can't undo what has been done

Take A Break
  • Eliza: Angelica tell this man John Adams spends the summer with his family
  • Alexander: Angelica tell my wife John Adams is a fat fuck who can't take criticism like talk shit get hit not talk shit get thrown in prison he's a weak ass, racist ass, fat ass, short ass, antifeminism ass bitch who we cannot trust with this fucking country i am the backbone of this household and im not going to let him undo everything ive done just so we can live eliza's kinky lake sex fantasy no thank you

Remember, we love you.

I reeeeeaaaally wanted to draw something for Les Mis Rare Pairs Week - so here’s my favourite OT3: Valvertine ^_^

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dubbybear  asked:

Your blog has been nearly unbearable lately, and I feel like it is mostly because you are so down on yourself over 1 incident. I think the best thing you could do is post some nude (even partial) pics; nakedness always interjects levity and pleases fans. The second best thing you could do is let it go. You can't undo what has been done, and most people would have (probably) moved on from it if you weren't still so sensitive to their prodding. It's your name & face on this blog, so just be you.

So you created a fake tumblr account to bypass me turning off anon and then try to guilt me into posting naked pictures of myself? 

I admire your effort. 

Bottom half under the cut. NSFW!

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