can't wait for the new season to start

Wait, are they gonna make Franky & Allie a thing on Wentworth?!! I see people complaining, I haven’t watched the new season so far but if they do I’m 100% there for it! Tell me the news! Do I need to start watching again?


I know Pope is a scary guy and he comes off as creepy and dangerous, but he's programmed. I always enjoy finding the moments of heart, because they’re there. They’re hard to see, you have to brush back a lot of crap, but I think in episode 10 Pope starts to realize that he’s been programmed and that he is a consequence of Smurf’s upbringing. He’s going to brush back against that a little bit and that’s going to take season two in a new direction.

Wow. I’m truly appreciating all these #GrowingUp… tags. It’s like everybody had that one moment where they forgot to start cooking something/take something out before their parents got home, had that one food/seasoning to put on everything, not recognized people that remember holding you as a child, to other (apparently universal) coincidences. I’m really loving this.

By the way, don’t be afraid to start a new tag with your race after #GrowingUp____. This is a great way to bring your culture to the forefront along with many others! What a convenient way to have people who’ve lived a culture talk about their shared experiences.


Some more hiatus doodles! This time it’s Steven Universe!