can't wait for this baby to arrive

Also the heat wasn’t too bad today, but the air quality randomly tanked and it was literally raining ash on us when we went to and from the midwives clinic.

Can't help falling in love (Requested Derek Hale Imagine)

You hadn’t known pure happiness, until your baby girl had been born. Nine months was too long to wait, for you and Derek. But finally, Luna Hale arrived into the world.

With snow falling graciously outside the window, you and Derek sat comfortably with Luna on the couch, near the warm fireplace. Christmas being right around the corner, you had decided to get the pack together for a holiday dinner, as well as celebrating the arrival of the new Hale.

“She is so adorable.” Lydia cooed at the child laying sleepily in your arms.

“And she looks just like her father.” Melissa chimed in, smiling happily at Derek, who proudly smiled back at her.

“You guys can go ahead and eat. The food is ready.” You called to the pack, who now filled the living room of the loft.

After everyone had went into the kitchen, you and Derek remained seated on the couch. You snuggled deeper into his embrace, and held Luna closer to the both of you.

Becoming lost in her hazel eyes, you began to sing quietly…

“Darling, so you see..some things are meant to be. Take my hand; take my whole life too…oh, for I can’t help falling in love..with you…”

“…Oh for I, I can’t help falling in love with you…” Derek finished softly, leaning down to kiss your forehead, and then Luna’s.

You and Derek had begun singing to Luna, her eyes twinkling brightly in the light of the Christmas tree, as she began smiling up at you, and Derek. You couldn’t help but smile back down at your beautiful, and happy baby girl.

“I love you.” Derek whispered to you, and then to Luna.

Smiling contently, you began to drift off to sleep, the sound of Derek’s heartbeat, and the warmth of Luna comforting you, allowing you to relax and watch the snow fall, until you fell asleep, in a state of pure bliss.

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One week left until our little cubby arrives…feel like my whole pregnancy has just flown by. Can’t believe baby daddy and I will be parents in 7 days.
Can now take a break from all the uni work as I’m ahead of the curb, just hoping he comes on time now, want to meet him already!👶🏽💙👣

Meet Lucifer, aka Luci, my new little baby! He’s a 3 month old halfmoon betta, and I’m so excited he arrived today :D it was a couple days early, but I ended up home sick today so it all worked out perfectly! Even though he’s only been in the tank a few minutes, he’s already busy exploring and harassing the few snails.

And They Call It Puppy Love
  • Rachel:
  • Rachel's doctors appointment had left her worried that something might be wrong with the baby or even with her but she was trying not to let it show. As she drove home she tuned it out with music blasting in her car in an attempt to distract herself.
  • When she finally arrived home she ended up walking in and heading straight for the bedroom. She was exhausted and aching all over and the moment that her body hit the mattress she instantly relaxed. 'I'm home and heading for a nap but I can't wait to see you.' She sent to Finn.

These two doujinshi’s finally arrived from China and I can’t wait to scanlate them after my finals! 
I haven’t looked too closely at them yet, but here’s the general gist : 7 years later, Shion and Nezumi finally reunite. Shion has a hard time introducing Nezumi to his “son” (the baby he rescued during the Holy Day cleaning operation) and then there’s some reunion love making. ;)

Mermaid Smile: a simple, short, sweet story about merman (merchild?) Haru saving Rin from drowning.


Next Friday the newest (and final!!) member of our family will be coming home. He is a Magnoya/Notts baby and if he’s anything like Thingamajig then he should be a pretty easy puppy :) Currently we’re thinking his name will be “Circuit” but we haven’t totally settled on it yet.

I said I wouldn’t post about him before he arrived but I’m way too excited to contain it anymore.  I’m sure my Mom will have a good chuckle when she sees this! :) I gave in, I’m weeeeak!!


Yep… I bought it. LOL 

Look at that abs… Look at that back… LOOK AT THAT!! 

I’m drowning in my own nosebleed now… XDD

Sent this to my friend in Singapore since she will come to Bandung at the end of this month. It cost less than delivering it to Indonesia. I can save around $10. XDD

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And for those who want to order this baby… Here’s the Amazon JP link.

Reverse - New Story

Introducing my next multi fic story.

It’s be fun writing this story and I’m so happy to be sharing it with you all. 

Happy reading!

Sometimes life throws stuff in your lap… including unexpected sperm donations.

Katniss left Panem 2 years ago, heartbroken and embarrassed. After two years, she arrives back at Panem heavily pregnant, single and determined to raise her baby on her own, until she realises who the father of her baby is.

Chapter 1 available now on AO3!

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SnowBarry "I can't wait until this baby arrives" =)

“I can’t wait until this baby arrives.” Caitlin grumbles as she shifts herself carefully to sit besides her husband on the couch, one hand sliding gently down her growing belly, “At least then I can actually do stuff without Cisco or you having to shriek that I might fall any second. I’m pregnant. Not dying.”

"Honey, don’t play with those words,” are all Barry chooses to say while he turns to the next page, his other arm that was displayed behind her head came to envelop her smaller shoulders, his fingers naturally playing with the curls of her brown hair. 

“You’re not paying attention to me.”



“Caitlin,” he tries to hide the laughter in his voice, “I really need to read this.”

“You don’t really need to read that. If it was urgent, you would’ve fast-read through it in seconds.” She pouts. “I think I want cookies.” She turns to him, “Barry. I think I want cookies. Now.”


"What!” Caitlin shrieks while he starts to laugh at her neck, toppling his head near her neck. “It’s not my fault the baby’s hungry all the time! I think he got it from you.”

“You’re so friggin’ adorable, do you know that?”

“Well, at least we know one reason why you decided to marry me,” she begins running her fingers down the side of his skull, grinning, “right, Mr. Allen?”

"Yeah. One reason.”

She laughs. “Just shut up and kiss me.”

He does.

“And get me cookies.”

He does that, too.

(give me a pairing + a dialogue and i’ll write a short drabble out of it)