can't wait for the breaking bad series

Major Fandom Tour
  • Tumblr *Tour guide voice* : Welcome to the Major Fandoms of Tumblr Tour; here is a quick guide to help you fit in.
  • Tour Bus: //Cheers Aggressively//
  • Tumblr *Tour guide voice* : First we have the Supernatural Fandom warding the place to protect against demons, ghosts and angels and trying to sell their souls and of course breaking down into tears and fights over Destiel and the death of most of the characters"
  • Person #1: I thought Angels were nice, and kind.
  • Tumblr *Tour guide voice* : You poor naive soul. On your left we have the Sherlock Fandom slowly rocking back in forth in a corner mumbling about johnlock and series four.
  • Person #2: Can't they wait? Its only a show; they might not even get together.
  • Tumblr *Tour guide voice* : //Laughs aggressively// Moving on most recently if you look to your right, you'll see the Marvel Fandom breaking down in mass insanity over the new Age of Ultron Leaked Trailer.
  • Tour Bus: //Cheers Aggressively//
  • Tumblr *Tour guide voice* : On your left you have the Walking Dead Fandom in a constant state of pain due to the tv show, comics, and video games.
  • Person #1: Wow....those poor can't be that bad; I'll watch it.
  • Tumblr *Tour guide voice* : Your funeral. On your right as we near the end of our tour, we have the Doctor Who Fandom breaking down into "Feelings" of numerous doctors and their companions.
  • Person #2: I love Doctor Shows, I'll watch.
  • Tumblr *Tour guide voice* : Good luck with that. On your left we have the Arrow and Flash Fandom both breaking down crying and smiling at the same time due to recent episodes of both.
  • Person #1: Sounds difficult.
  • Tumblr *Tour guide voice* : It is. And last but not least we have the OUAT fandom; full of confusing ass family trees, evil, relationships that will and never will happen and sadness. This concludes our tour.