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A short strip about Luce & Lockwood passing out on the couch and George is looking at them like “damn lovebirds I stg”. I could picture this happening on the hectic days before they decided to hire Holly on THB.

The question is, who’s going to wake up first and what will they do?


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Hey! Do you have any photos of your Dan and Phil charms + pins to show us? (my parents think you might scam us and want proof of the pins..)

I will only be able to show the proof of the charms+pins after pre-order period.
Its pre-order because thats when the merchandise is being manufactured.
I am hoping to get everything by the end of the month!
Here is a photo of my previous batch!

the size is different now and same goes for the charm holder!
(the only design available now is the bottom right corner)
here is my storenvy to pre-order charms!

psa time

hey guys, as an autistic / adhd kid, i can’t believe i have to say this but Mayhaps You Shouldn’t Be Using Mental Illnesses As RP Sentence Starters. this shit isn’t “angst” and some of the are very harmful stereotypes, such as the notion that autism is a disease that must be “cured” or that “girls can’t have autism.” (pictured: me, an autistic girl, laughing with salad )  

many OTHER sentences on this list are also triggering and reeking of ableism, so Mayhaps You Shouldn’t Do The Thing, Karen. autism doesn’t have a “look,” dyslexia doesn’t mean you’re “stupid,” you should never ask an ADHD individual “can i have your pills?” , NEVER ask someone with mobility issues if you can use their handicap parking tag,  and you sure as shit don’t tell someone with an invisible illness like CF or chronic pain that “you just need more exercise.” 

and that’s the fuckin’ tea, kiddos!


Part 4: Baby-sitter Iwa-chan

I gif-ed some of my fav bg moments from Engeki Haikyuu!! Karasuno, Revival

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  • DC Fans: Suicide Squad was awesome I can't wait for Wonder Woman next year
  • DC: hey we're already giving you a movie about the most iconic female superhero of all time, but since you liked the Squad so much how about we start planning a couple solo movies about the female lead and the POC lead even though it's only been a few months?
  • Marvel Fans: it's been nearly a decade since Natasha Romanoff first arrived in the MCU and we still would really love a solo movie about her, could you please take our wishes into account?
  • Marvel: Tony Stark in Spider-Man Homecoming!!
(Flash Talk) Camila arrive at LAX airport and Lauren is waiting for her...
  • Camila: What are you doing here?
  • Lauren: Well... I heard that you have some questions and I think I have some answers.
  • Camila: Lauren...
  • Lauren: Oh, this is Leo by the way. He was crazy to know you.
  • Look, Leo... how beautiful she is. I think he likes you.
  • Camila: Lauren... we can't do this again.
  • Lauren: Can you just listen to what I have to say?
  • Camila: I... I can't. I'm sorry.... and yeah, he's adorable.
  • Lauren: Yeah, he is and I think he's in love with you already. Camila, can we talk?
  • Camila: No. Not now...
  • Lauren: So, when?
  • Camila: Lauren, there's so many things I have to process right now. I'm fine now. I'm finally fine. I need time...
  • Lauren: No, you need answers and here I am.
  • Camila: Now?? Months later?
  • Lauren: Can you at least think about us?
  • Camila: This is all I've been thinking about in the last few months.
  • Lauren: I'm sorry...
  • Camila: I have to go my mom is waiting for me.
  • Lauren: I'm waiting for you too. We are waiting for you, right Leo?
  • Camila: Lauren...bye. Bye Leo...and take care of her.

The new Origins trailer is so fuckin’ beautiful, I’m actually in awe… 😍