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So happy to see Kyoutani with the team!

Sorry about rambling about Seijou’s presence in the latest HQ chapter, but I just wanna express how happy I am that Kyoutani’s actually there, you know? I mean, sure, he’s sitting apart from the others, but if that’s his own choice and that’s the proximity he’s comfortable with, then by all means. Baby steps, you know? At least he’s there, among them.

I think most of us can agree that the Kyoutani from a year ago or even just a couple of months prior would have just ditched the group activity altogether since it has nothing to do with actual physical practice. And if he was interested in the match, he would’ve just watched by himself.

Remember the extra Seijou chapter after their loss against Karasuno and they were at the ramen place? Kyoutani didn’t even come with them. It was specifically said that Kyoutani went home directly. It’s safe to assume that other than because he’s asocial, he also probably wanted to sulk in peace after their loss and probably felt guilty for his fuck-ups during the match, too.

But now we see he apparently got better and is integrating himself with the team more! Small steps, but hey! This feels hopeful! I’m so happy for him and for Yahaba (since let’s face it, he’d be handling lots of Kyoutani’s idiosyncrasies once he becomes captain), for the Seijou team as a whole, and for us fans! I can’t wait to see them in action again!


Emapollo Week! Let’s do this! 

[[The Ema&Apollo drawing used here is by ikm218 !!! ]]Emapollo Week will be June 12-18! Emapollo day is June 15th, right in the middle!  I’m a bit late in organizing and posting this, but better late than never.

This is a week to celebrate Ema&Apollo, so it doesn’t have to be romantic per-say! If you love them as friends, or as your favorite defense&detective team, or any other way, feel free to participate as well! 


  1.  After work
  2. Petsitting
  3.  AU
  4. Family
  5. Science&Magic
  6. Noir
  7. The Future 
Sticking to the theme/prompt is optional; if you have any content you’d like to post for the week that doesn’t fit with the theme/prompt of the day, but you really wanna participate/post it, it’s okay!  

Writing, drawing, cosplay, audio, music – all creative forms are welcome!

Remember to tag everything as Emapollo Week ! Any further questions feel free to ask. I can’t wait! :] 

otayuri is the reason I live and breathe

nothing feels better than to visit an ace group meeting, saying: “-and then they were like Maybe you just have to find the right person to have sex with! - and having every single person in the room groan in unison.

  • Discoursers: "haha we only hate cishet aces! Gay and trans aces are welcome and supported!!!!"
  • Discoursers: *literally reblog every existing ace post with some inane comment insulting the entire ace community/asexuality itself*
  • Discoursers: *turn positivity posts into discourse or bullying, name calling posts*
  • Discoursers: *make posts about hating aces and give "friendly reminders" that their experiences are invalid, and tags them as "ace positivity,"*
  • Discoursers: *spam the positivity, pride, and actually tags with everything from hatred and discourse to actual porn and graphic images, condemns AVEN, but demands that aces stay in "their own" spaces online*
  • Discoursers: *literally ignore intersectionality and how it affects any ace person*
  • Discoursers: *insist that its a physical impossibility to be raped for being asexual, even goes to tell survivors that they know the circumstances of their abuse better than they do*
  • Discoursers: "the entire ace community is disgusting trash and I can't wait for it to die out"
  • Discoursers: "the whole ace community is racist!" *ends argument with AAVE term even though they're not black*
  • Discoursers: "asexuality is a special snowflake identity that's not even a real sexuality"
  • Discoursers: "the split attraction model was wrong for me so its homophobic and no one else is allowed to have split attraction! Also I thought I was ace once but I was actually gay so asexuality is homophobic!"
  • Discoursers: *call trans/gay/m-spec aces cishet*
  • Discoursers: dare you accuse us of hating aces!!! We only hate cishets!!! I can't believe you would side with them!!!!

since it’s ace awareness week, let me just say this: shout out to the hypersexual aces. you’re not broken, you’re not disgusting, you’re not fake. sex drive doesn’t always equal sexual attraction. you’re all lovely and 100% valid in your identity.


VAV 2nd Digital Single Album [Flower] Teaser video

2017.05.03 12:00PM

Fic: Transition

A/N: A (somewhat) Koushuu-centric fic with miyusawa I promised blackrain105 for like… ages ago. I’m so sorry for the lateness! 

I’d say miyusawa, but this has a bit of kousawa, too. (Kousawa sounds good, yeah? //shot

Koushuu settled back to his crouch again, holding out his mitt. Fastball to the inside corner, he signaled.

Sawamura gave a small nod of his head, lips pressing into a firm line. As his eyes glowed a fiery gold, he directed a glance to the runner to the side who startled, eyes widening momentarily - but that was enough for Sawamura. Leg raising up to his chest, he pulled his arm back and then swung, flinging the ball out in a whip-like motion.

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“The fielding position of the battery in baseball is represented by 1 and 2.”

Rrrrg, I really wanna write mass effect fanfic but I seem to interpret characters much differently than everyone else and I’d rather not get yelled at for it. But I like literally everyone so much and I want to romance everyone and write them cute fluff! Damn you, mass effect. I was only supposed to play you briefly then jump back into dragon age. How did this happen


                                                              He didn’t hesitate as he stepped in for the swing. Even I understand what he’s thinking. He doesn’t think I’ll pitch inside. We have to go inside right here!