can't wait for season 3!

Wow, the finale was painful as hell, but it was also wonderful! Karamel’s endgame status was pretty much set in stone with the ILYs and Kara giving Mon-El her mother’s necklace, and Clark blessing Karamel and even drawing parallels between Lois and Mon-El... There’s no going back, guys. Karamel is endgame and their reunion will be glorious.
  • Me: i can't wait to see Matt Holt in season 3!!
  • Me, internally: what if Matt ends up being a flat, boring character. what if his character is never developed. what if he never gets a character arc. what if he isn't an important part of the plot. what if he only appears for a short while. what if

“We did it. We really are a good team.”

Dedicated to @yaxxm for kicking me in the butt and giving me the motivation to draw some Voltron finally. 

I’ll more than likely draw the other characters in the future, but for now I need a break. This shit took me three days and I need to stop for a bit otherwise I’m gonna get arthritis prematurely.