master of pranks.
  • Core Frisk: Aw, well I did learn from the best. Namely, you. You're gonna teach me that one in a few months when I visit you.
  • sans6: niiiiiice.
  • sans2: hey, kid? you know all possibilities across all the timelines, right?
  • Core Frisk: Yes. Your Frisk will finally quit at the King Papyrus ending. It'll be lonely for him, but so long as you're with him, he'll be fine. You're a great second-hand man and an even better brother.
  • sans2: ...i gotta run, guys. i, uh... i gotta tell my bro i love him.
  • sans2 has left the room
  • sans3: oh, same here. kid's back for more. don't tell me if i end up beating the record, i wanna find out for myself.
  • sans3 has left the room
  • sans1:, does he?
  • Core Frisk: Where would the fun be if I told you that?
  • sans1: fair enough. alright, i'd better head out. i need to go read papyrus his bedtime story.
  • sans6: and then have fun times with mettaton?
  • sans1: i'm ace.
  • sans6: oh.
  • sans1: ...i don't want to know what you do with gaster, do I?
  • Core Frisk: No, you really don't.
  • sans1: heh. alright, goodnight frisk. goodnight sans.
  • Core Frisk: Night, Sans!
  • sans6: night sans
  • sans1 has left the room
  • sans6 has left the room
  • sans7 has joined the room
  • sans7: i missed the chat again, didn't i?
  • Core Frisk: Yeah. Outertale, right?
  • sans7: ?
  • Core Frisk: Space?
  • sans7: oh. yeah. why?
  • Core Frisk: Well... I've always wanted to try out a jetpack.
  • sans7: you can jump across timelines, right?
  • Core Frisk: You HAVE met me, haven't you?
  • Core Frisk: That was a rhetorical question. I know that you've met me. Omniscient and all.
  • sans7: heh. get over here, i'll grab a pack for you.
  • Core Frisk: =D
  • Core Frisk has left the room
  • sans7 has left the room


I don’t know all the details but I feel so happy&giddy for him!! I can’t wait to see if he’ll release cute couple photos because ajshhdd that would be so adorable! And just imagine her hanging out w/him & the rest of the China line! Tao i’m sure teases tf out of his ge when she’s around😂 But anyway, I’m so happy for Luhan! If you can, go on his ig & show him lots of love & support!

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Anyway I can't wait to see flashbacks of Luke and his dark skinned black wife with their cute baby Finn (Finn's mom is alive, Snoke sended ppl to kill her but she killed them all and now she is in Outer Rim trying to go home)

Spoiler alert but it’s Nakari Kelen who never died, fuck what you heard, and she and Luke got together and married at 30 which is when they also had their baby boy, Anakin Skywalker the Second (Finn). Also Luke and Weak Ankle haven’t spoken for years and his best friends are Lando, Han, and his twin sister Leia who is dating Sana Starros and is married to Han and Lando and they have an open marriage.

anonymous asked:

Oooooo new writer?! Amazing! So to kick this off my husband, Killer relationship/cuddle headcanons? If thats alright. Good luck with the writing, take care of yourself, and have fun! Can't wait to see how you grow :3 -rosasescritura

D’awww, thanks! And I hope you like them! :3



  • Definitely a gentleman, but pretty laid-back and relaxed about it.
  • Prefers casual dates rather than fancy ones. Unless it was something like Italian, then that’s the only exception.
  • Likes carnivals/festivals, though more for winning his s/o prizes than anything. While he may be indifferent about rides, he’ll go on them if his s/o likes them in a heartbeat.
  • Definitely would play with his s/o’s hair, no matter what length.
  • Prepare for subtle teasing and tons of cheesy puns. This dork is a pun MASTER.
  • You know those kinds of boyfriends that let their s/o put dorky stickers on them and rocks it? Yea, totally this guy. *stickers all over his mask, bonus if they’re all sparkly*
  • Expert at picking up on if something’s wrong, and would go through hell and back to try to help in anyway he can.
  • Pretty calm and patient during these times. Basically, master at discussing difficult things and solving any problems, no matter how small and insignificant they may seem. (C’mon, he does have Kidd as his captain.)
  • Not all that ticklish, but if his s/o is, oh dear god, they’re doomed. Constant tickling, and it usually starts with him coming up from behind out of nowhere and poking their side.
  • Thinks it’s hilarious when his s/o tries to scare him, especially if they’re really bad at it/soooo not scary.
  • PDA in public would be typically be hand holding, and little side hugs, but prepared to be cuddled to death once back on the ship. There is no protection.


  • Definitely throws his s/o over his shoulder. And adores giving them piggy-back rides.
  • Loves hugs from behind. Hugs from him are either from behind with his arms around the shoulders with his chin propped on their head, or from the front, same position. If laying down, front with his s/o facing him, and his head buried usually in their stomach.
  • Lazy morning cuddles are a must with this man, especially when his s/o’s fingers are brushing/combing lazily through his hair.
  • Basically just loves having his s/o in his arms. So be prepared to just live in his beefy arms. xD
  • He’s the kind of guy that would roll over with his s/o still in his arms when being really stubborn in the morning. There is no mercy when this happens.

Chen: The doctor said it’ll probably take a few months until the baby arrives. Thankfully cat hybrids’ pregnancies don’t last as long as humans’ do, and hopefully we’ll be able to see our baby on an ultrasound soon, too.

Suho: I can’t wait to see our baby… I’m so proud of you, Jongdae. /kisses his tummy/

Chen: Hehe, that kinda tickles, Junmyeon!

To Percy: Who would you date if you and annabeth broke up?
  • Percy: wait, wut...? Are you breaking up with me?
  • Annabeth: what? No! It's just the question!
  • Annabeth: I do!
  • Jason: *sees percabeth breaking up* PERNICO *pushes Nico into Percy *
  • Everyone: WHAT?!
  • Percy: oh hi wittle adorable Nico. *pats head*
  • Nico: Percy. You're not my type, remember?
  • Percy: wat?
  • Nico: *panicks* WHAT?
  • Percy: I might just have to date wittle Nico here!
  • Jason: YEA!
  • Annabeth: Whaaaaaaaaa
  • Nico: *faints*
happy happy happy
  • Shawn: We're here to make someone else happy.
  • Shawn: *decides to go out on a date with Katy after seeing how happy he makes the Hart women*
  • Maya: You make me happy!
  • Lucas: Well, if that's what makes you happy, then I certainly can't wait for it. Ma'am.
  • Lucas: *dresses up as a cowboy just for Maya*
  • Lucas: I want Maya to be happy!
  • Lucas: *fights for the arts pretty much exclusively for Maya even though it affects him basically not at all and affects his other friends too*
  • Lucas: *arguably lets Maya dump smoothies on his head and tease him because it makes her smile*
  • Farkle: What's your cost? Your own happiness?
  • Farkle: *proceeds to do crazy dramatic kinda awful thing because he thinks it will lead to Riley being happy*
  • me on a date: So what do you think of Axel becoming a somebody! I can't wait to see him use his new keyblade!
  • them: Yeah I thought that was stupid. I mean it feels like anyone who wants a keyblade can just get one now. And Sora was supposed to be the only true keyblade wielder, but it's cute you think he deserves it.
  • Me, reaching into my bag: Ah... I'm so flattered.
  • them: Ok,cool what are-
  • Me, pulling out a keyblade made of breadsticks: BUT YOU'RE TOO LATE!