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Take it, take it, take it! Mark is ready to stab you with some fresh sharp rap


westratenick: Two days til the end of #TurnAMC and I am raising a glass to the great @heatherglind! Our Anna Strong and my good friend made life in Virginia just the best. Craig and Barry couldn’t have found a more interesting, complicated, brilliant actor to tell Anna’s story. Here’s to you, @heathergibs! #StrongTownsend

I’m in fucking tears after that 12:30pm chat on the 6th day of V’s route. Zen please… let’s start a gofundme to help support him for the rest of his life. LMAO. Like have an RFA party dedicated to Zen LOL.

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(I loved it)
A Man from U.N.C.L.E. Sequel Is in the Works
Star Armie Hammer breaks the news.
By Joanna Robinson

Don’t tease me! You better write it AND make it!


How poetic.

Oh man, I’ve been dying to get a copy of this book for as long as I’ve known of its existence. It arrived this afternoon and I honestly couldn’t put it down until I finished it a few minutes ago.

It’s more of a biography/account of the space program written by the “co-author” Henry Still, with intermittent insights by Betty Grissom, but there’s definitely a tilt towards the personal side and every reminisce by Betty is just,, so neat to hear. I’ve had a… complicated? view of Gus’ family, especially on things that happened post-fire, but reading Starfall has completely changed my perspective. I hope someday I can be even half the wife, mother, and woman that Betty is. She was lucky to have Gus, but he was even more blessed to find a woman like her to support and love him through a tumultuous life.

It was written in the 70s so it doesn’t cover the problems they’ve had with Scott since then, and there is maybe some unfair bias against certain people within the space program (take the last few chapters with a grain of salt), but overall it’s an unbelievably cool insight into Gus’ life, how he was as a husband and father and man. He was so, so special and I feel blessed to be able to know him the way I do. I love Gus even more than I did 6 hours ago, if that’s possible. I miss him a lot more, too. It’s full of very poignant quotes from Gus and others, but my favorite might be from Betty towards the end:

“I hate that Gus is gone, but I guess the program was worth it. He wouldn’t have had it any other way.”

Y’all…………… I met one of my favorite bands, was at the very front during the entire concert, and interacted with the lead singer in the middle of the show and I’m just………………….. dying from happiness rn

Captain Aaron Burr for @hubris-but-no-writing‘s pirate au that is in the works. If you haven’t noticed, i’m dying to read it. 

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hi excuse me is s13 really tomorrow because I AM NOT READY. WHAT IF IT'S AWFUL. but on the other hand, WHAT IF IT'S AMAZING? it could be amazing. let's cling to a shard of hope that it'll be amazing.



what a mistake you made, marrying him. too old to be governable, too young to die.