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I’m in love with awesome idea of Coralina AU by @turquoisemagpie and @northeast-artist98 >u< So sorry for giving you any credits ;-; I didn’t know it was yours idea as well ;-; Thank you for correcting me!
And this is little doodle of Anti which has great character desing C:
Really guys, you must check it and her out! C: She has so many great arts and ideas like this >u<
Just wanna say that im so inspired by that AU and her and i can’t wait to see more of her masterpieces >u<
Hope she don’t kill me for this shittly version of her miracles ;-;


Fai Emphasizing the Whistle Thing Count in this Arc: 4007

Ok not really. But also like. Saying “It’s Acid” was also an option here.

Instead Fai chose to dramatically toss his hat in a high arc and PAUSE, IMPORTANTLY, waiting for someone else to react to this before explaining himself. 

Because Fai. 

He’s not smiling though. That’s a thing. 


… UM. 

my art vs gritty 40′s noir-esque/club swing vibe  ♫ ♪ 😎 👊
bcos fuck u that’s why

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You know what's inevitable? A confrontation between Keith and Shiro and i'm worried about my boy. But at the same time I want to see him breaking and crying. And then I want him to be comforted.

I am actually really looking forward to that confrontation. Not because it’s gonna hurt but because that’s gonna be a HUGE step in Keith’s character development. Shiro disappearing and him stepping up as the leader is one thing; Shiro coming back except that he’s not Shiro is another. 

Generally, Keith is a pretty independent person. But we have seen how he reacted to Shiro’s disappearance, it wasn’t pretty. He originally started fighting against Zarkon at the end of s1 to help Shiro get his lion back. When things get hard like in the Marmora trial in s2 he wants to see Shiro. Shiro is his anchor, he is someone that he can trust with everything. He has said it himself: “Shiro is the one person that never gave up on me [I won’t give up on him]”. 

I’m being totally honest here when I say that I love this part of their relationship. Keith has never had a constant like Shiro in his life, he has never had anyone that he can fully depend on. We have seen how bad his abandonment issues are but he knows that Shiro would never do this to him. He needs and deserves someone like Shiro in his life, the unconditional support that family or very close friends give you.

HOWEVER. Keith has proven that despite his independency he is actually quite… naive? No, that’s not the right word for it but I can’t really find the one I’m looking for D: What I’m trying to say is that Keith, once he trusts someone, trusts them completely. He accepts anything his friends tell him as facts. (That’s a big part of why he can’t understand Lance - Lance hides how he really feels about him but sometimes it shines through. And then Keith is confused because he has gotten conflicting information and doesn’t know what to do with it.)

The same goes for strangers actually - Keith is a very straightforward person. His “plans” are usually “eliminate the root of the problem before it grows in the most direct way there is”. Remember when he freed Axca in the Weblum? He was ready to give her a chance to prove herself when she didn’t attack him. Or king Lubos in s2? He saw how Lubos enjoyed himself while his subjects were enslaved and immediately had an 180° change of mind - from ‘free the king’ to ‘you are no king’. Or how bad he felt when Ulaz proved himself not to be a traitor. 

The examples are endless. It shows that Keith judges people on their present actions; he’s the kind of guy that’s more than willing to give you a second chance if you have proven that you have changed. And that. Kind of makes him naive? I mean, not really, but you get what I’m trying to say with this. It would be very to easy to betray him once you have gained his trust.

So now imagine what would happen to him if he realized that Shiro was a clone. Keith would have to reconsider a lot of how he acts around people - he would have to realize that he can’t always depend on what other people tell him. That while it’s good to have one person to depend on, it’s not so good to have just one person to depend on. He has a team that he can discuss facts with, it’s not just him and Shiro against the rest. He’ll have to realize that even people he looks up to like Shiro make mistakes sometimes (or more like, give orders that would endanger the team) and he will have to learn to grow into the leader position and fight against those orders. And that is something I am really, really looking forward to :0

  • me: just because overwatch is free this weekend doesn't mean I'm going to pull all nighters playing it while I can I'm finally doing well with my sleep schedule
  • also me: why is it so hard to find a capture the flag group it's only 5:15 am on a Monday

Look at how cute this creature is. This is from the Birmingham gig. After he’d signed every bit of paper thrown at him, he went to get on his tour bus but stopped when he heard a crowd of people screaming for him on the other side. There was a moment where he just looked at them. He was being told he would be late for his Paris gig if he didn’t leave that second. He threw his head in his hands, laughed a little, and then ran over to them, much to the annoyance of his crew members who tried to stop him, where he signed another hundred or so album covers. He’s just the cutest thing <3


“It’s crazy how sometimes your life can change in a flash, and all the things you were blind to or refuse to admit are suddenly staring you right in the face. And just like that, everything suddenly falls into place… Even if it’s not the way you thought it would…


Travels With The Doctor Panel at Gallifrey One

It was fun to do though, not gonna lie. Hopefully my friend can help me fix up some mic settings and teach me how to tidy-up some audio.
And help me record a few other battles too. ;D It’ll be great~



Kept a girl waitin’! Bet its now. Oh, it’s time!
Gotta get the tools out to spit ya out a good rhyme.
Another breakdown? With damage, grease, and grime?
Oh no, it’s actually just you. Yeah, nevermind.

A dainty little princess all dressed in frills and white.
I would have called ya queen but you don’t have the might.
Cause I’m pretty sure a queen needs that someone, ‘Mr Right.’
But a shame that he’s gone to bang his boy toys tonight.

You come here with your pretty voice going ‘Oh Prince Noctis!’
But, girl, your freakin’ over him is just obnoxious.
Like, weren’t you two just kids when you gave this boy a chance?
You may not hear this much, but ‘keep it in your pants!’

But ya see here in the country, the hottest place to be,
There ain’t no one who’s better than fixin’ shit than me,
So silly girls like you so desperate to be wed,
Might really need that Hammer right straight to the Head.


I mean, I’m sorry, but who are you supposed to be?
A blond-haired bimbo with a pair of wanna-B’s?
You see, my appearance and stature remains consistent,
But you? You only have two things of special interest.

As a girl with the power to commune with gods,
It’s my right and bloodline to beat you and the odds
Are ever in my favor, call me Katniss Everdeen,
I’ll slay you, Miss Mechanic, make it Rage Against Machine.

Princess Lunafreya of the kingdom, Tenebrae,
I’m the motherfucking Oracle, so bitch, don’t even try
To call yourself a goddess. I’m afraid you will not
Reside amongst the strong and great, you silly little thot.

And now, my dearest prince, allow me this small chance
To teach this bitch that love will win across this great expanse.
I should write this down! No, wait a bit, it’s business for this gal.
But at least I have much more to say than ‘How ‘bout them decals?’

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When I first saw your blog, I never though my opinion of HealingArrow would go from 'Eh, it's cute but i'm not sure I ship it.' to one of my OTP's. Honestly can't wait for more of the comic! :D

Omg! I’m so flattered! Thank you so much!

I… was actually in the same boat as you when my love for this ship started developing in my silly brain, and then I started to draw doodles of the two of them together…

…And then I suddenly couldn’t not deny what my brain was making me draw (plus many personal feels intermingling).

I’m so happy you’re excited for the comic! I am, too! I eagerly await the day where I can start working on the pages I’m really looking forward to. XD

They may or may not include this:

(I mean come on… Would you really consider this a spoiler? ROFL!!!!!)