can't wait for new leaf


visited @saralee-crossing​‘s sweet and calming town minville! ♪ I really enjoyed all the pathways and trees! there were many nice places to have a seat and relax~ the flowers and bushes were also very pretty! and I absolutely ADORE the interiors! they were are all super comfy and perfectly put together! very cozy & homey! I loved it~ ॱ॰♡(˘▿˘人)

♡ 6C00 - 0014 - 657D ♡

I cannot wait for Animal Crossing Mobile

I have no idea when it’s coming or what it’ll be focused on, but some of my hopes:
-Interacting with other players (unlike Pokemon Go) as well as characters in your own area/village/what have you to complete tasks and trade items
*Possibly even to play with people not from your area via codes like ACNL
-Places to go fishing/fossil hunting/bug catching to complete collections
-Solving puzzles of some sort (I don’t have a specific context, but it would be cool) to earn money or unlock rare items
-Building/decorating your own house, as well as visiting everyone else’s

What sweet ideas do you guys have?