can't wait for the mail

Guess she’s not going to be letting go then.

Hell yeah got the whole squad here.

I am such a nerd…

seiously though

i have all but given up on ya fiction because it’s mostly all the same??

there’s always some mysterious/different boy the strong/different heoine meets

or if not that, there’s ALWAYS a romance that ends up dominating the story, ruining any chance at world building (this is especially true in YA fantasy/dystopia, the latter of which genre always is  a tad too lacking of any sort of resonant, believable, and relatable social commentary which is the whole fucking point of the genre???not two FATED lovers find each other and ANGST.) or anything? and it’s always the same bland romance? white, straight couple who are oh so different/can’t be together/something along those lines?

i am so done with it

like does anyone know of anything that isn’t like this?