can't wait for the happy ending

(Spoilers for GotG 2)

I see this idea of Yondu meeting Meredith in the afterlife going around and I highly agree on the idea of Peter’s parents finally meeting…

… but can we add some people to that welcome?

Let there not only be Meredith waiting for Yondu once he enters the afterlife.

Let there be Tullk, Oblo, Horuz, all the Ravagers that have helped and served Yondu until their very end. The once loyal to him, the once who would cheer and howl and laugh when they see their Captain appearing before them. Let them clap him on the back, backing off to see his reaction, laughing when he is too overwhelmed to snap at them for their familiarity with him.

Let there be the children Yondu has delivered to Ego – the ones he used to have nightmares of because he felt guilt that he would never admitted out loud. Let them smile and run up to him when they see him, some of them still holding the trinkets he has slipped them before they had to leave his ship. Let them cling to his legs and ask for his whistling and his arrow because in the dead of night, Yondu used to whistle to them to calm them down when they were homesick.

Let there be a whole bunch of people where Yondu expected no one to be happy to see him. It’s perhaps a weird group – a Terran woman to bright and innocent amidst the rowdy ragtag bunch of Ravagers and children too young and innocent to be already here right next to them

… but Yondu finds he doesn’t really mind, being almost buried under all the people assailing him.

It’s one hell of an after party, and really, that’s probably the best welcome he could have gotten.

Royalty AU - Crown Princess Marinette of the Dupain-Cheng Twin Kingdoms

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(Adrien, Alya, Nino, Chloé, Sabrina, Juleka, Rose, Nathaniel, Alix, Kim) (other classmates coming soon)


Just gotta tell ya before this thing goes on, you gotta realize that the only way out is in a body bag. Now we don’t have to write our vows. “

  • Me before encountering anti Kylo bs on my dash: Kylo Ren is a highly complex character and will most likely only grow in complexity as the trilogy goes on. We don't yet know much about his motivations for doing the terrible things he does, but the fact stands that he has gone too far down the dark path to come back without significant effort and suffering on his part. He can still find redemption, but it's extremely unlikely that he will have a traditionally happy ending the way many fans want him to. Even though he was manipulated by Snoke, many of his choices were still his own and the narrative as well as the audience will demand retribution for that.
  • Me after encountering anti Kylo bs on my dash: Wow I can't wait for the final shot of Episode IX to be Kylo Ren smiling as he's engulfed in a group hug from his polyamorous life partners Rey, Finn, and Poe, while the baby ewoks they've adopted dance around their feet and the two previous Trios all smile down on them from above


whattup my friends! exams are exactly four weeks from now and my very first one is on the 31. since chem is my first period, i started rewriting a few pages of my notes and worked a little bit more on my flash cards. i !! am ready !!!! to suffer !!!!!! :))))))) when do your exams start, my buds?

@kpopfanfictrash, @the-porcelain-doll-xo, anyone else who’s into BTS…. pls….I need fic recs… especially for the Softest bun Taehyung ;~; but all of them rlly

  • Me: wtf was the black butler anime???? lmao read the manga
  • Manga: *puts Lizzy in danger*
  • Manga: *spends months on boy band filler only to kill another character for shock value*
  • Manga: *literally murders Agni for shock value*
  • Me: ...deai ni iro wa nakute
So Enzo died.

Seriously, is anyone actually surprised? Of course he died. I knew he would since S8 started. He was just some random-ass, irrelevant character that only got any significance paired up with Bonnie … and in a fucking flashblack episode at that. You think Bonenzo was going to get a happily ever after, written that way? Lol no.

If Enzo comes back in the finale?  It just means Enzo died so Bonnie could be put through completely unnecessary grief for plot. It symbolizes hatred of her character. Bonenzo symbolizes hatred of her character. Everything on this show symbolizes hatred for her character and you are naïve to think otherwise.

You think Bamon’s going to happen now? Lol no. Because Damon belongs to the sacred Elena and Bonnie’s just meant to serve Elena. God forbid you pair her with a male lead or pair her with ANYONE. Canon ships (Bonenzo, Beremy) or potential ships (Bonkai, Bamon), JP fucks them all up because to her Bonnie ain’t good enough for ANYONE.

Bonnie never gets to be happy. JP is a racist, obsessed fangirl that goes out of her way to make sure she has the worst of everything. She was depowered for nearly all of S8 for no goddamn reason and gets it now conveniently when the plot demands it. Because Bonnie has never been a character for Plec. Bonnie is a plot device. A sacrificial lamb. If she dies for DE and reunites with Enzo in the afterlife or gets some fucked unrequited love for Damon and then dies for DE, I wouldn’t be surprised by any of this. I don’t care what bullshit we heard about Bonnie getting a “unpredictable happy ending”, knowing Plec, it’s going to be unsatisfactory.

Bonnie Bennett deserves everything. She deserves the world. She deserves it all and will get nothing because this is Plec’s world. Expect nothing else.

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(public is fine) good thing: don't know if you remember, but a year ago i asked you for recommendations of romantic places to propose in prague. we went, and i was building up to propose and then my girl surprised me by proposing to ME in the rose gardens of the castle! there were anais mitchell references. we both cried. then i had to get her back, so i proposed as planned the next day, with a book of leonard cohen poems and a ring. tl;dr - we're gonna be wives and you helped, mollyhall :)


this story COULD NOT have had a better ending i am SO happy and i WILL be attending your wedding, no need to invite me bc i’ll show up regardless, i’ll be the one in the back with the big #1 TEAM foam finger crying LOUDLY during the entire ceremony and telling everyone that “those are my babies” while refusing to clarify what our actual relationship is!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Sofia finds Princess Jun and hastily tells her what’s going on as they waste no time looking for Wu-Chang and the other good sorcerers. After they free the wizards from the “shusher”, Merlin informs Sofia the only way to stop the villainous sorcerers now is to remove the Medusa Stones from their wands.

Sofia worries for Cedric’s safety as everyone witnesses most of the evil sorcerers already flying away. She anxiously leaves the area to go back to Cedric, only to find him in cahoots with Grimtrix all along. She angrily and hurtfully walks into the room confronting him. Not wanting to believe what she just saw. Cedric is surprised to see her as well and his nervousness sorely exudes him. He tries to reassure her again it’s not what it seems, but Wormwood pipes up and tells Sofia the absolute truth of Cedric’s nefarious intentions.

Absolutely heartbroken and in disbelief, Sofia questions if it’s really true once more. Cedric finally and sadly confirms it; he says it’s the only way anyone will ever respect him if he does take over the kingdom. Sofia rebuts with saying she thought they were friends. Cedric stutters and halfheartedly says they never were, which secretly shows deep down he did feel friendship with her. But alas, he excuses himself to fulfil his dream, and Sofia is left alone in her melancholy. But not for long- she determinedly snaps out of it and pursues him.

but by the grace of god go we

( Kandreil fic for @knox-moreau‘s contest! set post-canon, all schmoop. also available on ao3. )

( also please check out the sweet turn out for this contest. great ship fics galore. )

The first time Kevin kissed Neil was after Neil told Kevin that their performance in the Spring Championships upped their national ranking from the worst Class I team to the fourth best. Kevin dropped his gym bag, grabbed Neil by the shoulders, and reeled him in for a cruising, albeit closed-lip, kiss.

It was a tinsy bit shocking.

Though a gesture that would have sent a fourteen year old him stumbling in delight, now that he knew what Kevin Day was really like off a filmed stage, it made him question Kevin’s health. Once Kevin leaned away - not smiling in a soft, happy way, but grinning, like in victory, like in delight, like a crocodile at an unaware gazelle’s approach -, Neil bluntly asked, “Are you ill?”

Kevin did not take that well.

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Thoughts on BnHA 140


So cUTE ASFDSDGK THE START OF THEIR BROTHERLY RELATIONSHIP. I’d like to know who his favorite hero is too…


I literally went HOLY SHIT while viewing this above panel. 

I’m so happy to see more Suneater action. No, way beyond happy. 

AND HIS DETERMINATION AND SURGE OF COURAGE IS WHOA. He’s doing so well :’))) Plus, as expected of one of the Big 3. 

MAN I’M SO OVERWHELMED WITH FEELS. His heart may be weak, according to Fat Gum, but he sure is doing a great job overcoming that weakness and fighting head on, partially with the power of the encouragement he received from Mirio. This really goes to show the depths of his bond with Mirio is. I can’t wait to see more of them. 

..You get extremely nervous right? But you never run, or just give up. And that makes me not want to lose to you either.

Personally I’m quite inspired and motivated myself by Tamaki’s hidden strength and Mirio’s words as a result of it. Hey, perhaps that’s part of how sunny he is? 



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How would the guys react when they've been stressing about confessing to their crush, but they end up beating them to it and confessing to the boys instead?

haAAAAA get rekt

Noctis: His jaw drops, and his face flares up into a bright shade of red. He grumbles something under his breath and looks down to rub the back of his neck. “N…No, no, I’m not put off or anything, I’m… I’m really happy, because… I like you, too.” Needing to break the tension, he shoves their shoulder a little bit and groans, “Ah, c’mon, I was stressing over this and you just come out and say it? Who do you think you are?!” Noctis puts an arm around them and pulls them close anyway. “Jeez. If you knew, you could’ve said something.”

Ignis: He struggles to make any sounds for a solid ten seconds, his mouth opens and closes a few times like a stunned fish. “I… I’m happy to hear you feel that way towards me. I think the exact same of you,” he says once he’s over his initial shock. Ignis sighs loudly and runs a hand down his face. “To think I was fretting so ridiculously over telling you how I felt, and for you to utterly beat me in timing… I’m a fool.” He coughs and reaches for their hand to interlace their fingers. “…Consider this payback.”

Gladio: He blinks once, twice, then stares for a few seconds before pulling them to him in an elated hug. “So you did feel the same. What a relief.” He has to admit, he feels awkward being the one worrying so much over how to confess when his crush seemed to do so with such ease. He rubs the back of his neck. “You caught me off guard there, but I was planning on telling you, too. Can’t believe you beat me to it.” Honestly, once the initial embarrassment passes, it doesn’t bother him much. He just holds them and sighs contently. 

Prompto: He’d probably work up the courage to start to say something, but amidst all his nervous stuttering his crush would go ahead and blurt out their feelings for him. “I- wait, what? Wha? Huh? Me? You, like me? Like, like like? Wait, but I was gonna- that’s my line!” He’d curl up into a defensive ball and hide his face with both hands. “Ugh, come on! I was gonna be the first one to say it anyway, why’d you have to interrupt? I mean, hell yeah I’ll still date you, but dammit, I’m so lame!” he cries. He’d need some comforting later, but at the end of the day he’s still light-headed and happy. 

Trapped in the Cycle
  • me: i can't wait for band camp to start i miss everyone so much!!
  • band camp: *starts*
  • me: why did band camp have to start it's so hot and the sun won't leave and everyone's too loud and my feet hurt and my lips are chapped and that freshman trombonist has almost hit me with their slide seven times today ugh i can't wait for this to be over
  • band camp: *ends*
  • me: wait??? no?? but?? it's over??? wow i can't wait for band camp next year it was so fun

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I have drawn way more this week than the entire last year. Also I wrote some captions under each pic.