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The Signs as Bad Fanfiction Writers
  • Aries: turned off spellcheck and never looked back
  • Taurus: "lol fuck canon"
  • Gemini: would actually be a pretty good writer if they would stop calling characters by their hair color all the damn time
  • Cancer: can't imagine a fanfiction where they write their favorite character shagging anyone but their OC
  • Leo: three words: Throbbing Meat Wand
  • Vigro: can't describe anything without writing at least 30 fucking adjectives for the same thing in front of it
  • Libra: "Ohayo, Snape Sensei," Harry-kun said blushing, "You are looking Sugoi today, desu."
  • Scorpio: Thinks their writing is better & more mature the more times they have the characters curse at & insult each other, no matter how inappropriate (ie. Smurfs)
  • Sagittarius: "Hi my name is Ebony Dark'ness Dementia Raven Way and I have long ebony black hair (that's how I got my name) with purple streaks and red tips that reaches my mid-back and icy blue eyes like limpid tears"
  • Capricorn: has written 10 different fanfics about their most hated character dying within the past month
  • Aquarius: writes the most anatomically impossible sex you've ever seen
  • Pisces: "hi this is my first fic sorry i suck at summaries hope you enjoy"
bones | 05 ✓

• pairing: jung hoseok x reader // min yoongi x reader, college! hoseok, college! yoongi
• genre/warnings: angst, fluff
• words: 9,245
→ summary: you were broken from a past relationship, and Hoseok wanted to fix you, but what price was he willing to pay? Would he end up worse off, or would you realise in time, that your best friend was the one…?
• note. inspired by this song here.

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a/n: it’s finally the end, sobsss.  

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Ulric Siblings Headcanon #21381237

When Mama Ulric was too tired to tell bedtime stories to 5 year old Selena, 10 year old Nyx would do it for her. He’d read to her Peter Pan because it was his personal favorite. 

And then one night Selena asked “Can you fly like Peter Pan?”

Nyx said “You betcha!” and he jumped between beds. Selena laughed and said “That’s not flying.” Then Nyx laughed back because he just couldn’t fool her. 

Years later, Nyx joined the Kingsglaive. He warped for the first time and he felt like he was flying. Flying just like Peter Pan. 

If only Selena could see it.

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Nagisa, Haru, Makoto and Rei staying at a hotel and right before they have have to leave it turns out that Nagisa has terrible food poisoning but they can't stay so they have to drive back with a really pukey Nagisa in the backseat

“Nagisa? Nagisa! Come on, it’s almost time to check out!” Rei was shaking Nagisa, who wouldn’t get out of bed. They were all supposed to leave by noon.

“Haru and I will start putting the suitcases in the car.” Makoto told him.

“Hold on, I’ll help.” Rei told him, still shaking Nagisa, when he felt a hand on his arm.


He turned back to see Nagisa slowly getting up slowly with his hand over his mouth. “Stop shaking me.” He begged. He sounded much less cheerful than usual, even for just being woken up. “I feel sick.” He said outright.

“Huh?” Rei drew back. “What is it What’s wrong?”

Nagisa practically fell out of bed and ran clumsily to the bathroom. Without even shutting the door, he lifted the toilet seat and was immediately sick into it.

Makoto and Haru came back in to get more suitcases and they heard Nagisa from the bathroom. They ran inside and stood in shock as they watched him heave into the toilet.

“What happened!” Makoto turned to Rei.

“I don’t know! He was sick right after getting up!” Rei was just as stunned as the others.

“Well what are we ganna do? We have to check out or we’ll be fined!” Makoto was trying not to panic.

“I’ll go talk to the manager.” Haru said, and sprinted out to the lobby building.

Makoto went to check on Nagisa in the bathroom. “Nagisa? Are you alright? Do you know how you got so sick?”

Nagisa shook his head, he was nearly in tears as he sat on the uncomfortable floor. “I don’t know! I didn’t feel like this last night.”

Makoto kneeled down beside him and stroked his back, trying to keep him from getting hysterical. “Shh. It’s okay Nagisa. It’s not your fault.”

Haru came back and Makoto went to talk to the others. “The manager said we could stay a few more hours but they have people coming to stay in this room, so we would have to change rooms and pay a late fee.” Haru relayed back to them.

Makoto bit his finger and paced around the room. “What are we supposed to do? We don’t have any more money!”

Rei shrugged, shaking his head. “We might just have to take him with us.”

In the background, they heard Nagisa vomit noisily with harsh coughing sounds.

“It’s a four hour drive!” Makoto said in dismay.

Rei picked up a towel and a trash bin from in the room. “It can’t be helped.”


They strapped Nagisa into the car with the towel over his lap and the trash bin on his legs. He sat with his arms over his stomach and a pained expression on his face.

“Do we have everything?” Rei asked. Haru nodded and Makoto agreed so they set off.

The drive was a disaster from the beginning. As soon as Rei made the first turn out of the hotel parking lot, Nagisa was over the bin, puking a stream of liquid into it.

Makoto and Rei cringed as they heard liquid splashing against the plastic and Haru rubbed Nagisa’s arm lightly in an attempt to comfort him.

They were only driving for an hour when Rei decided he needed a break and turned to stop at the next gas station.

Rei dragged Nagisa out of the car and to the restroom. Makoto went to clean out the trash bin and Haru went to buy Nagisa some fizzy water and stomach medicine at the gas station convenient store. Rei tapped his food as he waited outside the bathroom, trying not ignore the sounds of Nagisa retching from behind the door and Makoto and Haru returned.

“I got him this pink stuff and some ginger ale.” Haru said, holding up a bag.

Rei knocked on the door to the bathroom. “Nagisa?”

“Yeah?” He replied in a crackly voice.

“We’ve going to get back on the road.”

“Okay.” Nagisa cleaned himself up and they strapped him back into the car with the same safety precautions as before.

“Should we give it to him now?” Haru asked, holding up the medicine.

“It’s worth a shot.” Makoto shrugged.

Nagisa cringed as Haru poured him a small cup of thick pink liquid. He swallowed it dutifully but only a moment later, he emitted and wet sound from his throat and gagged over the bin. A wet burp reproduced the same pink liquid he had just swallowed into the bin. He coughed and spat in disgust. Haru looked at the others with a shrug and Rei let out a big sigh and he started up the car.

After another forty five minutes on the road Nagisa was moaning out loud in a fit of hysteria. Haru had put his headphones in and was dozing off in the back but the others had no idea what to do and felt bad that they couldn’t help him.

“I feel so sick. Why won’t it go away!” Nagisa moaned, tears streaming down his cheeks.

“Nagisa, try to calm down. Just breath.” Makoto didn’t want Rei to be any more distracted from his driving.

“Please! I can’t any longer. I can’t take it!” Nagisa pleaded.

Rei finally gave in a pulled over. Makoto helped Nagisa out of the car and he crouched by the side of the road.

“I don’t think I’ve ever seen him this sick.” Makoto said sadly. “I wonder what made him so ill?”

Rei shook his head. “He’s got the symptoms of food poisoning. It was probably something he ate.”

“We’ve only got about another two hours on the road, right?” Haru reminded them.

“Haru’s right. Besides, we should stop complaining. It’s Nagisa who’s got it worse off after all” Makoto felt guilty.

“Let’s try to keep him in the car for as long as we can. The more times we stop the longer it will take us to get there.” Rei suggested.

They put him back in the car and by then, Nagisa was looking truly dreadful. He was pale and clammy, his clothes were damp with sweat and his lips were cracked. He looked exhausted and hardly had the energy to cry anymore.

He laid back with his eyes closed and they got back on the road. Haru, who had maintained his personal space long enough to get some shut eye, saw Nagisa’s bottom lip was quivering and he was shutting his eyes hard with his arms wrapped tightly around his middle.

“Nagisa.” Haru said softly. “Relax.” Was all he told him.

It took him a moment, but after a few seconds, he relaxed his shoulders and let his eyes rest gently. Nagisa somehow managed to fall asleep for a good thirty minutes to everyone’s relief. But he woke up and a minute later, pitched over the bin, puking forcefully while leaning over himself.

Haru patted his back and Nagisa spat, panting heavily. Too scared to move away from the bin as he felt the urge to gag. Shortly after, he did gag several times before another flood of liquid shot out of him like a hose. He leaned back in his seat panting heavily, his curly hair damp with sweat.

Haru used the towel on his lap to wipe Nagisa’s mouth. He smiled gratefully. “Everyone, I’m sorry for all the trouble I caused.”


Sofia finds Princess Jun and hastily tells her what’s going on as they waste no time looking for Wu-Chang and the other good sorcerers. After they free the wizards from the “shusher”, Merlin informs Sofia the only way to stop the villainous sorcerers now is to remove the Medusa Stones from their wands.

Sofia worries for Cedric’s safety as everyone witnesses most of the evil sorcerers already flying away. She anxiously leaves the area to go back to Cedric, only to find him in cahoots with Grimtrix all along. She angrily and hurtfully walks into the room confronting him. Not wanting to believe what she just saw. Cedric is surprised to see her as well and his nervousness sorely exudes him. He tries to reassure her again it’s not what it seems, but Wormwood pipes up and tells Sofia the absolute truth of Cedric’s nefarious intentions.

Absolutely heartbroken and in disbelief, Sofia questions if it’s really true once more. Cedric finally and sadly confirms it; he says it’s the only way anyone will ever respect him if he does take over the kingdom. Sofia rebuts with saying she thought they were friends. Cedric stutters and halfheartedly says they never were, which secretly shows deep down he did feel friendship with her. But alas, he excuses himself to fulfil his dream, and Sofia is left alone in her melancholy. But not for long- she determinedly snaps out of it and pursues him.

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HEADCANON ABOUT MODERN MARIUS BOOBY PONTMERCY: he can't fucking...... stop dabbing....... but he's so bad at it. hideous. and when he sees his BFF for life Courfeyrac after a long time, he just, doesn't know how to react appropriately when it comes to conveying emotion thus he dabs hard enough to pull a muscle in his neck & he can't look to the left for three days without turning his entire body to do so.


They would all be very disappointed at Marius bc hey, its a dead meme. Grantaire is particularly offended by it. I bet they tried teaching Marius a more recent meme, less cringe-y, but he always goes back on dabbing. Courfeyrac named it the dabbing syndrome and its incurable, unfortunately.


YoungBam, the cutest stylists team in the surface of earth and beyond.. ♥  

war against the world - prologue

A Bellarke Pirate AU inspired by Black Sails

The tavern was loud at this late hour, boisterous yells and taunting whistles and raucous singing from men and women alike pouring out of its thrown-open windows. The sounds spilled onto the humid, cobblestone streets just like the golden glow of lamplight from within. Still, Clarke could barely hear the noise over the racing of her furious, enraged heartbeat.

She threw open the tavern door with a bang. The cracking noise was enough to startle half the patrons, but it was her furious shout that quieted the rest.

“Where in the hell is Bellamy Blake?” She screamed, hands fisted into her skirts as she strode forward.

Only dead, sticky silence filled the room. Clarke’s gaze darted from smuggler to pirate to server to fighter. Some stared at her in fear and shock, others in cruel amusement and sneering pleasure (she’d deal with them later, quietly, when no one was looking). Still, she didn’t say another word, no one did, until a soft rustle and a hoarse chuckle from the back of the room broke the stalemate.

“Long time, no see, princess.”

There he was: Bellamy Blake, straightening up from leaning against the far wall. Dressed in layers of sturdy but salt-caked fabric and leather than emphasized his strength, he moved with pride and surety, a far cry from the soft boy she remembered. This Bellamy was hard man with scars on his face and cold amusement glittering in his eyes, slouched posture and arms slung casually around two pretty girls. He was carrying two guns at his hips and more knives than she could count, or probably see. For a moment, her feet wouldn’t move because even after all this time, she thought if Bellamy ever did come back–to this island, to her–she would at least still recognize him.

She had been wrong. He wasn’t Bellamy, her best-kept secret and her first love. This was the rebel sea king she had heard so much about, the ruthless pirate who took and took just because he could.

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 just a quick doodle of somethign that will become terrible

what if…. makoharu madoka au…..
what if….. haru kept going back in time to save makoto from dying/turning into a witch only to fail over and over again…… ;_;


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It's very unusual that Bones can't get to sleep, but when it happens it always keeps Jim up. Bones will toss and turn for hours on end unless Jim stops him. He's discovered over the years that the best thing to do is to roll Bones over onto his back, stretch out across his chest and pin him down. Jim will run his fingers through his hair and quietly talk about this and that until Bones mind finally gives in to the soothing lull of Jim's voice and the comforting warmth of Jim wrapped around him.

It’s not the first time Leonard’s found himself like this, blinking up at the ceiling while Jim sprawls out on top of him and raises his eyebrows, hair wild and pointing in every direction.

“Some of us like to sleep, Bones.”

“Sorry,” Leonard says, and he always is, whenever all the sharp angles of his mind turn inwards and keep him from settling, his pulse hammering impatiently and a tiny, silent voice telling him that he has to go, go do something now, something’s left unfinished—

“Hey.” Two fingertips on his jaw, angling his face so he meets Jim’s eyes. “Where are you?” It’s teasing, light, soft enough that Leonard has to concentrate on the moment. 

“Here,” Leonard offers apologetically. He moves to sit up, but Jim leans harder on him, grins when Leonard squints at him. “I’m gonna take the couch.”

“Come on, like you’ll get any sleep there.” Jim shifts against him, moves upward until he’s curled around Leonard’s chest, chin tucked against the top of Leonard’s head and fingers sliding gently through his hair. “Relax, it’s been a long day.”

That’s exactly it, Leonard wants to argue. A long day on his feet and how can he switch his mind off when it’s been running, running all day long, how can he just tell it to stop?

“I’ve been reading,” Jim says, his voice a rumble above him, around him. If Leonard turns his head, he can hear Jim’s heartbeat. “Inter-planetary diplomacy. The latest issue.”

Leonard snorts. The very idea of Jim reading diplomacy…

“Rude. I can read, you know. But listen,” Jim interrupts, before Leonard can say a word. “There’s a great bit in there on dining etiquette. All kinds of embarrassing stories and stuff, it’s the first time I’ve laughed that much at a reading assignment since Burnham’s lecture seminar last year. But anyway…” 

“Mm,” Leonard says, because it’s polite, but he’s already feeling fuzzy at the edges. Jim smells like the shampoo they’ve started sharing three months ago, around the same time they started sharing the same bed. His skin is warm against Leonard’s cheek, his pulse steady and reassuring. Leonard starts counting them absently, in time with Jim’s words. Kid’s saying something about forks now… some ambassador neglecting to pick up his silverware with the right hand and nearly starting a small coup…Leonard thinks he’d laugh, if he wasn’t half-asleep.

And somewhere, that tiny chattering voice in the corner of his mind quiets down beneath the sound of Jim’s heartbeat.

One's Mistake
  • -that night-
  • Sensy: Snazzy...? *looking for Snazzy* Snazzy it's time to go to bed! Come out come out where ever you are.
  • -something runs pass behind Sensy-
  • Sensy: !!*turns around*.......*looks around*.......S-Snazzy?...
  • -Sensy hears footsteps from every inch of the room-
  • Sensy: w-who's there!? *Simmonds his gaster blaster* Snazzy is still awake and there's someone in the house....I hope nothing happens to him. *getting worried*
  • -a voice of a child is crying-
  • Sensy: *sweaty* S-Snazzy!? Son!? Is that you!?? *tries to find where the sound is crying from*
  • -The closer Sensy runs to the back of the house, the louder the crying of the child. Till he stops in front of a door that leads to an old store room filled with old toys that Sensy ancestors left him but he never plays it-
  • Sensy: *getting nervous* G-God...why this place? I-i'm the middle of the night time too...but Snazzy needs me! I-i can't let anything happen to him! *grips the doorknob* *slowly turns it*
  • -When Sensy opens the door, a strong wind blows to his face making dust went into his good eye-
  • Sensy: WHAT THE FUCK!? *closes the door* *rubs his eye* Shit...this sucks!...huh? *sees a paper on the floor* What's this? Maybe the wind blew it. *picks the piece of paper up* What the?
  • -The paper has unusual writings that Sensy doesn't understand. He scratched his head.-
  • Sensy: is this some kind of song? S-should I read it?.....*looks around* it wouldn't hurt to try...right?...*clears throat*
  • “Dimana dia anak sayang beta,
  • Anak Sayang beta ada di mana-mana,
  • Dimana dia adik sayang saya,
  • Adik sayang saya ada di bawah..."
  • -When he tries to read the last word, it was covered with
  • Sensy: What happened to the writer when they tried to write this? This is.....why am I getting a bad feel-...
  • -A scream came from the other side of the door. It made Sensy jump and ran away-
  • Sensy: AHHH!! SHITSHITSHIT!! *runs upstair* GHHH!! *trips* SHIIITT!! *looks back*
  • -A dark figure grabs hold of Sensy's wrists-
  • Sensy: EEKKK!! LET ME GO LET ME THE FUCK GO!! AAHHHH!!! *panics* *his eyes are glowing* *bones are crawling up the wall*
  • -Suddenly a familiar was heard-
  • Ganz: SENSY! SENSY!!?Hey! It's okay!! It's me! *tries to calm Sensy down*
  • Sensy: AHHH-HAH?!...*shivering* *looks at Ganz* *cries and hugs Ganz* G-Ganz....*sobs*
  • Ganz: Shhh hey it's okay....I'm here. What happened babe? Tell me I'm here. You're safe. *pets Sensy's head*
  • Sensy: i-i was looking f-for Snazzy. H-he wasn't in his room! Where's Snazzy Ganz!?
  • Ganz: Snazzy? What are you calling about? He went to bed an hour ago remember? You told him yourself, I was there..*looks at Sensy curiously*
  • -Sensy went silent. Ganz can feel Sensy's soul is beating fast due to his chest is against his. He knew that his husband was disturbed by 'something'-
  • Ganz: maybe it's because of the drugs Sensy. You just need rest kay? I'll keep an eye out for the kids and the AskBox. You can just take a rest.
  • Sensy: *stutter* G-Ganz! I'm telling you....p-please listen first....*heavy breathing* I went to S-Snazzy's room and saw he was not in his bed... I l-looked evey where for him. A-and t-then suddenly I heard a kid's crying. S-so I followed the s-sound and it lead me to the back s-store room. W-when I opened t-the door...-
  • -Sensy's story stooed when Ganz pulled him into a kiss. Ganz gave Sensy a smile-
  • Ganz: maybe it's just an illusion.... You are taking too much drugs whine bottle...just go and rest kay?
  • Sensy: *blushing blue*kay Hun......*puts his hand in his pocket*
  • -in Sensy and Gan'z room-
  • Sensy: *sighs*....*looking a the paper* I've made a mistake.....I think I just woke up something that was trapped.....what have I done.....
  • ------

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headcanons for dazai and how he would handle a s/o who can't take compliments or being teased? (they're like 'listen PUNK' and blushing they love it they just can't handle it)

Dazai Osamu:

  • Wouldn’t be at all discouraged no matter how many times you threatened to fist fight him.
  • He’s very good at reading people, and especially you if you’ve known each other a long time; he knows how to use his own teasing to his advantage, and when to back off.
  • When he’s in his more teasing moods he tests what shades of red you can turn until you physically launch yourself at him to stop or leave the area for your mental health.
Fallout Boy {Sentence Starters}
  • "No, it's nothing wrong with me."
  • "Be careful making wishes in the dark!"
  • "I'm here to collect your heart."
  • "You look so pretty, but you're gone so soon."
  • "Why is this bedroom so cold?"
  • "I'm bad behavior but I do it in the best way."
  • "Clear your throat and face the world."
  • "I don't care what you think as long as it's about me."
  • "Live with me forever, now."
  • I hope this is the last time."
  • "I know I'm bad news."
  • "I try to picture me without you, but I can't!"
  • "I never meant for you to fix yourself."
  • "I dare you to say they taste the same!"
  • "Is my timing that flawed?"
  • "I don't believe a word you say, but I can't stop listening."
  • "This conversation's been dead on arrival."
  • "You’re the antidote to everything except for me."
  • "Do you cry out in your sleep?"
  • "I'm still comparing your past to my future."
  • "I know I expect too much."
  • "Letting people down is my thing, baby."
  • "My childhood spat back out the monster that you see."
  • "Love will tear us apart again."
  • "Some legends are told. Some turn to dust or to gold."
  • "The best of us can find happiness in misery."
  • "I think you're my best friend."
  • "Burn everything you love, then burn the ashes."
  • "Remember me for centuries!"
  • "There's no way to talk to you!"

Art based off of a roleplay I had.

Basically, the plot is that Dipper and Mabel accidentally get turned into 16 year old versions of themselves and no one in town recognizes them, even mistaking them for a couple. They decide to just roll with it until they can turn themselves back to normal.

Despite the trash I am for shipping twins I am still very proud of my lighting and shading in this picture.

So a while back I started making a habit of bringing my sketchbook with me when my husband and I go out to dinner at a restaurant, because the wait times always give me plenty of time to doodle at least a small thing.

I typically have him pick a thing he wants me to draw while we wait for our food and tonight he asked me to draw Felicity. So, I drew Felicity in love with a goldfish that he has given her in this piece.

I really hated my Toby drawing yesterday, what a bad art day, but I love this one. I am going to paint her so she’s not done, but I thought I would go ahead and share the sketch!

If you didn’t know you can give your villagers goldfish to have them put in their houses, you can! It is the cutest and they sit in a little goldfish bowl on the shelf or table.

  • The Queen: Oh, what's wrong Regina? Can't seem to find a way to beat me without help from your little family?
  • Emma: Regina. Don't let her get to you.
  • Regina: Too late.
  • The Queen: *laughs* really Regina, we both know there's only one way to defeat me and it doesn't require much from you.
  • Emma: *Looks at Regina* Regina, what is she talking about?
  • Regina: *growls* nothing Emma. It's just more lies.
  • The Queen: *smirks* oh no, I'm not lying. Go ahead Emma, use your superpower on me.
  • Emma: *Looks at the Queen for a long moment and then turns back to Regina* Regina, she's not lying. What is she talking about?
  • Regina: *Looks pleadingly at Emma* Emma, please.
  • Emma: *Gets angry* No! You once wanted the truth from me, now I want it from you. *What* is she talking about?
  • Regina: *sighs in resignation* in order to defeat her I need to face my darkest fear...and in order to do that I need to first admit it out loud.
  • Emma: *Her features soften in understanding and she grips Regina's hand as she whispers* Regina, I know this must be hard for you, but if it is truly the only way to defeat her you have to do it. She's done enough damage already, my parents...
  • Regina: I *know* Emma. But I can't! I'm afraid that if I say it out loud it will come to pass.
  • Emma: *Sends a wary look to the Queen*
  • The Queen: *Lifts an eyebrow* don't worry dear, I won't try anything. I'm actually curious to see what my other half will do.
  • Emma: *Shakes her head and turns back to Regina whose eyes are downcast* Regina, you are the strongest person I know, and everyone has their demons. You helped me face mine, now it's time for me to help you face yours, but I can't do it unless you tell me what it is you're so afraid of.
  • Regina: *Looks at Emma for a long moment* I'm afraid...of losing you.
  • The Queen: *Looks on in growing interest*
  • Emma: *Takes in a deep breath* oh Regina, I know that you're afraid of raising Henry alone, but- *stops short at seeing Regina shaking her head*
  • Regina: No, it's not just about Henry. Emma, I'm afraid of losing *you*. *turns and walks off a few paces*
  • Emma: *Sighs sadly* Regina, I...I know it's gonna be hard at first after *gulps* after I'm gone, but-
  • Regina: *Whirls around and yells, her eyes shining with unshed tears* I CAN'T LOSE YOU BECAUSE I LOVE YOU!
  • Emma: *Mouth opens in shock*
  • Regina: I already lost Daniel and Robin, I...I can't lose you too...
  • The Queen: *Looks pleased* well done Regina. You're losing your fear. There may be hope for you yet. *poofs out leaving Emma and Regina alone*
  • Draco: *saw hermione went out of the library* *went to her and grabbed her by the waist*
  • Hermione: what?! MALFOY?!!
  • Draco: shhhh *slams hermione by the wall*
  • Hermione: ow!! What's your bloody problem??!! *tries to escape*
  • Draco: you are my problem granger *he cornered hermione and leant forward*
  • Hermione: *breathes heavily* *screams in her mind: escape mione! Escape!*
  • Draco: *kissed hermione*
  • Hermione: *too shocked to react*
  • Draco: *stopped the kiss* woah granger, can't get enough of me eh?
  • Hermione: *blushed* sod off malfoy
  • Draco: heh, until next time, *walks away* *turned back* *winks at hermione*
ryxji replied to your post: Time for Operation Akechis birthday! Granted it…

He didn’t even hear Akechi coming in, all too engrossed in beat boxing while making pancakes. Only when the other spoke he stopped in track, luckily the just flipped pancake falling into his pan. Don’t snark back Ryuji. “G-..Good Morning Master, did you sleep well?”

What had his life come to? Had Sakamoto actually practiced this? If the goal was to arouse him he failed. Though Akechi would get far more turned on if he was wearing the dress. “Master? What?” And no snarking back? Huh… “I… slept fine… Sakamoto, please take off that dress.”