can't wait for season 3!

Wow, the finale was painful as hell, but it was also wonderful! Karamel’s endgame status was pretty much set in stone with the ILYs and Kara giving Mon-El her mother’s necklace, and Clark blessing Karamel and even drawing parallels between Lois and Mon-El... There’s no going back, guys. Karamel is endgame and their reunion will be glorious.
  • Me: i can't wait to see Matt Holt in season 3!!
  • Me, internally: what if Matt ends up being a flat, boring character. what if his character is never developed. what if he never gets a character arc. what if he isn't an important part of the plot. what if he only appears for a short while. what if



You can see both Ed and Oswald trying to hold onto their anger and need for revenge. Ed when he says, “You’re ALIVE?” And Oswald when he makes a grab for Ed. But the anger fades so quickly from both of them, revealing so much sadness…and love.


Happy Birthday, Lelouch!  ♡
Make Me Choose
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Can we just talk about this, because I haven’t seen this part mentioned much.
Poor Samon finally saw proof that Hajime had been lying to the Warden for so long, he must’ve felt a little relieved knowing that he was right all along, and after everything that he’d been through this season he confronted Hajime-his biggest rival-and got sucker punched right into a wall! Samon definitely didn’t deserve that! I personally think that Hajime should’ve just come clean right there, and the noise after he punched Monkey probably didn’t help the swarm of monitor dolls, and the way Samon said “you knew everything” broke my heart a little. I also can’t help but question the face he made when Jyugo took off the shackles and talismans because it like looked so much like the ones that like every inmate made when Jyugo frees them, but then it turned so quickly to “Hajime lied to the Warden and me!”