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Look at what has arrived today!!!!!!! @fantakoi ‘s fanbook closer is here now!!!! I’d like to thank you for bearing with me and my questions about everything (it’s the first time I buy something like this, so I was a bit worried. So yep, soorry ‘bout that). I just wanted to say that the story is sooo CUTE!!! It’s so well drawn and the contents are amazing!!! I think kagehina is my favourite ship from HQ!! (maybe Daisuga is too, one of them, but what can I say, I’ve been in volleyball hell since minute one XD) and the way the story represents the cuteness of the ship is just fantastic!! So, to sum up, I really really liked the book, and i would recommend it to every kagehina shipper out there. 

So I’m just going to add some details that I just loved from the fanbook

That ninja Daisuga moment

Hinata’s Toilet Adventures Returns

Proud ParentsTM

Their cuteness is just KILLING ME OMFG!!!!!!

P:D: If you’re going to make another one, i can assure you I’ll buy it!!!! Can’t wait for it!!!!!!!!

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So what do you think about pudding in the latest chapter? I'm curious because of all the hate she keeps getting this week and how she's back to being a damsel in distress stereotype. For me, I love her even more after this? I just don't think it takes away from her and gives her more depth, more reason. Same way I loved Doffy and Tesoro when I saw their pasts really. Sorry for the rant, can't wait for your review ❤

I have very mixed feelings if I’m being honest. (I might as well do the review here haha, also thank you for your sweet words!)

But let’s start with the good things:

I loved Sanji’s reaction! There was no hint of perversion but utter adoration because he honestly thought that her eye loooked gorgeous. Pure and sincere outbursts of any kind of emotions are one of the reasons I love Sanji so much <3

BOI Pudding’s flashback sure was intense, and while people will downplay what she went through, 

mind: that girl was already doomed to get mentally messed up just by being born into the Charlotte family and on top of that she was horribly bullied, she was bullied all her life because she thought she was hidious (even by her own mother) so I LOVED that flashback!



Special mentions go to 

Jinbe being beyond done with Luffy

Du Feld 1 Stussy 0

Du Feld 1 Stussy 1000000

Everybody is so sassy in this chapter

And now sadly to the bad things:

Oh christ don’t


God fucking dammit

I’m tired of Oda’s ever going dance of making female characters who are purely evil, suddenly good and all for whatevers reasons 

(Besides that I think he was just sneakily trying to get Pudding out of the shoot zone coz he wants to lessen the amount of “sexy” female characters who will willy-nilly get their faces wiped the floor with)

Besides that I’m just confused, what’s with Pudding now? Is she evil? Is she messed up? Did she now fall for Sanji? I sure hope there will once again a twist with her.

Like fine she is crying right now but then she realizes that she is the stonecold bitchlet we all love and in the heat of the moment when the Strawhats think they’re good, she rises and shoots somebody or fucks some other shit up. At least I hope that. 

But as things are right now, we don’t have a damsel in distress yet and as we know Oda he has to find a non Strawhat girl to fill in the role because all the other potential damsels in distress (Carrot in Brulee’s house and Reiju after being shot) have proven to not scheduled for that.

And that again is very, very disappointing because I had nothing but praise for this arc filled with badass girls wether good or bad and this will be a damn thorn in my eye.

I really don’t understand why Elizabeth Woodville is all shocked that Edward IV decided to pardon Anne Neville in TWQ, like what did she expect her husband to execute or imprison the girl who was forced into a Lancastrian marriage by her father? Honestly, it makes no sense that Elizabeth would think anything other than of course he would pardon her. 

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Jess, let us know about Jamestown after you watch. I can't wait to hear your review because it looks soooo good. I just hope it gets to the US and on PBS before our idiot politicians cut all funding for the arts. Looks like you'll have to be our unpaid reviewer for new shows to watch from here on out. haha

I couldn’t watch it last night unfortunately but hopefully I can get to it today! I’ll definitely let you know what I think of it 😘

Official review of Linkin Park’s new album:

It’s very poppy, but I LOVE IT! 

I just love the sound, I love Chester’s voice, I love Mike’s voice, I love how you can hear the instruments in the more acoustic-type songs, I love how the lyrics are still so LP..