can't wait for the happy ending


Things i wouldn’t even be surprised by : This
But real talk here,am i the only one who thinks that Yuuri may grow a little over confident with Victor? There was something i could smell already since episode 3…just something …


Just gotta tell ya before this thing goes on, you gotta realize that the only way out is in a body bag. Now we don’t have to write our vows. “

Listen I too am happy that the turmoil known as Waiting for TF Comics #6 is finally coming to an end and we can all resume wondering when the Pyro update is coming out next to leave an unsatisfactory taste in literally everybody’s mouths that eventually devolves into an argument either attacking or defending Valve’s incredibly controversial corporate structure, but that’s not my ungrateful petty concern

My ungrateful petty concern today is as one of the 7-8 Mr. Bidwell and Mr. Reddy fans in the entire universe WHERE THE FUCK ARE THEY we literally have everybody else like Guiseppe AKA Trevor (best character), Dream!Sniper + Spy, PixieDream!Pauling and Amelia in a hotdog suit as well as not one, but two mysterious spies working for the Administrator on that cover but Bidwell and Reddy I’m gonna shit


HAPPY FIRST BIRTHDAY TO MEEEEEE! It’s already been a year on T and what a year it’s been. I’ve grown so much and I feel so much better about myself, both physically and mentally. I can’t wait to see where I end up throughout this next year.

I feel like I haven’t done one of these in a while. 

Progress report for my stories/projects:

Fairy Tail GO! Chapter 52: I have 4,805 words so far, but I’m not done writing the chapter yet. 

Bar Hopping & Back Alleys: Smutty nalu one-shot. Finished, edited and proofread, waiting until Friday to post it. (On St. Patrick’s Day since it’s about that.)

Capturing Her Damaged Heart: Working on Chapter 3 right now. Not going to post this story until I have more chapters finished and get a more solid timeline of events. 

Two Tickets: This is my Gratsu story I’m working on. So far I have chapter 1 and 2 done! Combined they’re 12.6K words. I won’t post the first chapter until I finish the story. When I finish it (10ish chapters) I will post it weekly until complete.

I have a few other one-shots in the works, a mixture of rated T and M. There’s no estimated time for when I will be updating any of these aside from the St. Patrick’s Day one-shot. I’m sort of jumping from story to story. It’s not really the best idea, but sometimes I feel more inspired to write some things over others. Can’t really apologize because I don’t want to stress myself out. Hope you can all be patient with me. 

Edited later that day.


I rewatched Stardust and couldn’t decide which au version I liked more so I made both.

The Twelve Davids of Christmas Part 3 (12/12)

One David Getting the Special Recognition That He Deserves

I know some things that you don’t
I’ve done things that you won’t
There’s nothing like a trail of blood to find your way back home.

I was waiting for my hearse
What came next was so much worse
It took a funeral to make me feel alive.

Just open your eyes and see that life is beautiful


you won’t fail
find your grail

♪ kh editors’ challenge! - day # 15: free day!



So as you all know I bought a house a while ago but I just wasn’t satisfied with how it looked anymore.. Well after so much hard work my house is completely different & just the way I want it! I have to say I am beyond satisfied with the end result! I’ve worked so hard to get where I am now & I must say that I am very proud of myself! I’ll definitely have more pictures of the house soon but as of now I have more decorating to do.

*OOC: House built by me! [ @kdsimmer ]*

anonymous asked:

perhaps a scenario where kuroo finds a girl who agrees to become nekoma's manager (kuroo had to ask her because yamamoto scared her off at first) and over time they develop a mutual crush on one another? (and maybe she confesses first?)

This got embarrassingly long yet again so it’s all under the cut! Yay for manager-ly adventures~

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Kneel Before Your Queen

a/n: to end off mommy issues week + my contribution to give Robin’s dick some love 2k15. Thank you Hailey + Miracle for listening to my incessant babbling.

They stumble into the bedroom, tugging at each other’s clothing. Sounds of unadulterated joy spill from her lips as she laughs in to his kisses. She can’t recall a moment in her life, other than when she adopted Henry, where she was this happy. He’s been back for weeks now, but this is the first time she doesn’t feel like he’s about to be ripped away from her again. The fear is there, but he’s told her to talk to him, to share her troubles because she’s not alone, and she won’t be again.

It’s her mood mixed with this step forward that prompts her to do it, to take yet another step forward. She’s never done this before, of course she’s done this, plenty of times, but not this way.

Cora wasn’t very open about these things, whether it was from lack of experience or it wasn’t considered proper, Regina doesn’t know. No, she hadn’t said much on the subject, even when Regina was to be married. Regina had no experience herself, and was rather anxious about the whole ordeal. She had never done anything of the sort with Daniel, he was far too kind and proper for that. He told her they would have all the time in the world for those things, not to rush in to it. Their naivety and hopefulness lead them to believe they would have an eternity to discover each mark on eachother’s bodies. They were wrong, horribly wrong. Although Regina knows that even if he would have known his fate, he would have never asked, or even allowed her to give herself like that to him before marriage. He saw her as a precious gem he was unworthy of touching. 

On the eve of her wedding, Cora ran a brush though Regina’s long ebony tresses, readying it for her “big day” the next morning. She stopped abruptly, saying nothing for a moment. Her mother’s hand gripped her shoulders tightly before spinning Regina around to face her. She wore a stern expression as she brought her hand up to Regina’s chin, forcing her to look in to her eyes. Regina squirmed under her mother’s touch, not knowing what she had done to upset her. Ominous silence filled the room for a few moments before Cora spoke. 

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David Tennant Appreciation Week: Day Seven

Happy Birthday David Tennant

“I think in the end there’s just something so open about him, he just literally welcomes people in. You find yourself drawn to the screen, and then you sit down and you stay because you want to spend that hour with him. Actors like that are golden, people like that are golden.”
(Russell T. Davies on David Tennant)


the way they look at each other just gives me a lot of unwanted feels. all the love and admiration for each other and the joy and happiness at having finally made it to being able to say “we’re married”. they made it. they put in the work and they got their happy ending. i’m so proud of my babies