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Got my copies of The War today 💕💕 also yes that is my EXO wall and my collection of EXO albums!! Nothing too fancy but I like it and it makes me feel happy and distracted looking at it while I work~

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Being on your first vacay with Harry since you started dating. Sitting in a hammock with H top and tails style both reading a book as he has his hand on your thigh rubbing his thumb. The sun is setting but it's warm that your still in your swimsuits. As you flip through your novel you can't help but feel he's eyes on you. As you lift your eyes to meet his he stares back with nothing but content. "I can't wait to marry you one day."

I…. am….. WOUNDED 😭

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Prompt sort of can you like show us the conversation akashi and masaomi had while he was in the hospital in hawaii? Totally fine of u can't understand how busy u must be or akafuri fluf of ur choice god I just love how u portray akafuri and masayou💖 anyway big fan of ur D:M series love ur works can't wait for the nijimura story hope u have a blast see ya!!!

On his fifth day in the hospital, Masaomi comes to see him.

He appears abruptly in his room and looks him up and down with an analytical eye and Akashi only watches him as he does so.

“You look remarkably healthy for someone who was reportedly in a coma for two days,” Masaomi announces. This is the first thing he says to Akashi after seeing him post-kidnapping. Masaomi flips through the charts the doctors left at the foot of his bed and says, “Your numbers are healthy. Why are you still here, Seijuurou?”

He is still here because Furihata is still here. But Akashi is not going to admit that to anyone, much less this man. “The doctors thought it best to monitor my vitals and I have unfinished business to attend to,” Akashi replies mildly.

“Why were you even in a coma? You don’t have any external wounds.”

Akashi remembers something Midorima once told him about Kishitani Ryohei. Midorima had said, “I don’t want him knowing what I did. I don’t want him to think of me as a monster.”

“I took control of a man’s mind and then shot him in the head while I was still inside,” Akashi replies. He never saw the point in hiding who he was from Masaomi. “It had repercussions upon my consciousness that I have since recovered from.”

“Well, that seems like a remarkably inefficient way to kill a man,” Masaomi says, sitting down at one of the guest chairs in Akashi’s room. “You couldn’t have just Ordered him to kill himself?”

“It was the most optimal way available to me at the time,” Akashi replies.

“Hm,” Masaomi says, in a neutral sort of way. Looking down at Akashi he says, “I am sure you realize how disappointed I am with you on how this all went down.”

“Yes, Father.”

“Even making allowances for the fact that you are sixteen years old and any sixteen-year-old might find themselves in unfortunate life-threatening situations, I would have expected you to have resolved this more quickly and with less inconvenience to others.”

“I will endeavor to do better next time, Father.”

“Good,” Masaomi says, nodding once. “I have invested a lot of time, money, and resources in you as my heir, and it would be exceedingly annoying to have to start all over with someone else if something happened to you.”

“You could always sire a child yourself,” Akashi points out.

“What? And start completely from scratch? Have you ever been around a human baby? They’re the most useless creatures in existence. Dogs are more intelligent. Not to mention more useful.”

Akashi looks down at his hands. He doesn’t acknowledge what Masaomi said, but he knows it is the man’s way of letting him know that he had been concerned. Akashi has no intention of being sappy about this, but having just experienced a reminder of what his life would have been like had he never escaped Teiko, he can objectively state that the life he has now is preferable. (Not that he would say it. He wouldn’t ever say that. But still.)

“You give yourself too much credit for my own inherent superiority, Father. I have seen you with horses, I highly doubt you could train a dog, much less a human baby.”

Masaomi sputters and Akashi is glad at least that this can return to normal. He is glad he has a “normal” where he can return.

A/N:  Hahaha, I hope you weren’t expecting something heartwarming from these two, anon-friend. Thanks for the prompt! Now that I am trying to retroactively include Masaomi into “You Could Never Wear My Crown” it was a good reunion to have, so thanks!! =D

I Can’t Come Up With A Creative Title So Take This...

//CLOSED rp starter for @erotic-butter //

It was a chilly for a night in June. The sky was overcast, and the moon was unable to reach it’s beams though the clouds that shrouded it from view, making for a rather darker night down below the darkened clouds. Only the lights of the occasional street light and the headlights to Gabe’s car seemed to be the only sources of lights that night… Gabe left his apartment around 5 in the morning… not like he had been sleeping or anything, he had been up all night and had been playing street fighter with Bryan the entire time. (Which, he in fact, kicked Bryan’s ass at every round).
Gabe stepped out of his car into the cool air of the early morning. There was no sign of the sun rising yet… but he knew it usually didn’t rise for at least a hour or two.
Gabe he quickly snatched up a the brown paper bag, decorate with advertisements and shuffled up the drive way and up to the door of the house that was owned by his beloved. Gabe had stopped by a McDonalds and had grabbed Kevin something to eat for after work. He wasn’t sure if the guy liked Egg McMuffins or not… but if he didn’t he would just let the guy have the pancakes he had gotten for himself.. 
He quickly unlocked the door with the spare key Kevin had given him, stepped into the house, then stored the key in his pocket as he closed the door behind him. Not even a minute later after flipping on the lights, he heard Mallory walk out of the bathroom and to him quacking as she walked, her little tail wiggling as she made her various duck noises. Gabriel smiled kneeling petting her gently as she came right up to him, “Hey Mallory, nice to see you again” he greeted only to gain a loud quack back. Gabriel chuckled giving her a soft pat before standing up. Gabe looked around. He was originally just going to wait here until Kevin got home to greet him, but as his eyes moved over the messy layout of the house, an idea came to they young man’s mind..
He made his way to the kitchen, set the bag of breakfast on the counter and grabbed a trash bag to begin his work. He started cleaning up the random cans and trash that littered the floor hoping to pick them up so that he didn’t trip on anything… and also do a small favor for Kevin.. he really wasn’t cleaning all that much but things like empty pop bottles and empty potato chip bags got tossed away in to his rubbish bag. He managed to get the kitchen rather decently cleaned up… though it did take more than one garbage bag to do so… . It was probably the cleanest room in the townhouse now.
He went to the hallway to pick up some random cans and knelt down only to get a very big surprise as he gazed into the hall closet. He found a makeshift-nest made of random clothes and some other things with a small clutch of eggs in it . Mallory waddled up beside him quacking as she went to lay on the eggs. Gabriel stared at them for a moment and raised an eyebrow… Kevin’s hadn’t told him Mallory laid eggs… maybe he didn’t know? He shrugged. He would just ask Kevin about it when he got home. He reached out and softly ran his fingers over the ducks feathers and softly muttered “Congrats…” to the bird… She seemed to appreciate his words….
Gabe gathered up the last bit of garbage in the hallways and placed all the bags in the kitchen. There was a grand total of Eight bags that had been filled… he hadn’t realized how much time had passed as he lightly tidied up the messy townhouse…
Gabe glanced over towards the clock and raise an eyebrow. It was 6:10 now… Kevin would be home soon… he smiled and finished tying off a bag before he shuffled over into the living room, were you could actually see the floor now, and sat down on the couch. Gabe turned on Kevin’s old TV and flipped through the channels till he came across the history channel. Gabe decided he would watch that until Kevin got home… and so, he waited.

What Would BTS Do?
  • (You and Jungkook hear about Yoongi's mixtape dropping)
  • You: *scrolling through phone on couch*
  • You: omg
  • You: they just announced Yoongi's mixtape is going to be released next month
  • Jungkook: yah so what
  • Jungkook: *suddenly flips you over*
  • Jungkook: *pins you down on couch*
  • You: what the hell Jungkook I was just kidding-
  • Jungkook: I'M ON MY WAAAAAAAY~
  • You:
  • Jungkook:
  • Jungkook: don't worry i gotchu
  • You: ...i'm going to murder dj khaled

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after school I went to my bf car and he laid blankets down and I crawled in and he shut the tailgate and the roof part and then he came in through the front. We just laid there for a while until I started kissing his neck and rubbing his dick. I jumped on top of him and grinded on him and then he flipped my on my back and started rubbing my clit and then fingering me. It was mine and his first time and it was so fucking good <3 can't wait for tomorrow ; ) when he eats me out, mmmhhhh ; )

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A negan x reader where she's his only wife and he's so smitten w/ her like he legit can't stop staring at her and one time shes reading a book or sth and shes like "omg stop staring u creep" and hes all cuddly and lovey dovey pls i need negan fluff

omfg this is adorable!!

It was raining outside. You’d retired early, choosing to slide into bed after a long day of work clearing walkers from around the compound. You stared out the window, waiting for Negan’s truck to pull through the gates. You prayed that the rain wouldn’t delay his return, as it had before. You grabbed a book, flipping open the cover and starting where you’d left off last.

You heard the door slide open, after a while. You glanced up and saw Negan, standing in the doorway and grinning at you, before he trudged over, removing his jacket and flopping down on the bed next to you. 

“Boots, off,” You commented. “Don’t want mud on the bed.”

“I love it when you talk dirty to me,” Negan groaned into the pillow. He obeyed your request, tugging off his boots before peeling away his damp shirt and jeans, leaving him in his undergarments. He rolled over, pressing gentle kisses against your bare shoulder and neck.

“How was your day?”

Negan snorted, peering down at the book you were reading. He said, “You look goddamn beautiful. Well, fuck, you always do.”

You smiled at him, and he gave a cheeky grin back. You closed your book, setting it on the night stand and reaching out to touch his bare chest. You sighed and your husband began pressing feathery kisses against you throat. 

“I am the luckiest fucking man on Earth,” Negan grunted, finally pressing his lips against your. You grinned, giggling as his fingers ghosted beneath your top, running against your skin. 

“And also the dirtiest,” You laugh. “You smell.”

“I’ll shower.”

“Not without me you won’t,” You slide from the bed, making your way towards the bathroom. “You coming?”


“One… two… shit,” James groaned as he flipped through the papers he was supposed to be grading, making his way through the university halls. He wasn’t paying attention, for his focus was on the bottle of Jack Daniels that was waiting for him back at his apartment. Before he knew it, he collided with someone - paperwork flying everywhere. “Dammit!” He took a deep breath before kneeling to pick up the papers, knowing better than to lose his temper on campus.