can't wait for this damn show


Take it, take it, take it! Mark is ready to stab you with some fresh sharp rap


Z Nation meme | one character  —– Alvin Bernard Murphy

I am not one of the resurrected, I’m your messiah.

  • Theater kids the week before the show: This whole damn show is going to shit. The leads don't show up to rehearsal, nobody knows their lines, not one person has bothered to listen to the soundtrack at home. Don't even bother coming to the show it'll be a waste of your money it'll be a major fucking disaster
  • Theater kids the week of the show: It's coming along really great! This show is so much fun, and we can't wait to finally reveal all of our hard work to everyone! I can't wait to see you there I'm sure you're gonna love it :)

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Looks like Camila is stopping at nothing. Good for her. I can't wait for her to perform in VS fashion show. I bet she would try so hard not to eyeing all the models. Obviously she doesn't know how subtle about it. The struggle would be so damn real girl.

The only girl worth eyeing

  • them: wow carol has so many options for a romantic love interest remember tobin yeah that was totes adorbs and most definitely a thing ooh the chemistry between her and ezekial he the king to her queen af and don't forget morgan he and carol are always on the same page and they just get one another ya know i just can't wait to see who carol falls in love with i simply cannot decide
  • me: daryl especially would make a good love interest-
  • also them: OH my gOD what is it with you shIppers why you gotta make evERythING about """hooki ng up"" this is a ZOMBIE SHOW not a gOt DaMn romancenovel whY can't a MAN and WOMAN just be fRIENDS like thE walking DeD does NOT need anymorE couPLse jeez ever heard of PLATONI C relAtio
well damn
  • Draco: I think I should be completely honest with you guys and tell you guys the truth.
  • Blaise and Pansy: You're gay and you're in love with Potter.
  • Draco: How did you guys know? Is it that obvious?
  • Blaise: Well you constantly talk about him and you can't seem to stop staring at him whenever you see him. You ask questions like...Do you think he's a top or bottom? Does he sleep naked?
  • Pansy: You know what all of his classes are and you wait outside the classroom just so you can look at him. You constantly insult him which according to your knowledge "shows him that you care" and you spend all day trying to find a way to insult him just so you can see him again.
  • Draco: well damn
Always the Double-Agent

I’m crying because I knew, as soon as he recycled the “things about me you wouldn’t like” line, I knew he was a good guy here, infiltrating Hydra.

But even more than that they made it about him protecting Skye, cuz she’s InHuman. And I think about how much of a role he played in her becoming that in S2 and how everything went wrong.

But how even if he’s “always the double agent” as Jemma said, one thing remains the same, his feelings for Skye.

And I’m crying cuz she didn’t have to have that scene in the garage with him where she apologized to him, and told him her real name, unless she’s connecting with him again, and he’ll just end up getting left behind in the Framework, and damn I knew this was gonna be a wicked cruel piece of Skyeward they’re giving us but I just can’t help but appreciate the fact that, in the Framework, they’re on the same side, working together, and I just really wish we could have this for good, bring Ward back with them somehow.

Though I know with this show hope means nothing, and I’ll just get heartbroken again, but bring it on, cuz I love Skyeward, no matter what they do or say.

  • Tokoyomi: MAN-I can't wait to be involved in a story that focuses on my personality and growth as a character and not just my powers. And NOT showing me save someone heroically, we're HEROES we all do that equally.
  • Sero: Ditto, sometimes I feel I'm just here to shoot tape out mah elbows.
  • Koji: ...
  • Sero: Damn straight Koji.
  • Shoji: Do I even HAVE a personality? When is Shoji's time to shine?
  • Sato: Speak for yourself, at least your not a walking talking Kinnikuman reference!
  • Tokoyomi: Why are we heroes, what is our motivation, THERE HAS TO BE MORE TO US THAN OUR SUPERPOWERS!
  • Koji: ...
  • Sero: Language Koji.
Senior Initiate Kenobi

Hello There! I just wanted to thank everyone for their overwhelming response to my first little bit fun with Ahsoka and Tiny BB! Obi-Wan. (That is totally his name now and no one will convince me otherwise.) I am so, so humbled by all of the lovely comments and tags and reblogs you’ve given me and I cannot thank you all enough!

And now, we return to our previously scheduled Adventures of Ahsoka and Obi-Wan!

And if you have no idea what I’m talking about Part One is right here! And you can find Part Three here!

Was Ahsoka losing her mind?

“I’m sorry. What did you say your name was?” she sputtered in shock.

If it was possible, the boy in front of her looked even more crestfallen than before, his blue eyes darting off to the side as he hunched his shoulders defensively and bowed his head. “My name is Obi-Wan Kenobi.”

Yes. Ahsoka decided she was losing her mind.

Or maybe this a dream? Or a Force vision? Yes! Let’s go with Force vision. But what is the Force trying to tell me?

And why did this tiny version of Master Obi-Wan look so terribly depressed?

“It’s nice to meet you, Obi-Wan,” Ahsoka finally said, returning his bow with one of her own. “Where were you headed in such a rush?”

Obi-Wan seemed startled at her kind words and looked up at her, his wide blue-grey eyes doing that squinting thing Master Obi-Wan’s did whenever Anakin was trying to pull a fast one over him. It was almost comical coming from a child half her age.

Comical and heartbreakingly familiar.

“I was on my way to saber practice with Master Drallig,” Obi-Wan sighed, apparently deciding that Ahsoka was to be trusted. “I’m afraid I shall be late now. Master Drallig will be most displeased with me.”

Saber practice? With Master Drallig? Then that meant…

This is the Temple. I’m in the Temple. On Coruscant. This is a vision of the past. Of Obi-Wan’s past.

But why was the Force showing her this?

“Why don’t I go with you and explain it to him?” Ahsoka offered, a smile on her face. “If it hadn’t been for me, I’m sure you would have been right on time, right?”

Obi-Wan bit his lip and looked off to the side, his hands clasped behind his back as he rocked on his heels. “Ah… well, to be perfectly honest, Master Ahsoka, I am already tardy for my instructions.”

“How late are you?” Ahsoka asked, incapable of believing that Obi-Wan Kenobi could be late to anything, let alone to a class on lightsaber instruction. Anakin, yes, but Obi-Wan? Never!

Obi-Wan frowned. “Class started fifteen minutes ago.”

“Fifteen minutes ago?” Ahsoka echoed, shocked. That did not sound like the Master Obi-Wan she knew. “Why are you already so late?”

And why do you still look so sad?

Pursing his lips, Obi-Wan managed to get out a pained but polite answer. “I was talking with Master Sinube and he can be a bit… loquacious. It would have been terribly rude of me to interrupt him! He is a very wise master and I… eh-hem. And now I am even more late, Master Ahsoka.”

Then Initiate Obi-Wan did the same thing that Master Obi-Wan did when it was clear he was done explaining himself: he pulled his hands from behind his back, set his chin, and nodded solemnly. When she had been younger it had been intimidating at first, then amusing and now, to see the origins of that little head nod on such a small boy, it was positively endearing.

“Well then at least let me go with you to explain my part in this whole mess,” Ahsoka smiled, a soft and affectionate laugh following her statement. “Where is the class being held?”

“In the Northern Solar Room,” Obi-Wan explained, marching forward and his head held high. “And thank you, Master Ahsoka, but you need not impugn your honor on my account. I, alone, am responsible for my actions. I chose to offend Master Drallig’s sense of punctuality and I should pay the price for it.”

Ahsoka shook her head, a feeling of warmth and affection for this tiny version of her master’s master suffusing the Force. “I think my honor can take the hit, Obi-Wan.”

Obi-Wan looked back at her, one eyebrow arched in skepticism. He gave her a long look with those clear blue-grey eyes before he came a conclusion and shook his head. “As you wish, Master Ahsoka.”

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You and Clay have a cute little 5 year old girl and she is such a daddy's girl that she is literally a mini female version of him and so one day she has a talent show and she tries to be a little comedian and tell her own types of jokes to people and it is the cutest thing ever and everyone loves it. Clay and you just watch her and he looks at you and says he can't wait to have more kids and have his own little comedy club at home.

this makes me want to cry and I’ve not even seen the damn show yet 

Daddy Wednesday™

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No matter what name we decide on.... this is so amazing that we have a big enough community of dallon fans to do this. I'm so excited and can't wait for our "official" fan name :))))))

i don’t really know how a “fandom name” actually gets coined, like when it manifests and people start really using and accepting it
but yes, it’s absolutely amazing! this blog is close to 2k followers, that’s pretty damn good for a ‘secret’ band that only played three shows and didn’t actually release any music so far

  • Annabeth: I'm kinda cold.
  • Percy: Here, have my jacket.
  • Piper: I'm cold, too.
  • Jason: Well, damn, Pipes, I can't control the weather.
  • Piper:
  • Jason:
  • Annabeth:
  • Percy:
  • Jason: Wait-

So just because I felt like it (and also wanted to do something while listening to some really long post-rock songs) I decided to read the Koi to Uso Manga, sure I can just wait for new episodes of the Anime adaption but oh boy surprisingly I actually like the series and reading the Manga to the point I’m in was great, cause I can’t wait to see the actual “Best Girl” of the series to show up in the Anime

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Naruto is a legit cringe fest. The whole cast turned into a wanker that "believed" in Naruto like he's some ninja jesus or some shit. It was like watching some propaganda especially with how they handled sasuke. They beat him into submission basically. Why wasn't Jiraiya sought after? He was wondering around oggling at girls. Like omfg. I can't even begin to describe the maby things wrong in it. I grew up with this show and it's so sad to see it end this way. Fuck. I want my childhood back.

Exactly! There is so many things wrong with naruto even in sakura books she talks about “beating down” sasuke until he gives in to her wtf?

They just like to label anyone who has a different ideal then them as in living in darkness and hatred it’s crazy!

It ended so badly it was a damn shame they should’ve also went after orochimaru also!! instead of waiting three years for naruto to get “stronger” to go after sasuke!!

It was just so cringe worthy the whole show I’m happy you realize it lol

Thanks for the ask 🍒