can't wait for the photoshoot


Don Juan Photoshoot with David Tennant

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Swinton says, “My fondest impression of him is as a new husband besotted by his girl, and a new father enchanted by his boy.” She doesn’t worry that fame will spoil him: “I think he knows that he wants—and has—a life first and foremost, that his life suits and nourishes him and that it makes the world go round.” (x)


Some photos of my Mihashi cosplay taken by sleeplesstomorrow (who also cosplayed as Abe with me, I’ll post some photos with the both of us next!) <3

It’s hard to look like a young boy when you are 92-64-96 (in my defence, I also have a lot of muscles) but I tried XD
Also, the black mitt in the last photo is the one I used for the photos because it pretty much resembles the one Mihashi uses. The brown one is actually the real mitt I use when I’m playing softball XD (I play as an outfielder, tho)
I love my mitt <3

P.s. if you’re wondering, in the third photo I was mimicking Mihashi checking whether the ace number was still in place or not XD