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Human AU Jaspis garbage (click on images for my dumb captions)

These are all based on a fic my girlfriend and I are writing!

 Peridot and Lapis are college roommates for the second year in a row. Once a month Lapis has to go out with their snotty private high school friends who are homophobic jerks. So… Peri comes a ~plan~ and she sets them up with a fake online girlfriend through craigslist. Jasper says sign her up because she thinks it’ll be funny af(it’s actually a disaster) but Jasper asks Lapis on a another date because Lapis is adorable.  Etc etc etc… gay stuff.

I dunno it’s very much a wip.

Smooch the husband

Just how much trouble am I in
for if this is a tunnel
I can see the other end painfully clearly
and let me tell you
it shines like a million happy tomorrows
the problem however
is that I have no way of telling
how long I’d have to walk
to touch that golden smiling sunrise
it could be weeks
it could be months
it could be lifetimes
it could all be a mirage
and turning back now
may be the only option
that could ever possibly
give me even half the joy
I am chasing
but I suppose I must admit
that I would rather spin out of control
down this deep deep tube
with the chance of hitting paradise
than completely give up
the possibility of attaining my own ideal
and know I make it out alive
—  A.O.A.M. || Tunnel 

Why does some people think that just because someone personally doesn’t like a ship, They hate everything about it and hate everyone that ships it?

you’re surprised to say the least when luke asks you out. knowing that he was a physics major with aspirations of becoming as accomplished as stephen hawking and carl sagan and neil degrasse tyson, you didn’t think he was interested in much else besides books and his studies, let alone you. little did you know though, he was very much interested in you, more so than in books and his studies, even. he just didn’t think you would ever be interested, only having finally made a move because his best friend michael had threatened to hide his books and assignments from him, tired of him pining over you and not doing anything about his feelings. he hadn’t expected you to actually say yes, but since you had, he was determined to make your date one to never forget (and hopefully one that would make you want to go on more dates with him). for your date, he drives you two out of the city – and you find it incredibly endearing the way he flushes a bright red when you joke about him trying to murder you – to have a nighttime picnic and properly look at the stars without light pollution from the city getting in the way. he points out constellations to you and spouts out facts about the stars, all the while worrying that he’s boring you, but you’re hanging on to every word. or, trying to, anyway. because as much as you’re trying to focus on what luke’s saying, you can’t help but be distracted by the fact that his eyes shine even brighter than the stars above you two.

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Me vs the Suggestions

“Not for me”
“The universe won’t tolerate this”
“I hate this”
“Next time do better”
“Beat it”
“Nuh uh”
“This post sickens me”
“I don’t love it”
“Please, no”
“This? No”
“Leave no trace of this”
“Not to my taste, no”
“Not into it”
“No more of this”
“Get outta here”
“Away from me!”
“Why would you think I like this?”
“Vamoose this”
“Not this”
“Got anything else?”


no, the machine in question is not a car seat or public-restroom diaper changing station.

every time you saw art major ashton, he was always walking out of the campus starbucks – with his sketchbook and the remnants of his coffee – just as you were walking in. you knew nothing about him other than his hands were perpetually stained with lead, charcoal, or ink (depending on what utensil he was using that day), he always had his sketchbook with him, the three boys he hung out with around campus, and that you’d see him leaving starbucks each time you were arriving. like today, for example. only, he’s not casually walking out, but rather, being dragged out by his friend luke, who was frantically yelling about needing ashton’s help with preparing a surprise dinner for his girlfriend. you look with raised eyebrows as they barrel past you when you open the door to starbucks, but don’t think much of the exchange until you spot a familiar sketchbook left behind on one of the tables. with an inkling as to who the sketchbook belongs to, you walk over to the table and pick up the sketchbook, your curiosity getting the better of you and prompting you to flip through the pages. you realized immediately that ashton liked to draw people – there’s sketches of people who bear a resemblance to ashton and you assume they’re his family members, sketches of his friends, sketches of what you guessed were his professors depicted in a rather unflattering light that made you laugh. what surprised you the most though, were the sketches of a girl that, strangely enough, seemed to remind you of yourself. you knew they couldn’t be of you though. how could they be? you and ashton had never even spoken. you doubted he even knew who you were. still, whoever this girl was, you were taken by the beauty of the drawings, in awe of all the intricate details. a voice from behind you startles you from your perusing and you turn to see that the voice belongs to ashton. you blush because you know that you’d been caught red-handed, but as you hand his sketchbook back over to him, sheepishly tell him that he’s extremely talented and all the drawings are beautiful, especially the ones of the girl. you’re surprised to see him blush also, even more surprised when he mumbles that the drawings of the girl are actually of you and that you weren’t supposed to ever see them until he maybe worked up the courage to ask you out one day.

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A/N: One itty bitty little break-up fluff to offset all the angst :) Don’t know if this counts as a one shot, but it’s 945 words. So if anything it’s almost a one shot. Basically, Y/N has been through many break-ups of sorts (mostly fwb relationships) and Michael comforts her. For breakup!5sos blurb night with me & @tragicash

“Whose ass do I need to kick?”

Michael stood in your front doorway dressed in his baggy, old Metallica T-shirt and a pair of black shorts to match. He came bearing a tub of ice cream and two RedBox movies - a true knight in shining polyester.

You let out a weak chuckle, taking the gifts from his arms as he chucked off his Converse and closed the door behind him. “Easy, tiger. Remember what happened last time.”

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You first met Calum in your intro to creative writing class.

You were there because you were thinking about pursuing an English minor – or major, you were still undeclared, after all – and you assumed he was there to fulfill one of his general education requirements. Otherwise, you didn’t think he’d be in a creative writing class.

He probably didn’t know who you were – apart from being his classmate – but you knew your classmate was a member of the biggest fraternity on campus. Even without his fratboy reputation preceding him, just his attire screamed fratboy, the backwards snapback seemingly always there on his head being the biggest indicator.

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He’s smiling and it’s not that it’s unusual, but Zayn thinks he might just be doing it a bit much for a movie they’ve seen a dozen times over.

“Babe,” he says quietly as he nudges at Liam beside him with his elbow. Liam hums in question angling his head toward him, chin hooking on the side of his shoulder, face so close to his own. His smile turns softer, smaller, as he raises a curious eyebrow. “what’s got you so happy?”

Liam gives him a confused look before he must figure out that Zayn’s asking about his too wide smile. He puffs out a breath of a laugh and shakes his head instead of answering.

Leaning close, he kisses Zayn softly on the lips, not enough heat to it to start anything, before he’s pulling back, eyes opening with a lazy pull, crinkling at the sides as he gives him another smile and turning back to the television. He shifts until his back’s pressed to Zayn’s front, head tilting back to rest on his chest, cuddling close to him.

Zayn thinks that that must be as close to an answer as he’s going to get, so he settles back against the soft cushions of the couch, arms wrapping around Liam’s waist, head tilting down to feel Liam’s against his.

They stay like that throughout the movie, barely moving, comfortable in the tangle of their limbs, and Zayn thinks that if this is what’s got Liam so happy, then he’d be fine with it.

It’s almost the end of the film when Liam speaks again. It makes Zayn jump when he feel the rumble in Liam’s chest, the rough in his voice cutting through the soft murmurs on screen. “marry me,” is what he says, quiet, like he could be uncertain, but it cuts through all other sound, and Zayn can’t help but smile.

“Y’ve already asked me, you twat,” he says with a laugh, squeezing his arms tighter around Liam. “or did all the tears wipe that memory from your brain?”

Liam chuckles as he flicks the back of Zayn’s hand, bringing it up to his lips afterward and giving it a wet kiss. “shut up,” he mutters against Zayn’s skin, nipping at it before putting it back down on his lap. “just—marry me.”

Zayn laces their fingers together, and it still catches him off guard, still takes his breath away when he see their tattoos side by side. “’ve already said yes to you, haven’t I? Do you want me to say it again?”

“No, I want you to marry me.”

“Liam,” says Zayn with a laugh, when that’s all the response he gets. “I will, I will.”

“Tomorrow?” asks Liam with a hopeful smile.

Zayn returns it, bending down to touch their foreheads together as he says softly, “tomorrow, today, right now. So long as you’ll have me.”

You see, the problem with doing what’s best for yourself, is that everyone else is trying to do the same thing. You will hurt people, you will lose pieces of yourself inside empty promises and open chests, and you will ache all over again. There will be times when what is best for you will crush the souls of others, it will grind their bones to dust and pluck at their heartstrings. Do not be petty, do not stoop so low as to not apologize. Apologize profusely, tear open your chest and let your heartbeat reverberate your “sorry’s” through the air, you never meant to hurt them. But do not apologize for growing, do not be sorry for moving on, never apologize for picking up your pieces, do not apologize for finally being happy. They will try to bring you down, they will try to crush your bones and pluck at your heartstrings, do not let them. Their life does not concern you and yours should not concern them. We are all just trying to do what’s best for ourselves, and sometimes, sometimes people can’t move on. So let go, let go of their poison and forget about their pain, your heart will beat again and this time, this time you will not feel sorry for being happy without them.
—  O.C.

as the oldest sibling, you loved telling stories to your younger siblings about michael clifford and his adventures in neverland, finding comfort in the tales of the boy who never grew up. your parents, however, didn’t share the same sentiment, thinking the stories childish and threatening to send you out of the house if you didn’t stop filling your siblings’ heads with what they thought was complete nonsense. that night, as you lay in your bed, tossing and turning and unable to sleep, kept awake by your parents’ threat and the fear of being unable to see your siblings and having to grow up once and for all, you’re visited by michael clifford himself, who reveals to you that he’s a fan of your stories. when you remind michael that your stories are all about him, he only grins, informing you that’s exactly why he likes them so much. you laugh and tell michael that you’re glad he visited, as you don’t think you’d ever be able to see him again after tonight. when he asks why, you tell him that your parents are forcing you to grow up and that if you continue telling stories about him to your siblings, your parents are going to send you away. upon hearing this, michael is shocked. he offers to take you back to neverland with him so you never have to grow up and can be a mother to the lost boys and really, it’s an offer you can’t refuse. with your siblings in tow, you and michael fly back to neverland together, instructing you to fly to the second star to the right and straight on ‘til morning.

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Title: You’re a King and I’m a Lionheart

Artist: yawpkatsi 

Author: mizuirokandeya

Rating (art/fic if different): G/NC-17

Word Count: 21160

Summary: Being a hybrid is not easy. Blaine knows that from first hand experience. However, sometimes even he is lucky enough to have fate on his side. This time it comes in form of a handsome stranger offering cookies and a friendly ear.

Link to Art 

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Notes: Wow. I still can’t believe that it’s finished! I had so much fun planning and writing this. I really love the final result and hope you enjoy it, too.

Huge thanks go to yawpkatsi who drew the beautiful piece of art that inspired all of this, who beta read for me and who generally was my personal cheerleader while I was writing this. Thank you so much uwu Also please go and shower her with love for her amazing art!!

Title from the song “King and Lionheart” by Of Monsters and Man

Kurt should be angry with himself for getting distracted. He really should be focusing on his school assignment instead of watching the people walking along the street outside of the coffee shop.

The sun is shining brightly and it’s one of the first truly warm days this year. On one hand he’s kind of upset that he has to work and can’t fully appreciate it. On the other hand, he just needed a few hours to relax after researching and outlining his project the previous day. He knows it’s his own fault that he’s stuck inside today but he needs to finish the assignment by tomorrow, so that he can focus on his work for Vogue during the weekend, without worrying about school.

At least he’s not stuck in the library.

Kurt sighs and with one last longing look outside, he turns back to his laptop and starts to work again.

It takes around an hour and a half before he can safely say that he’s finished. He probably needs to proofread it again but that’s something he can do later today. Now he just needs another coffee and maybe a piece of cheesecake.

He closes his laptop and takes a look around to check if it’s okay to leave it unattended for a few minutes. It’s not a particularly busy day in the coffee shop, so he takes the risk.

When he has his coffee and a piece of chocolate cheesecake, he turns around to go back to his table and stops short.

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when he was younger, calum aspired to be like the main character of his favorite childhood story – flynnigan rider, a rich and dashing man whose life was filled with thrilling adventures. as an orphan who grew up with nothing, it made sense why calum dreamed of a future full of money and wealth, maybe his own private island too. and for the most part, he’d accomplished his dream. even though he achieved his dream through thieving, despite not having his own private island yet and constantly being on the run, he had money and he had wealth. what more could he want? at least, calum thought that was all he wanted until he met you. suddenly, money and wealth didn’t mean anything to him anymore. he could have all the money and wealth in the world, but still be the poorest man alive if he didn’t have you. suddenly, you were his new dream.

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