can't wait for the christmas special!

Santa’s hat rematerializes after lucky charm fixes everything. Picking it up, Ladybug recognizes it at once and runs up to Santa to ask how he got this hat. Santa explains that a really nice boy named Adrien gave it to him when his own hat froze, and that Adrien showed him so much kindness when he was having a bad night. Ladybug is overwhelmed with affection and expresses out loud what a great guy Adrien is. Chat Noir is standing off to the side, silently crying tears of joy.

Then Santa mentions he should give it back to Adrien. Ladybug seizes the opportunity and offers to hand it back for him. Suddenly, Chat Noir realizes what’s going on and has to run back home to beat her to his room. Cue Ladrien balcony scene.

Christmas anticipation
  • Person: I can't wait for receiving my gifts and partying and meeting the family!
The Great Christmas Bake Off

Christmas is coming and Mary, Paul, Mel and Sue get into the festive spirit with two yuletide specials of The Great Christmas Bake Off.

Each episode, they welcome back four bakers from past series and ask them to don their Christmas jumpers and aprons to tackle three festive challenges.

As ever, Christmas elves Mel and Sue will be spreading Christmas cheer throughout the tent, until, of course, the judging, where it’s business as usual for Paul ‘Scrooge’ Hollywood and Mary 'Merry’ Berry as they decide which of the four will be winner of The Great Christmas Bake Off.

The Fandoms: Special Episode
  • Sherlock fandom: "Ughhhh... just two more months left until the Christmas spec-"
  • *sound comes from out of nowhere outside*
  • Supernatural fandom: "What the hell was that?"
  • Walking Dead fandom: "I bet it was some walkers..."
  • Harry Potter fandom: "Well it can't be anyone else from our fandom, then again there was another marathon today..."
  • Sherlock fandom: "Perhaps it's a murder! About time things get interesting around here!"
  • Sleepy Hollow fandom: "Or it could be some form of supernatural terror.."
  • Supernatural fandom: "Wait...isn't that our thi-"
  • Doctor Who fandom: "It would be best if we go see about this strange sound..."
  • *fandoms go outside*
  • Orphan Black fandom: "Oh my that...IS THAT THE DELOREAN?"
  • *Back to the Future fandom steps out*
  • Harry Potter fandom: "Wait...what in the bloody hell is going on right now?"
  • Supernatural: "It's the Back to the Future fandom!!!"
  • Doctor Who fandom: "Right...time travelers...not sure how to feel about th-"
  • Supernatural fandom: "What are you guys doing here?"
  • Back to the Future fandom: "Haven't you heard? Our day's coming up!"
  • Sherlock fandom: "Um...what day?"
  • Back to the Future fandom: "October 21st, 2015?"
  • Orphan Black fandom: "Yes Yes YES that's right!!! Wow this is so awesome things must be insane for you guys right now!!!"
  • Sherlock fandom: "You mean to tell me that the 30 year, again 30 YEAR "Back to the Future" anniversary is happening before season 4 starts???"
  • Back to the Future fandom: "I take it that's a bad thing?"
  • Supernatural fandom: "They've...been waiting a while for their next season to, over two years now..."
  • Back to the Future fandom: "Wow...that's heavy..."
  • Big Bang Theory fandom: "Yeah like thank God for the Christmas special! I think they had no choice but to do that otherwise the extended hiatus would absolutely kill them! Oh by the way...big fans of you guys!"
  • Back to the Future fandom: "Um...than-"
  • Sherlock fandom: "30 YEARS! 30 YEARS they've waited-"
  • Harry Potter fandom: "IN ASKABAN!"
  • *fandoms glance at Potter fandom*
  • Harry Potter fandom: "Sorry...we couldn't resist it was too easy!"
  • Supernatural fandom: "I'm not gonna lie tho that was a good one!"
  • Doctor Who fandom: "Expecto Patroneum!!!"
  • *Supernatural and Doctor Who fandoms high five Harry Potter fandom*
  • Sherlock fandom: "I mean come on! For crying out loud "Heroes" came back, they...they made a TV show for "Minority Report", which came out what, a decade ago??? They're even bringing X-Files back! The BLOODY X-Files! ALL. BEFORE. SEASON. FOUR."
  • Firefly fandom: "Wow, nice to see some things from the early 2000s are coming back..."
  • Sherlock fandom: "Oh pipe down, "Firefly" fandom, all your characters are on "Castle" and "Suits" now..."
  • Firefly fandom: "Um, that's only two peopl-"
  • Back to the Future Fandom: "Okay now that's enough, you guys! Listen, we didn't show up after 30 years just to see you fandoms bicker about your problems like a bunch of bucketheads!"
  • Sherlock fandom: *stubbornly looks at the floor*
  • Back to the Future fandom: "Now listen Sherlockheads or whatever you call each other, waiting sucks, we should know! But your show will come back, and when that happens, won't all your waiting be worth it?"
  • Sherlock fandom: "I suppose so..."
  • Back to the Future fandom: "You got all these fandoms here who are there for you guys, you gotta remember that!"
  • Supernatural fandom: "Yeah plus you're gonna have to play therapist to us because I swear this season is gonna mess us up again..."
  • Walking Dead fandom: 'Ha, your season?"
  • Orphan Black: "Join the club."
  • Doctor Who fandom: "We sell T-shirts."
  • Back to the Future fandom: "See? You guys serve a purpose. So, how about we stop bickering and just celebrate this upcoming day, eh?"
  • Sherlock fandom: "Yeah, why not?"
  • *fandoms start dancing to "Johnny B. Goode"*

“It’s brilliant to be back filming Last Tango in Halifax again and to be back with everyone. This Christmas special is a very eventful one and it will be great to see how everyone’s lives have changed over the past two years.” - Sarah Lancashire

This Christmas two-parter sees Caroline (Sarah Lancashire) coming to terms with yet more changes in her life. Two years after Kate’s tragic death, she has a new job at a very different school and a new family home. Also in a moment of weakness, Caroline finds herself sharing a moment with an interesting woman.