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I was tagged by @hightops-and-ysl to do this and I hate you this was the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do

“Other than the fact that fan fiction is literally my favourite past time does this need another introduction? Answer these questions, whether writing them down, making a video or a voiceclip and tag some people! let’s do this!”

1.    What is the last fic you read that you liked?

baby we could be enough (and like I genuinely never read fics that I won’t like cause all the recs come from robs who knows what I’ll love)

2.    What is the first fic you remember reading?

I think it was either TIF or ITB

3.    What is your favourite fic trope?

 angst. give me angst. if it’s angsty I’ll love it. any trope with angst. did I mention angst?

4.    What are your three favourite chaptered fics?

fading, into the blue and yatb/in from the cold / jump before we fall / you came beating like a moths wings / red brick heart (i am horrible)

5.    What are your three favourite oneshots?

like a timebomb ticking (i love heidi’s work SO much)

have you coming back

like a bastard on the burning sea

6.    What fic would you love a prequel to? and a sequel?

quite selfishly, I’ll say in vogue. I’d love to want to write both for in vogue. 

7.    How about a fic that would make a really good movie?

again, in vogue, cause the outfits, the travel and the interior. also that au where they travel the whole europe and those two that are situated in hotels by the sea 

8.    What fic do you think is severely underappreciated?

in from the cold

pep talk turned into a pep rally 

who painted the moon black

one way or another

outwit, outplay,outlast

marking up the atmosphere

9.    What is the funniest sentence you have ever read in a fic?

(these will be IV quotes because I forget stuff and this I wrote so I can actually remember - sorry) (zayn in IV is my fav thing and I remember writing this and sending it to robs like 5 chapters in advance because it was so funny (I know it’s not really))

After Dolce & Gabbana have shown the winter collection, Zayn insisted on ordering all of the sweaters from it. He wears them for a whole week, coming to the office day after day dressed solely in one disgusting sweater after another, yelling things like ‘I’m the queen’ when wearing a sweater with a big gold crown on it or ‘I’m a painting in a painting’ the day after when he’s dressed in red velvet with a small painting print in the middle. 

and also

Liam is my fav. #HisDickIsBiggerThanYours

10.  How about the one sentence that broke your heart?

He can’t stop himself from whispering, sending daggers in Harry’s direction with his eyes: ‘You’re not getting the job, and you’re not getting me either.’

11.  Re: other pairings; which do you like and to get into it what should I read?

tomlinshaw / ziam / ot5 smut

12.  Is there a prompt you have?

quality, well researched, no random shit thrown into it fashion au. I know it probably won’t happen but I can dream

I am tagging so many people because I want you all to suffer.

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