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convince me to get into berserk pls

Honestly, the movies are worth a shot just for Casca.

Griffith’s like… “I can be your angle”

“Or yuor devil”

Many people die in horribly gruesome ways and that’s always a plus for me. Aaaand, if you watch the movies you’ll understand why the following gif is therapeutic. (when you’re stressed you can stare at it to calm yourself, but only if you know what’s up with the plot)

Best for last, my favorite character, the beast, the warrior, the lover, the boyfriend goals, my sweet beefcake… Guts.

You will never love a man as much as you’ll love Guts. Trust me. Curious to see how much love you have to give to a hot mess of a hunk? Watch Berserk. (then read the manga for further heartbreaking love)

In Berserk the main characters aren’t what they seem and the plot twists are plot twists. Hardcore stuff, not pansy situations overhyped as shocking. Every important character has substance, even barely-any-screen-time little guys, there’s effort put into everyone. No one feels disposable. The love story might as well put your heart into a blender. The friendship story drinks the blended heart like a protein shake.

Berserk is a manga that’s been going on for a mind-blowing 28 years. There have been hiatuses but the art is consistently incredible and the story is well paced. As the author’s masterpiece, I’m sure it won’t let you down.

F I N A L L Y my precious Joots!!! :’D

(coming soon to an Etsy near you ayy)

You know, it sucks to have to go to your job and people use your deadname and misgender you because of your appearance, but if you have no other option, you just have to fucking do it.

I’ve been in the industry for over seven years and this has happened at every job for these seven years.

Yes, it sucks. Yes, it’s hard. Yes, I want to cry.

Yes, I have to persevere.

I cannot let myself tumble down into a spiral of not taking care of myself and not providing for myself because I get called a girl at work.

I have diagnosed depression. I have diagnosed anxiety. Don’t tell me I don’t know what it’s like. I’m 26 and I’ve been working since I was 19. Same shit, different jobs.

It’s okay to ask people for help; I have a job with income and yet I still had to ask the internet for financial help when my cat needed surgery.

But you can’t rely on the kindness of internet strangers to carry you through your entire life because you are so fragile that you’ll explode if someone misgenders you. You can’t be passive-aggressive with your donation posts which emphasizes your minority buzzwords to get people to donate to you all the time. They’re good for emergencies!! But please don’t use them as a solid means of financial stability.

It’s okay. You can make it through. Sell arts and crafts on etsy. Post your designs on Redbubble or DBH. Hold commissions for your art. Get into streaming video games. You don’t even have to leave your house to do these things.

But for your sake, not mine, don’t think that you can just post a donation link and people will supply you with endless amounts of money for the rest of your life. We make our own money; you should, too.

special delivery?!?!?!

i just got a package in the mail! it was these beautiful, amazing, pens!!! WHAT?!?! HOW!??! Who sent these?!?!? (7O   [   ] O)7 the packaging was damaged so i couldn’t read the sender info!!! if it was you~ can you please message me!!! (-^     w   ^-) i need to say thank you soooo much!!! *SQUEE!*

The Daily Mail Has Written RPF

Attention all Shipmates! 

Forgive us if you will. We have a rule aboard the ship that RPF is banned from coming aboard (we might be trash, but we have standards…some), however, in light of recent events, we’ve been made aware that The Daily Mail has written RPF (not really RPF if it really happened, right?) about our Captains, and we felt the need to share it with you all. It tells a nice story about our Captains and even comes complete with pictures… How nice of the Daily Mail to introduce their work into the fandom.  

Her character DSI Stella Gibson often goes for a dip in the pool when she is feeling stressed.

And Gillian Anderson looked very relaxed as she swam in the Mediterranean sea on a romantic boat trip with her boyfriend Peter Morgan in Portofino, Italy.

The star of The Fall, 48, showed off her washboard abs in the olive green and pink swimwear as she enjoyed the balmy climes of the Italian Riviera.  

Her bottoms had a similar cut and were tied together at the sides by matching lengths of pink string as she watched the world go by on her romantic boat trip.

The actress took a dip in the sea with her boyfriend Peter Morgan and sat cross-legged on the side of the boat as they took in the picturesque views

The X-Files star also caught the rays as she enjoyed a boat trip with her beau. The blonde beauty protected herself from the sun with a floppy straw hat and circular sunglasses. The couple perched on the very edge of the boat and chatted as they took in their picturesque surroundings in the north of Italy.

Gillian entered the water in a graceful arc as she took part in her character Stella Gibson’s favourite hobby. 

Gillian’s boyfriend Peter sat in the front seat of the boat as the actress peered at her phone and lounged on a beach towel. Gillian cooled down by lowering herself slowly into the water, as Peter watched on.  

The couple later sat in the main body of the boat and relaxed on top of deep blue beach towels and cushions. When she got on and left the boat, Gillian covered her bikini with a stylish striped halter dress. The simple blue dress brushed the actress’s knees and proved easy to take off when she got ready for her swim. Gillian, who was taking some much needed time out from her hectic schedule, cooled down by lowering herself slowly into the water, as Peter sat on the edge of their boat.

Gillian enjoyed the company of her playwright boyfriend as they sat on a boat by the Portofino cliff face. The couple watched a group of swimmers pass by as they were taken on a boat trip on the Italian Riviera. Gillian leaned back to take a photograph of the view from the boat as the pair laughed and joked on holiday.

The contented couple stretched out as they took a romantic boat trip to see Christ of the Abyss, a statue of Jesus which is found underwater.

As the couple mounted the steps to a restaurant, Gillian stopped to take a picture of writer Peter.

After their boat trip, the pair ate lunch at a restaurant on the cliff face, which looked out towards the sea.

The pair sat and ate lunch as the actress’s wet hair dried after her dip in the Mediterranean sea. Gillian smiled at Peter as the pair chatted among bunches of flowers as they waited for their food. The playwright and creator of The Crown strained as he captured the perfect shot of Gillian enjoying her meal.

The End

Thank you for your submission Daily Mail. We think the quality of the writing will get better the more you write, so just keep writing. We are here for you, Daily Mail…all writers improve eventually. We suggest watching the Captain’s Masters Class on Screenwriting if you need any additional tips. 

Guess she’s not going to be letting go then.


after three (3) long weeks
there is a god after all

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I’m sorry to bother you, I know you have a lot of requests waiting.. I was just wondering if you write for any other fandoms and if you don’t, would you consider it? I love your writing!!!

I don’t really have very strong feelers right now about another fandom, so for right now I’m just Voltron and Voltron only. But if another grabs me by the tits as tightly as this one has, I’ll let y’all know! (also thank you!!! ToT)