can't wait to play when i get home!!

I can't wait to be a dad

Do all the great things. Y'know

-Teaching my kid how to play a sport
-Putting bandaids on them and being the one that can make everything better
-Being their superhero
-Doing push-ups with my baby on back
-Teaching them great things and watching them learn
-The excitement on their face when I get home
-That cute moment when they fall asleep on my bare chest
-Teaching them to ride a bike
-Teaching them to drive a car
-Taking them out to ice cream after their games
-Making a room for them with a tiny bed and furniture cuz “their a big kid now”

All of this and more. But most of all hearing that tiny voice say “daddy!”

I'll Be Home | Optional Bias |

fluff / slight attempt at angst / holiday themed

The soft sound of ‘Let It Snow’ plays in the background as the lights slightly dims; the only real radiance coming from his eyes as they melt into yours. Nothing was better than this moment.

His gentle touch is on your hips as you comfortably rest your hands on his shoulders; the two of you slowly swaying to the music. Finally he’s yours and surely you’re his, and it was all you ever really wanted this Christmas.

“I could stay like this forever” You bashfully admit, and it was all you wanted him to know, 

“Yeah?” He grins, moving one hand from your side up towards your cheek, “Me too…" 


"Are you sure you don’t wanna dance?”

Your best friend offered out her hand after a spin with her boyfriend on the ballroom floor of the yearly Christmas party,

“I don’t want to sound childish or anything” You confessed, fiddling with bracelet on your wrist, “But I was sort of saving the first dance for-”

“For Mr. Superstar?” She chuckled, grabbing a seat beside you at the round table, “It’s fine. I just hate seeing you like this; considering that this is the fifth party we’ve been to together this entire year and five our of five times, he hasn’t been here”

“He was supposed to be here, tonight” You reminded her, words you’ve almost been used to saying, “But his flight was delayed; especially with the weather. It can’t be helped, I guess”

The same feeling began to hit you again. It was a mixture between butterflies in your stomach and warm tears boiling near your eyes; you were missing him like crazy and nights like these only made it feel worse.

“Hey, are you alright?” Your best friend, wrapped an arm around your shoulder, giving her best bear hugs, “I know that look”

You gently lifted off her arm, returning her gesture with your best forced smile, 

“I’ll just be outside” You rose up from your festive decorated seat, “Don’t wait up, okay?”

'You’ve reached my number! I can’t pick up right now, but you know I will when I get your message, so leave one after the beep!’

His comforting voice played through your cell phone speaker as you sat in the cold front steps of the hall building; finding yourself dialling his number once more, maybe he’d pick up.

After the nth time, you flicked through your past messages, scrolling through the countless heart emoticons and emoji’s; stopping on the one text that stood out amongst the rest.

I’ll be home’

Home. Right now, all you could think of was him being your home. And that home was missing for so long and nothing could replace that feeling that home really felt like.

Was this only expected from being with a celebrity, a star like him? Was it wrong to wish on the first star you saw that, begging that he’d be home with you as soon as he could?

“Hey babe, I’ve landed!" His voice is so chirpy for 2AM in the morning as he called you as soon as he could switch his cell back on in the airport, "I interrupted your sleep, didn’t I? haha”

The biggest smile crept onto your face and you couldn’t help but bring the bed sheets up to your mouth as if to hide your grin. You want to tell him that you’ve been up all night waiting for his call, but the best you can do is mumble.

“Sort of…” You drifted off, slumber finally kicking in but the urge to see him was stronger, “When do you think you’ll be home?”

“The customs line is short at this time” He chuckled, you could almost hear him ruffling his hair simultaneously, “Maybe an hour? But truth be told, I still haven’t got you a gift yet and I was thinking of going shopping”

“It’s 2:30AM!” You didn’t believe him, but then again, for someone as famous as him from a group like his, any store would open their doors at this time in the morning, “And anyway, I don’t need a present”

“But you want a present, don’t you?” He teased, “Let me buy us some snacks or something on the way”

You wanted to say it, more so, you needed to say it and nothing was holding you back.

“I need you” You tried to hold back the tears but they fell down your face anyway, “And I just want you home”

He could hear you almost about to tear up, knowing that he had nothing else that he could do,

“I promise..” He assured you just like those months and days ago,

“…I’ll be home”

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Small moments I can't wait to have/hear again
  • Naturally calling him “babe” without realizing it 
  • Playing with his fingers when we hold hands
  • Kissing his shoulders randomly
  • Grinning every time I catch myself staring at him
  • Him coming home to me after work
  • The way he says my name and holds me when he is concerned
  • The raspy voice he gets when he says “good morning”

God I miss him.

caitlin32387  asked:

So,you've been doing these MLTs, which I love so much, but I've had something on my mind for a few days now and you're the only one who will understand! Drunk Niall in Laura Whitmore's snapchat vid... The kissy faces?! Could you imagine how handsy he'd be when he's drunk?! Sloppy kisses, naughty whispers about how he can't wait to get you home, I bet his accent gets real thick when he's drunk AND horny... 🙈. Eventually you'd give in and find somewhere alone because who can say no to Niall?!

Drunk Niall…let’s talk about drunk Niall shall we?

Drunk Niall is more fun than sober Niall which is saying something considering Niall is a fucking riot when he’s sober.

He’s down for anything.  ANYTHING.  Wanna T-P someone’s house?  Let’s do it.  Wanna dance on the bar?  He’s game.  Wanna play “I’ve Got Friends in Low Places” in the car on the way home over and over?  FUCK YES.

Drunk Niall wants to come up with secret handshakes that turn into nothing but hand slapping and knuckles knocking until you’re both just slapping at each other and it’s…whatever.

Drunk Niall wants to yell everything.  I LOVE YOU!!  I NEED ANOTHER BEER!!!  WHERE’S THE CAR!?!?  WHO’S DRIVING!?!??!  

Drunk Niall thinks you’re hilarious too even if you aren’t.  And when he laughs his face scrunches up and he bends over with his hands on his knees while he gasps for air.

I need to drink with Niall.