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Things I've heard the signs say
  • Aries: I don't even like my own penis.
  • Taurus: Don't tempt me with a good time.
  • Gemini: *while drunk* Wait. So if we evolved from apes, how are there still apes? Shouldn't they be humans, too?
  • Cancer: It's hard because I feel everything and anything. I can't love someone when I can't love myself.
  • Leo: Yeah, girls call me "Aquamenti." Every time they hear my name, they get wet.
  • Virgo: This water is as old as I was two weeks sick. Can I just live in a hut made of band merch?
  • Libra: LET THERE BE RAIN! *starts thundering* *surprised* Y'all, I can control the weather.
  • Scorpio: I know they're supposed to be hideous, but aww! Look how majestic the spider-like creatures are! I want one.
  • Sagittarius: Dude!! I'm a fucking time traveler! I gotta get home. How do I get home?
  • Capricorn: McDonald's is going to start selling condoms now? What.
  • Aquarius: You're basically the spawn of Satan.
  • Pisces: I'm going to glue a unicorn horn to your head so the world can see how fruity you are.

I personally have never felt that anything changes Vader until Luke. The Vader that we encounter in Rebels was always meant to be the one devoid of emotions, except for anger, hate and suffering. That he was so trapped inside himself because of the terrible things that happened. Anakin never thinks of himself as betraying his friends. He sees it as his friends betrayed him and the Republic. He has to live on that side of the fence because the truth is just too damming. So he wants to destroy Ahsoka because she represents his past. She represents knowledge of who he was and he wants to wipe that out. His son represents a potential future because his son wouldn’t know who he was. So he could build a new galaxy together with his son. His apprentice is his past and he needs to destroy her.” — Dave Filoni.

  • “His son wouldn’t know who he was.”

Sorry, Filoni, but I consider this observation very shallow and overlooking. I’m mean this statement alone have two different outlook: Positive and Negative! So, onto the Negative (bc it’s too obvious): True, Luke may never know about the specific details of the “ugly” past. However, he sees his father now. He can watch the destructive power that has been unleashed upon the galaxy. In this, even the Sith Lord himself knows he could never hide that from his son, and therefore he doesn’t even bother doing the whole, “I’m the good guy here son!” bs. Vader is direct and unapologetic in his approach in recruiting his son toward the darkside, for god-sake the man cuts-off his son’s hand and kept talking lol… yeah, I don’t think the ugly could be hidden.

  • “His son wouldn’t know who he was”

Positive? Or decidedly positive: Now this part I have to agree with, part of Vader would NEVER want his son idolizing the fool he hates, aka, Anakin Skywalker. (lol too late for that, Luke is already a huge fan) all jokes aside, Vader simply didn’t want his son making the same mistake as he once had; by believing in: Jedi’s values, friendship, or love…

My main problem with this observation, which is Filoni believes that Vader cares enough to “worry” about stuff like that or even consider; when in Canon we see him:

  1. Cutting off his son’s hand and then recruiting him causally;
  2. Giving up on his son’s recruiting and send him off to the Emperor, himself.

We see so much contradiction here. I don’t think “Vader” is capable of worrying or believing in the potential future in such ways. This man stopped living as human being for a long time, so hopes and expectations are for the one named Anakin Skywalker, which Vader hates, therefore… ???????????

  • “His son represents a potential future”

Now this I want to hear more about tbh. I have my own thoughts on the matter, but I’d like more info’s from you Filoni. :)))

hxh chapter 361

• and we’re back in business boys and girls. ‘smiling again’ is back on the menu!

• no chicken scratchings this chapter and the art is pretty nice

• we finally learn after over a decade what Kurapika’s index ability does, and Chrollo will soon be filing for plagiarism

• also btw, trust Kurapika to think teamwork means borrowing your allies abilities so you can use them for yourself.

• only 2 hours to go before the horn sounds and the ship gets going - officially beginning the succession war.

• idk why this Halkenburg dude thinks the succession battle is opt out, but I’m pretty sure anyone who tries to leave and doesn’t participate will be executed so rip him. Maybe at the hands of his own creepy nen beast.

• anyway, I like the princes/kurapika storyline, but i’m itching to see all the other parties too (phantom troupe/hisoka, Ging/Pariston/Beyond, The Zodiac etc).

• waiting a week feels like nothing after living through hiatus x hiatus.

I don’t understand why she always asks me if I’m done with my fork because every single time my answer is no????

She always asks when the fork is on top of the stove on a paper towel and has cheese on it. It’s there because I’m making microwaved Mac and cheese and I need to stir it, so I leave the fork out to use for eating so I’m not getting 2 forks dirty

I’m not someone who leaves dirty dishes on the counter so I’m just really tired of this question

[全職高手] "Return to Glory" Clip
Ye Xiu

Cut from a promotion song [再起荣耀] for the animation of The King’s Avatar. (x) Translation under cut. It got kinda long, sorry.

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Gon accepts everyone
  • Killua: I use to murder people and I could potentially get you killed
  • Gon: that's ok, I can't live without you
  • Hisoka: I've been waiting to beat you up in a fight my little ripe fruit
  • Gon: I'm thankful, those fights taught me how to be more alert and stronger
  • Leario: I used you as click bait in arm wrestling for money
  • Gon: that's alright, it was to help me get closer to my dad
  • Ging: I left you behind to peruse my own dreams
  • Gon: If you didn't, I would have never followed my own dream and realized who I am
Ellie Goulding sentence starters
  • "You're the only thing I wanna touch."
  • "What are you waiting for?"
  • "I'll let you set the pace."
  • "It's a little dirty how the whole thing started."
  • "Thought that you were cute and you could make me jealous."
  • "You wanted my heart but I just liked your tattoos."
  • "Let's join forces."
  • "I know you've been burned, but every fire is a lesson learned."
  • "You're so worth it, you are."
  • "I wish I could be it all for you."
  • "Everybody's starry-eyed."
  • "Who are we to play with hearts and throw away it all?"
  • "I don't like the way I never listen to myself."
  • "I feel like I'm on fire, I'm too shy to cry for help."
  • "I don't think you know me much at all."
  • "This love will be your downfall."
  • "Who am I to choose the boy that everyone adores?"
  • "You set your sights on him."
  • "I've seen you in a fight; you lost."
  • "We're in a mess, babe."
  • "I'd rather pretend I'll still be there at the end."
  • "I don't ask for much."
  • "Maybe we forgot all the things we are together."
  • "I really thought that we'd go further."
  • "I'm tired of trying to keep you."
  • "You won't see me again."
  • "I wish I stayed."
  • "It's a shame you don't know what you're running from."
  • "You know this is your biggest mistake."
  • "Reassure me that you'll wait for me as long as it takes."
  • "You are the risk I'll always take."
  • "Tell me that we're still too young and I'll hold my tongue."
  • "That is no way to love."
  • "You're as bright as the sun and as calm as the moon."
  • "I don't know when you'll break, but it's gonna be soon."
  • "I won't tell the truth unless you want me to."
  • "I am so scared of what will kill me in the end."
  • "I hope I will get the chance to be someone."
  • "I'm trying not to lose my faith in you."
  • "I used to hear it all so loud, the sound of my heart breaking."
  • "I can take anything."
  • "This will always be my home."
  • "We are seventeen, we have just begun."
  • "I want to fall in love with you again."
  • "You can't make it right when it's wrong."
  • "Don't let it slip through your fingertips."
  • "We've only ever touched when there's no one else around."
  • "I'm not being intrusive, I just wish I knew the truth."
  • "I think about you more than I think one should."
  • "I'm making up for lost time."
  • "Trying to impress you, but lord I don't know how."
  • "I'm more alive I've ever been."
  • "I've chosen you."
  • "That feeling that doesn't go away just did."
  • "Anything could happen."
  • "After the war we said we'd fight together."
  • "I'll give you everything you need."
  • "I don't think I need you."
  • "I know you better than I ever have before."
  • "I know you're a fighter, but you never fought for me."
  • "We could be closer."
  • "You show me what it feels like to be lonely."
  • "It's gonna be better."
  • "Still not too old to die young."
  • "Lovers hold on to everything, and lovers hold on to anything."
  • "I need you more than I can take."
  • "You promise forever and a day, and then you take it all away."
  • "I've figured out that joy is not in your arms."
  • "I know I'll always ache with an empty heart."
  • "Tell me if you feel this pain."
  • "I just can't keep hanging on to you and me."
  • "I barely even know this fucking woman in my bed."
  • "You trembled like you'd seen a ghost."
  • "I lacked the things you need the most."
  • "I've loved and I've lost."
  • "It's okay to be afraid."
  • "It will never be the same."
  • "The rules you set are still untold to me."
  • "I've lost my faith in everything."
  • "I know you better than you think."
  • "You were like home to me."
  • "Please don't close your eyes, don't know where to look without them."
  • "I know you care, I know it has always been there."
  • "There's trouble ahead, I can feel it."
  • "You are just saving yourself when you hide it."
  • "It wasn't always wrong."
  • "Now I don't warm my hands in your coat, but I still hope."
  • "This is how things ought to have been."
  • "Why can't I dream?"
  • "I know you care, I see it in the way you stare."
  • "There was trouble ahead and you knew it."
  • "I'll be saving myself from the ruin."
  • "This is new."
  • "I've never met anyone like you."
  • "I'll wait for you... maybe."
  • "I know I'm fooled, I can't help it."
  • "You make my heart so helpless."
  • "Where did you go?"
  • "I need to be free with you tonight."
  • "I know you're there but I can't see you anymore."
  • "I've been a stranger ever since we fell apart."
  • "I know I’ve sinned."
  • "Sooner or later, I'll be on my own."
  • "I think I've been waiting for this all my life."
  • "I’m living on the wild side."
  • "It feels like we’re dreaming."
  • "We’ll be this way forever."
  • "I wanna hold you close, I just never wanna hold you tight."
  • "You are my only hope."
  • "I know you don't feel the same."
  • "You're sensible but it doesn't make sense."
  • "You know I'm gonna try much harder."
  • "Have you lost the same things I have lost?"
  • "I wish time was still, we'd stay right here with time to kill."
  • "You left everything behind except yourself."
  • "All I see is question marks and nothing else."
  • "You must have landed in New York by now."
  • "Please don't bring this love down."
  • "I'll never forget that feeling when I watched you disappear, when you made me stop believing."
  • "Do you remember boy when you were so cruel? When you played the thief and I played the fool."
  • "You think I’m still broken-hearted, but you will never win the war you started."
  • "How long will I be with you?"
  • "Everything I touch turns to gold."
  • "Baby, let me touch your body and your soul."
  • what she says: I'm fine.
  • what she means: Alec Hardy is just so misunderstood by the people around him and I want to hug him and never let go. Underneath that grumpy exterior is an adoring father and a devoted workman who just wants the people he helps to have closure and to give them their lives back, and it's because he really thinks he can't piece his own life back together. He loves his daughter so much and he cares for Ellie to a level where it physically hurts to watch them interact. My greatest goal in life is to see Alec Hardy have some pure, undoubted happiness.

anonymous asked:

How are your cats getting along?

Unfortunately they’re not getting along yet, but they’re making great progress! Fancy Jim has never lived with another animal before, so we knew it was going to be a struggle for her. Luckily Beatrice’s last home apparently had a *ton* of animals (cats, dogs, children), so she’s been ready to go since day one. We still have to keep them separated, but we open the bedroom door a little to let them see each other every day, and Fancy Jim has gone from being really aggressive to just hissing once or twice before calming down. It’s only been two weeks, so we’re really happy with how much better Fancy Jim has gotten. I know people whose cats have taken *months* to start getting along. And I’ve recently heard that adult female cats are the most difficult to acclimate, so we certainly didn’t do ourselves any favors by getting two five-year-old females!

That being said, it is DIFFICULT to have to keep them quarantined away from each other! I have no idea how to convince them that I love them both when I have to keep abandoning one to spend time with the other (especially when I have to pick one to sleep with)! Also, Fancy Jim is still *very* upset that we’re keeping her locked out of the bedroom, but as soon as we open the door, she doesn’t want to go in because she doesn’t like that Beatrice is in there, so we close the door… and then she’s upset that we’re keeping her locked out of the bedroom. We’re still waiting for her to figure out the connection. 💜😂💜

  • Kurt: Oh no, don't strain yourself!
  • Rachel: Please, I've been sweating my boobs off at Tracy Anderson's for the past nine months. This baby can have my body now, but after that, mama wants it back.
  • Blaine: Well, we got you this organic juice from this special place in Tribeca. It's supposed to make the baby's brain grow.
  • Tina: Okay so hold on, I've heard the story from Kurt and Blaine, but now I want to hear your side - what in the heck made you say yes to being their surrogate?
  • Rachel: Well, obviously there's a full circle story based on how I was raised, but these guys have just been so amazing and I figured they've given up so much of their lives to make me happy, the least I could do was give them nine months of mine and my body. Oh, I love you guys so much. You're going to be the most amazing dads.
  • Jesse: I can't wait for that!
  • Rachel: Aww, here's my husband.
  • Jesse: Because I'm ready to get started on a little co-production of our own.
  • Rachel: So romantic!

Yarny Mark and Yarny Jack went on an adventure today! :D

Aaaah, finally managed to take a few shots of them and uploading them! (honestly, the universe was against me. First I ran out of yarn, then it starts raining after months of drought and then Tumblr wouldn’t upload the pictures. What the hell)
I wish I could give these to Mark and Jack in person, but that’s probably not gonna happen anytime soon since conventions are way too far away from where I live :( Oh well, I’m gonna meet them someday and they’ll get their own personal Yarnys! :D
Also, special thanks to my mum who’s sewn Jack’s hat! Couldn’t have done this without her help! ^_^

  • Pearl: Rose made me feel like I was everything.
  • Amethyst: Rose said I'm perfect the way I am.
  • Rose *to Garnet*: No more questions. Don't ever question this. You already are the answer.
  • Bismuth: Rose taught me my life was my own, that I could choose to do whatever I wanted.
  • Rose *to steven*: Isn't it remarkable, Steven? This world is full of so many possibilities. Each living thing has an entirely unique experience. The sights they see, the sounds they hear. The lives they live are so complicated... a-and so simple. I can't wait for you to join them. Steven, we can't both exist. I'm going to become half of you. And I need you to know that every moment you love being yourself, that's me, loving you and loving being you. Because you're going to be something extraordinary. You're going to be a human being.
  • Some Edgelord: idk I think Rose was bad all along and had some terrible evil plan in store :/