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okay but alpha! bucky coming back from a mission and finding you in heat, his pretty omega, totally wanton and waiting him. He was half hard already as soon as he walked on your guys' floor and smelled you. "Is my pretty omega wet for me? Been thinkin' about you and your pussy all week doll, can't go on another week with you. Gonna take real good care of you babydoll. . . ."

oh fuck alpha!bucky is such a weakness of mine shitttttt

Sinful Sunday™

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I bought charms not only because I was interested in your art, but because this blog just gives me so many good feels and I wanted a little reminder of that. While I can't speak for everyone else I'd like to say that the charms are worth waiting for. Especially if everything combined just adds onto your stress. I don't mind if I have to wait months or even years because I know that it will arrive. Just please take care of yourself because a lot of people care for you.

Thank you 😭😭😭😭😭 I’m still probably going to try to get them shipped out very soon. I just hate it’s making my anxiety/depression spike

I’m like, battling through drawing part 4 of Dandelions. Trying to kick my lack of motivation in the ass

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When will you change your Intro and Outro Songs? Is it Next Month? Next Year? And how About The Art in the Outro? Will you Change it all to the New one? Or just Some of it? I can't wait to hear you sing another Creative song that you made♡

I’m probably going to change my outro pretty soon, like in the next couple weeks or so, since I have soooo much more fanart to add to it now! Also, I commisioned an animated intro from @jenny-penny-art, so whenever she’s finished with it I’ll probably replace my current intro with that. ^,^

I’m really glad you like the songs I write! They take a while to get just right, plus they don’t get as many views as my dubs, but it makes me happy to know that people still appreciate them. ^_^


NEW VIDEO: “My Fetish???

Reblog if your fetish is getting a follow from me. Might happen.

Fiancee just sent me the most romantic facebook message ever.

Video games… you should add a couple of 2 player games for your system so we can actually play together.“ - durnesque-esque 

RECAP: This is my soon-to-be wifey

I am marrying the woman of my dreams. Just in case there was any doubt.

5x10 reaction fic. klaine complaining to each other over skype about the insanity and stupidity going on around them

’ - and I’m telling you, Kurt, it was the most horrible thing I’ve ever seen!’ Blaine rambles, face filled with disgust and no small amount of trauma. Kurt clicks his tongue sympathetically, wincing at the camera as he begins to change out of his NYADA outfit. ‘It was just so – so…’ Blaine trails off, apparently desperately searching for a word to describe his traumatic experience.

'Hetero?’ Kurt suggests, raising an eyebrow when Blaine nods vigorously. It’s an effort to hide his smile as he slips on his shirt and begins to button it up.

'You didn’t see it, though. There was so much face suckage, and – and boobs and groping…’ Blaine trails off and gives a full body shudder, closing his eyes for a moment. 'Like, I thought that night would be about the three of us, not me walking in on some – some boobfest.’

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