can't wait to see him next week!

Me, watching the new episode of SnK (knowing that Erwin would appear at any moment)
  • *doesn't skip the opening because it's too good*: Here we go... SASAGEYO SASAGEYO!
  • *opening is finished*: Okay now, where's Erwin?
  • *Erwin not shaking Pixis' hand*: What!? THEY DDIN'T ANIMATE THE HANDSHAKE :'( I already had ideas of memes about that, goooosh!
  • *a wild Erwin dissapears*: ...
  • *no sign of Erwin*: ...
  • *waiting patiently*: ...
  • *Erwin appears again*: ERWIN! HE'S HERE TO SAVE THE DAY!
  • *waiting for Erwin to do his thing*: DO THE THING, COMMANDER, DO THE THING...
  • *Erwin listens to Hanji's plan and makes ot happen*: THERE IT IS! HE HAS DONE THE THING! *cries of joy*
  • me, at the end of the ep with tears on my eyes: Oh my, I can't wait to see him again next week!


 You’re all invited to my funeral! My baby is back!!! 

HE’S REALLY BACK. After 2 miserable years without him. 

I can finally see his precious face again!!! 

Those last 30 seconds had me like:

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FUCK!!!! HOW AM I GOING TO SURVIVE TILL NEXT WEEK?!?! I’m going to be waiting like;

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I adore Sombra’s sassy personality and her messin with papa Reaper. Literally all I want is her and McCree to be Reaper’s two lil’ trouble makin’ children that just sass him. But bless Reaper. The guy is the real MVP dad here. 

Karamel Appreciation Week | Day 7 | Free Choice | Part I

Since I love them both on-screen and off-screen, I’m going with moments I feel are possibly Melissa/Chris breaking character during their scenes. 

When Chris ad-libs (?) the ‘Good to see you Dana’ & Melissa’s trying to hold in her laugh

laughing at his Hank’s disapproving smile comment

“That’s your door. You should open it”

high fiving after awkward talk

Being extra with her cape and hitting (?) him with it

Things I Am Excited To See In Season 3

–Backstory of the original paladins/The destruction of the Galra homeworld & the split between Zarkon and Alfor
–Jerkass Lotor
–Lotor’s badass lady generals
–Allura having an emotional moment as she comes to terms with her father’s past and succeeds him as the Blue Paladin
–seeing everyone’s grieving process and how that makes them stronger as a team
–seeing them struggle to get to that point
–finding out what happened to Shiro

So yea, I think I made the metalhead dude go vegan. We were just talking about how we view the world, and then the conversation lead into veganism. He was already vegetarian, and he said that he’d already seen a lot of that stuff - meaning animal abuse. 

He told me about how, in the past, he started some sort of charity for endangered species, but he thought nobody listened, and so he gave that project up, as well as his hope in humanity. That was really sad to hear, because I know how that feels.

So I told him I was proud of him for starting that charity, and that I would’ve listened. I said that even though you lose hope once, doesn’t mean it’s lost forever. He said that I kinda make him wish he didn’t give up on it. So now after watching the speech I sent him, he said no more dairy for sure. 

I know, I know it’s not about me, it’s about the animals and it’s about the planet. But I just felt some sort of relief at being able to tell someone about how my first (failed) attempts at animal activism affected me emotionally. And I’m just so glad that he listened to me because, like I told him, none of my friends or family listen to me. My parents did give up drinking straight cow’s milk, at least - but they still have a long way to go.

Watch the speech!

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I want to know what do you think of the last panel of a bloody white haired Nameless King? I can't see Touka and I freak out in the middle of the mall lol. It seems like it is a time skip? Do you think this the last arc? I can't wait to read the new chapter next week cuz I need explanations. #too many questions haha

I was scared at first, to be honest, the panel creeped me out a bit… somehow it reminded me of a very old woman bending over, the cloak makes everything worse, lmao. I suppose that’s Kaneki? although a part of me still feels reluctant about it? i think i’m 50/50, it could be him or not. If it’s him, i’ll hold on to the opinion that he just came from a drainage channel so in the next chapter there’s a huge plot twist of him getting up smiling like “uhhh, that was nasty, haha, hello everyone!”… knowing Ishida.. uh, that’s something he would do 😂  scaring the hell out of you with a centipede and then next chapter gives you a creepy panel of Kaneki that in the end it’s not creepy at all and it turns out being super funny… but in general the context is kinda weird.. we don’t know how much Kaneki’s plans have changed but he wanted to take advantage of the ccg+others thinking that he’s “dead” so going around fighting and coming back dripped in blood doesn’t look very smart in my opinion? I’m sure Touka is fine, she must be with Nishiki or the others and yeah, I do think there was a time skip, maybe a couple weeks to help them settle down in the 24ward (i’m so excited we are there now *o* i wanna explore the entire ward lol) 


The face’s Chidori makes when she learns Tenga has feelinsg for her really hit me because you can see so much in them.

The first pic is when we hear Tenga’s thoughts and he’s hitting Katsuhira. She was completely oblivious to his feelings for her and she’s slowly realizing them, but she’s not compltely sure though.
And the second pic is when Tenga screams “So what if I like Chidori ?!”, when it hits her. Not only the fact that he’s in love with her, but how awful it must have been for him to whole time. How she wouldn’t stop putting her feelings for Kacchon in his face, how selfish and how unconsiderate she was. She realizes just how much she must have hurted him.

 That’s what I read in her face and honestly it’s not okay.

Bleach 670~!

Nice to see you again, guys! Let’s start with a remimder of the last chappie.

YEAH THAT’S WHAT I WAS TALKING ABOUT! The quincy finally died! (I think)

Wow, now this is interesting. Does anybody else notices that Hitsugaya-taicho wanted to see if Zaraki was alright? Could it be that he saw him as an enemy, maybe? I mean, like, anything but a Captain. When he was a zombie his skin was covered in blood. Could it be that, now knowing what happened, Hitsugaya thought that Zaraki went through something similar?

Ah, thanks for stopping him, Kuchiki-taicho. We don’t want him to die too.


I know! It’s the cross’ fault! Come on, you two are captains, you two are the greatest, destroy it before it regenerates itself!

Oooooooh I’ve missed Byakuya’s surprised eyes……

Holy shet.

Wow! He’s super strong now! I don’t want to be pessimistic but I think he can surpass Zaraki now, I’m sorry to admit it but it’s the thruth……

And what?! Did Toshiro save EVERYTHING from falling down?! Whoa, I’m impressed, I didn’t expect him to be THAT strong, to be able to freeze the whole palace. Great job there, Hitsugaya-Taicho.


–Let’s get serious: Yachiru (who I’m actually considering as a zampakuto spirit) has been the whole battle on Zaraki’s shoulder, like her normal ways of acting before. But the interesting thing here is that she controls how much power Zaraki can release. So he’s not always using all of his reiatsu. Well, it makes sense! He would need to deactivate is Bankai ten seconds after releasing it just because he doesn’t have anymore reiatsu. And another important fact is that his body can not withstand that much. Let’s think, how much power does he actually have? Like, more than enough to defeat Ichigo?–

And then htere is this. Oooooh dear Soul King.


I told you to run, Captain! Thanks Soul King that Byakuya was there to actually save you! (He did save Toshiro, right?)

Wait. Is that his last flower? Don’t tell me that his Bankai is over!

Yeah we know that he’s at his limit, captain Kuchiki! You don’t need to point that out!

Or, no, what?

That’s true! Oooh the one who said that the petals were his “limits” wasn’t him! He never really said it, did he? I don’t remember, to be honest (if he said it before show me, this can be pretty funny)

–Perfect crimson? Isn’t that something like, perfect red? Does it have something to do with Zaraki’s red skin now? Because he got a lot of damage before, I don’t think he can fight or be the  protagonist anymore.–

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…Oh my god.

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I really want to analyze whatever just happened to him but I can’t! He’s way too gorgeous sexy good-looking hot! I can’t stop looking at him!


Shoutan’s Blog Update - 2016-11-11 - A Cold Night

*Do NOT Repost*

Today is the coldest I’ve felt this year.
No one’s lost to the cold wind right?

I’m worried.

Anyway, recently it’s been a shooting rush.

My hair is also like this.
It’s back to asymmetric hair again.
This is the calmest.

It’s a paragraph of shooting and I get all cosy and warm at home.

Tomorrow is Transformers Event.
Let’s enjoy it!

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Oh, oh! I have a request! Oh my god. Ok, so, it's almost N.E.W.T's in a week or so and Sirius is still refusing to open a bloody book and study, so naturally, Remus makes it his mission to make him. After turning it over in his head again and again, he decides he should quiz Sirius, and with every correct answer Sirius replies with, Remus takes off an article of clothing to reward him. Eeekk! I can't wait to read what you write about this! I love your headcanons and your blog so much! xo


  • Sirius does not want to think about exams
  • He doesn’t want to doesn’t want to see a book, doesn’t want to hear even a whisper about the seven properties of moonstone or the correct use of a bezoar
  • And it has Remus freaking out
  • “Pads, exams are next week. You have to study, you’ll fail, you won’t get a job-”
  • No. It’s too nice out.”
  • Sirius.”
  • But Remus can’t do anything. He just cannot get Sirius to even glance at a textbook page.
  • So, worst comes to worst… It’s a last resort, really…
  • He sits down across from Sirius one day on their dormitory floor, gently taking the Qudditch magazine from his hands and throwing it aside.
  • Hey-”
  • “We have to study.”
  • “Re-mus.” Sirius groans.
  • “No, listen.” Remus spreads out sheets of questions in front of him, “We have to study. But you’ll like it, I promise.”
  • Sirius raises his eyebrow, “How could I possibly-”
  • “Just answer one question. You’ll see.”
  • Sirius’ curiosity got the better of him, “…Fine..”
  • Remus grins, “Okay… Name one ingredient used in the brewing of the Polyjuice Potion.”
  • Sirius bites his lip for a moment, “Uhm… Lacewing flies? Right?”
  • Remus’ grin widens and he tugs at his tie until it slips from around his neck. He drops it in a gaping Sirius’ lap, “Get the idea?”
  • Sirius clears his throat, “Y-Yeah.”
  • “Good. Next: What is the correct procedure when approaching a Hippogriff?”
  • “Oh! Um.. Y’know,” Sirius snapped his fingers, “You bow! You bow and don’t blink.”
  • Remus smirked and started undoing the buttons of his shirt - nice and slow, just for fun, “Very good, Mr. Black.”
  • Sirius gapes, “Remus-”
  • “Next,” He tossed his shirt to the side, “Name the witch or wizard who developed the cure for Drago Pox.”
  • Fuck. What happens if I get one wrong?”
  • Remus shrugged in a “oh don’t ask me I don’t know” way and slowly went to pick his shirt back up-
  • “No no no, wait wait. Okay. Um. It’s that um.. Starts with a G.”
  • Remus shook his head, “not good enough.”
  • “G-Ganhi- Ge- Gun- Gun! Gunhilde… Gunhilda! Gunhilda.” He let out a breath of relief with Remus dropped the shirt.
  • Sirius watched, bitting his lip, as Remus kicked his pants off.
  • “Good…” Remus looked down at the papers
  • Sirius can’t help but smile a little at the sight of Remus, sitting crisscross in nothing but his underwear, his finger trailing down the piece of paper, looking for his next question
  • Remus stopped and smirked, “Oh this is a good one.” He looked back up at Sirius, his eyes glinting, “Name five signs to identify a werewolf.”
  • “Hm. Let’s see,” Sirius said sarcastically, "His name is Remus, he’s my boyfriend. He’s stripping in front of me while making me study. Oh, and he’s a  bloody tease.”
  • “You forgot one. That’s four.”
  • “Oh yeah,” Sirius leaned forward on his hands, crawling over the pile of open books and papers on the floor between them and right into Remus’ lap. He laced his fingers behind Remus’ neck, “And he’s about to be punished.”
  • Remus’ eyes widened, “S-Sirius-”
  • Shh.”

  • “I should have just denied you of sex.” Remus said, breathlessly, an hour later, “That would have gotten you going I bet.”
  • “Do that and I swear to god-”
  • “What?” Remus smirked, “You’ll punish me?”
  • Remus didn’t get any studying done that day either.

Got a bit frisky at the end ooh

So now I’ve calmed down a little after that cliffhanger from hell and I’m actually kind of glad that Emma left Killian down there. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I don’t want or expect it to be permanent. But the point is - she let go. She said goodbye. She knows that she has people who love her, she knows that she can move on even if it hurts.

That’s a big deal for her. When we met her, she didn’t let anyone in at all. Then slowly she started to, and swung the other way, almost clinging to people she loves for fear of losing them. She made choices for Henry, then she made choices for Killian, to protect them - and it was a mistake every time. Then she went down to the Underworld because she couldn’t let go. It was a selfish move, motivated by need and fear. And now she’s paid the price for it, and learned the lesson.

And Killian has proven himself to be selfless, he’s put Emma and everyone else first, before himself. He made sure to give her as much closure as he could, to enable her to move on.

They told each other to move on, and they were both able to promise each other they’d move on.

This was an important step for both of them, but I think especially for Emma.

We’ve seen it over and over with this show that the really important thing about love is choice. You’re not with someone because you need them. You’re with someone because you choose them. There’s a reason why that true love test involved making a choice. That’s what it’s about.

So I actually think that after all this, Emma is in a better place for a relationship. She knows she doesn’t need Killian. Given the chance, she’ll always choose him, but need means dependence, while choice means freedom. A relationship based on choice is much healthier and better than one based on need. So think once they get this pesky Underworld business sorted out for good, they’ll both be in a better place, individually and together, than ever before.

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bitty and alicia are honestly going to be best friends when he and jack come out i can't wait, tbh bitty is going to visit the zimmermann residence just to hang out with alicia and jack's like ??? wtf bittle

imagine jack opening the door to their house and expecting bitty to jump into his arms only for his amazing, beautiful, loving boyfriend to rush past him to where his mother is in the kitchen like seriously did you see what taylor swift said this week? and they’re off there’s no way anyone’s butting in on that conversation for the next several hours

poor jack