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How to Read [Kamiya Hiroshi - Ono Daisuke Special]
  • 1. [Kamiya san is NICE to me!] Kamiya Hiroshi - Ono Daisuke Special
  • 2. [Ono kun is Annoying] Kamiya Hiroshi - Ono Daisuke Special
  • 3. [Between Two of Us] Kamiya Hiroshi - Ono Daisuke Special
  • ----> Warning: boys love implication. Dont like dont read.
  • 4. [Love] Video - Kamiya Hiroshi - Ono Daisuke Special
  • ------> Safe. Although you're not OnoD, HiroC, or Iwata Mitsuo (Micchan) fan, I still recomend this video for you : ) Love, they are come from many sources and shapes. Mother's love, family love, adoration, and many more. They are just simply one word: LOVE.
  • ----------------------------------------------------
  • Extra:
  • # {FIRST} featuring ~ Dear Girls Stories ~
  • # [MamaD] Kamiya Hiroshi - Ono Daisuke Special
  • A/N: if you can't find them yet, just wait for another hour ;) except for the extra which I will post after I come back (next week)
  • Thank you and have FUN this weekend! ^^/
  • Love,
  • Ri - Seiyuu's Little Forest

froggy-the-gremlin  asked:

So WHEN are you going to take down that post with the illegal vimeo of Sea Wall? What excuse could you possibly have for not doing so?

Wow so, apparently unlike you and your friends who have been obsessively checking my blog, and sending repeated asks I don’t come here everyday. And I don’t check my asks every day.

I have contacted tumblr about the issue. I have linked them my post seeing as it’s from a performing arts college who appear to be a legit source. I have asked tumblr to remove it if they deem it to necessitate removing.

I have no issues with removing this post, but I do have issues with harrassment and bullying. 

You mentioned in one of your other asks “You aren’t being any kind of hero” which is unnecessarily dramatic and I wasn’t trying to be one anyway but, semantics, neither are you. You’re being a bit of a bully really

I’m sorry that I don’t click into my asks the second I have a new one. I work monday to friday so the weekend is for tumblr and asks.

And laundry.

So please, be aware that just because you’re on here all day, every day - some people just don’t have the luxury.

I’ll probably remove the video in due course anyway, but I would like to hear from tumblr on their opinion of the issue.