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I will always wait for the day we find each other again.

Couple of tag memes

Just a heads up that there’s a couple of nsfw posts in my queue tonight. I’ve also posted warnings in the queue ahead of it, so if you don’t want to see then avoid my blog tonight or block the tag.

Anyway, I was tagged by @abstractwithturkey for the song shuffle meme!

  1. Heaven Knows - The Pretty Reckless
  2. Move - Little Mix
  3. Casual Affair - Panic! At the Disco
  4. Easy Love - Sigala
  5. One Dance - Drake
  6. Elastic Heart - Sia
  7. King - Years & Years
  8. Stronger - Kanye West
  9. I Feel It Coming - The Weeknd & Daft Punk
  10. Cake by the Ocean - DNCE

I was also tagged by @justkeeponsimming for the 20 questions tag!

Name: Megan
Nicknames: Megs, Megatron (i once made the mistake of telling my friend i was once called this as a joke and now she calls me that… and made that my nickname on our Creative Writing class group chat >.<)
Zodiac sign: Virgo
Height: 5′5
Orientation: Bisexual
Ethnicity: White British (my surname is French originating tho but that’s going back centuries and centuries)
Favourite fruit: Bananas, I haven’t ate any apples since I got my braces on a year ago and I miss them.
Favourite season: Either Spring or Autumn.
Favourite book series: The Hunger Games
Favourite flower: Daisies
Favourite scent: Hollister’s Silver Strand Beach, definitely
Favourite color:  It changes daily.
Favourite animal: DOGS 
Coffee, tea, or hot cocoa: None! I don’t like hot drinks.
Average sleep hours: Seven or eight.
Cat or dog person? See above. My dog Paddy is the most precious little thing ever
Favourite fictional characters: Dunnoooo
Number of blankets you sleep with: One big comfy quilt.
Dream trip: I’d say Poland but I’m going there in April, so… Italy or Amsterdam.
Blog created: February 2013 (i’m an elderly simblr)
Number of followers: 1,817 fabulous people!

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“if you’re capable.” the nonsense you speak.

desolationofzara  asked:

Short story: My big sister moved to Dallas recently and I'm missing the crap outta her (not that i'll ever say it to her face) because it's so quiet in the house now without her. I stumble onto your Voltron Brothers AU and honestly I can relate so much to it. I don't even miss her that much anymore. So thank you for your wonderful art and cheering me up a little today.

oh my gosh, i’m gonna cry, i have no idea what to say…

i’m so so so glad my art made you feel better, even just a little. i’m actually going through the same thing myself so i totally understand. it really is difficult being alone when you’ve grown up your whole life with your siblings huh….

anyway! it always makes me happy when people say they relate to my bro au bc there really are a lot of fond childhood memories involved in it for me as well, and it’s nice to see others getting the same sense of nostalgia from it too.

i hope you get to see your sister again soon!

me:  today is going to be a good day

my uterus:  today I am going to rip myself apart and give you horrible cramps.  you will be unable to move without being in pain and your underwear will be constantly wet and uncomfortable.  on top of this you will get major dysphoria because I’ve deemed you a girl, and I’m reinforcing that with every ten minute muscle contraction

me:  why?

my uterus:  because fuck you that’s why

anonymous asked:

Hi fmbl! If you haven't yet, you should watch monsta x take care of a kids for a day for their monsta x-ray show. It was adorable, shownu was such a dad

HEH HI ANon!!!  I”m working on it - I’m just finishing with episode 2 right now where it was Mother-In-Law Showbu doing karaoke with the grandmas and I am just howling - how can he big so biglicious but so cuteshy and lovely HOW?

Really the entire group such lovely boys, I really enjoyed watching Right Now, and all of their shorter episodes where they were in school (forget what that was called) so I’m excited to watch this too - there’s just so much going on right now it’s taking me forever!!! I’ll think of you when I watch the kid episode anon < 3 thank you for the rec!!!  I hope you’re having a bouncy day where you are!

Figured I should draw someone who isn’t Frank. Have an Alex.

He has scars all up his arms and probably all over his body cus he’s a dumb shit. That is all.

I got an email from 1iota THIS MORNING saying they still had pit tickets available so I packed my shit and ran my ass to LA 🏃🏻🏃🏻🏃🏻 waited about 3 hours in line and in the venue before the show but it was so worth it. They kept the fans in the pit moving throughout the show so you could be close to one artist but far from another BUT I made it my MISSION to be up close to zayn. I swam, climbed, FOUGHT my way and legit got right up against his stage. The whole show I was waiting for zayn and zayn only so when the screen came up and he was behind it… I LOST MY SHIT….. when he sang my ears thanked him, when he looked over my way I had to look away bc it was like LOOKING at the SUN. I don’t rmr the high note bc I was too busy having an out-of-body experience. what I do rmr is how that high note wiped me of all my exhaustion/stress/worries. ALSO he is so breathtakingly beautiful up close?? like I’m not even exaggerating he’s unreal I actually had to catch my breath at one point… BUT IN CONCLUSION zayn is a phenomenal performer and I’m so blessed to have been there to support him


You heard me! FuckYeahPeridot needs a new icon and they need, yes, your help!


  • All entries MUST be submitted at fyp-icon-contest​. I will not check any entries submitted on this blog. One entry per user, please, although you may re-submit if you cleaned up any errors on your original entry.
  • It must be your artwork and your artwork only. No edits or copy of anyone else’s work or anything by the Crewniverse.
  • The only character in the icon should be Peridot. You’re free to incorporate flask robonoids in it, though!
  • I’d prefer a background that’s either transparent or a bit stylized (whether it’s a pattern or a place). I’m not a big fan of single-colored backgrounds :c
  • The letters “FYP” should be visible somewhere in the picture!
  • Dimensions should be square-sized and not too small.


  • A spotlight on this blog, of course!
  • EDIT: The main gift has changed to a getting a $5 Amazon gift card. However, if you win the contest, you can still choose the original gift which is me buying you something off your Amazon wishlist as long as the total price is $5 or under (including shipping and handling). I want to tell you beforehand, though, that if you don’t receive your present for any reason even if I get a confirmation e-mail saying that I paid for it (which I can forward to you), then I can’t buy you another one. I can make up for it with another gift that doesn’t involve money.

If you end up being the winner and the prizes above don’t suit you, then we can discuss other options. Please share your Skype with me so we can have a place to talk about it.

This contest officially ends September 27th, 2015 at 12:00am (Eastern Time)! After that, I will close submissions and choose the winner within a week.

I encourage you to be creative and have fun with this! You are free to ask me any questions about the contest on this blog and I will answer them all as soon as possible, but remember that your entry must be submitted at fyp-icon-contest! :)

I will occasionally reblog this over the next few weeks, so if you don’t want to see this post on your dash constantly, then block the tag #fyp icon contest!

Starstruck | Closed


Interviewer: So, Love Potion No. 9? How much did you have to pay for the rights to that name?

Jemma Simmons: [laughs] That’s a trade secret, I’m afraid. Much like the chemical formula.

Interviewer: Alright, alright. Fair enough. We’ll move on now to questions from the website. First up, from NerdyLover96: What made you want to make a love potion in the first place?

Jemma Simmons: Well, I suppose it’s because I wanted there to be more romance in life. We’ve got lingerie and Viagra and 50 Sex Tips to Make You Better in Bed, but we didn’t have anything to… well, to rekindle a spark of a different kind. 

Interviewer: So you wanted to focus more on love and less on sex?

Jemma Simmons: I suppose so, yes. In a way. I still think sex is an important consideration in relationships, of course, but to me, that fluttery feeling when you see the person you want to spend your life with? That’s better than an orgasm. 

Interviewer: Oh my! Well, that leads perfectly into our next question. This one’s from CaptainShipper: Have you ever been in love?

Jemma Simmons: [laughs] Of course I have!

Interviewer: Well? Who’s the lucky guy or gal?

Jemma Simmons: Oh, I don’t think I should say. 

Interviewer: They didn’t know?

Jemma Simmons: Definitely not! He was my best friend! I couldn’t exactly tell him I was head over heels without making things awkward, now could I?

Interviewer: Best friend? Really?

Jemma Simmons: Oh god. [groans] I should not have said that. 

Interviewer: If he’s out there watching, is there anything you’d like to say to him?

Jemma Simmons: Sorry for making things awkward?

Interviewer: [laughs] Good answer. I think we’ve got time for one more question. This one is from TheLittleEngineThatCouldn’t: Why is Love Potion No. 9 only available with a doctor’s prescription? 

Jemma Simmons: While it can’t actually create emotions where there are none, Nine does increase emotional responses to love-based stimula, and there are legitimate concerns about its misuse. That is why, at this point in time, it can only be prescribed by a physician with the recommendation of a licensed relationship counsellor. Basically, we don’t want people trying to force someone to fall in love with them. Not that that would be possible without near-constant dosing, but still. We’re being cautious.

Interviewer: That’s an excellent point, and I’m glad you’ve taken that into consideration. Especially since it’s time for us to take a commercial break, but when we come back, I’ll be trying Love Potion No. 9 in front of our live studio audience!

So imagine watching Tokyo 2020 Olympics on your TV:

Arashi shooting up from the stage with their sparkly colour coded outfits and decided to sing either Oh Yeah! or Happiness, and they’re running around and you see the moving stage.

Then fireworks shoot up in the stadium, Johnny’s Junior is in it too.

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And we’re all screaming our heads off and our country’s commentator says Arashi with an accent.

Then some anime character shows up…

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