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yo if you’re a cishet girl who thinks wlw is ‘gross’ and/or ‘ew weird’ but ship mlm and say shit like ‘ohh my gay babies!!’ and ‘they’re so hot together!’ or ‘i’m going to hell for shipping them’ etc., please get the fuck off my blog

if you’re a cishet girl who thinks wlw is perfectly alright and you support them and you ship mlm but are very respectful and careful about not fetishising them, thank you and bless you

anyway, im excited for september

Here is the transparent for anyone else who wants it :) 

I think for this one if you use it for edits PLEASE TELL ME! SO I CAN GUSH OVER WHATEVER YOU MAKE! Like please, seriously @me or tag tandk/tottyandkara and let me see!! ‘Cause I’ll for sure want to see :D

the hockey team doing Adult Things™️

essentially i’ve recently turned 18 and i’ve experienced what life truly is as an adult 

  • chowder bringing home a goldfish one day because they went past a pet store and had the $3 to buy it. 
    • he got it home and realised that he didn’t have a fish bowl so he had to use one of bitty’s glass mixing bowls until Dex finished his homework and agreed to drive Chowder back to the pet store
  • ransom and holster doing one another’s makeup and arguing over what pattern to put ransom’s rhinestones in and then ransom just muttering “i’ll just copy yours because they’re pretty” 
  • losing all of the forks under a couch 
  • nursey and lardo sitting on a street corner at 1am reading poetry to one another
  • shitty getting in an argument with straight white boys while very drunk and having all of his friends just blindly back him up 
  • jack and shitty arguing over whether to listen to jazz or pop in the uber
  • bitty being forced to go on 12am grocery store runs to get tortilla chips and hummus because “you’re the least drunk” 
  • everyone sitting in a circle and sharing the songs that make them cry the most while also all high
  • going to late night lectures for film majors so they can watch a free movie and then leaving before the discussion starts because they all know they’ll get into a fight with the professor
  • eventually hanging up a sheet in the yard and projecting films onto the side of the Haus as they all snuggle in blankets on the grass
  • Bitty starting to cry in the grocery store because it’s the middle of exams and they’ve moved the shelf where the m&ms are usually kept
  • group trips to food and wine festivals because of the free samples 
  • Holster finding hula hoops on sale and buying one for each member of the team 
  • team bonding sessions can also just be putting puzzles together as a group
  • going to the art gallery together and just watching Lardo break down in tears in front of an Ai Weiwei piece
  • Lemonade Mouth is almost constantly playing 
    • everyone thinks that nursey is the one who keeps putting it on 
    • it’s dex
    • he’s not even ashamed of it, it’s just that no one has asked him 

So my anxiety medication just tripled in price on me (i thought it was double at first but MATH happened), which I desperately need to stay sane so! I’m finally forced able to open commissions!!

((all the examples are full size on my art page!))

Pricing run-down:

  • Flat color bust: $15
  • Flat color ¾ character: $20
  • Flat color Full Body character: $25
  • (+$10 for an extra character, MAX 2 characters only for now)

Things I won’t draw:

  • Full Body Nudity / NSFW (this blog is PG-13; if I start a nsfw blog I’ll let people know about those commissions)
  • Underage characters in compromising clothes / situations
  • Extreme gore / Character abuse (contact me if you are unsure)

Turn-around/Art delivery
These are digital commissions only, and if I think that any piece will take longer than a reasonable amount of time for me (which could be anywhere from a week to a month), I will contact you through email to work things out! When the piece is completed I will email you the file types of your choice and post it here on my tumblr as well!

Payment is through PAYPAL INVOICE ONLY, and due to extenuating circumstances I unfortunately can not allow refunds at this time. Please contact me at if you are interested or have any questions!! 

If you can’t afford anything, Signal Boosts are greatly appreciated!! Thank you so much!!! <3<3

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fire flames or excessive heat from that prompt list??

(cw: fire, burns, discussion of phobias)

It’s not the smell that wakes them.  It’s the screaming.

Neil is moving before his eyes open.  For a moment he thinks, Andrew.  Then his higher functioning kicks in as he actually wakes up.

They’re in a hotel room.  Andrew is upright on the other side of the bed, fumbling for the light switch, a dark silhouette against the window. 

The screaming is the fire alarm, because the room is full of smoke.  

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Human AU Jaspis garbage (click on images for my dumb captions)

These are all based on a fic my girlfriend and I are writing!

 Peridot and Lapis are college roommates for the second year in a row. Once a month Lapis has to go out with their snotty private high school friends who are homophobic jerks. So… Peri comes a ~plan~ and she sets them up with a fake online girlfriend through craigslist. Jasper says sign her up because she thinks it’ll be funny af(it’s actually a disaster) but Jasper asks Lapis on a another date because Lapis is adorable.  Etc etc etc… gay stuff.

I dunno it’s very much a wip.

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Peter gets caught by Aunt May of Iron Dad™ singing and dancing to really trans songs like Salt from Bad Sons and anything from Against Me!(can't think of any else as of now). Tony joins in trying to mumble his way through and May is recording the whole thing.

this is cute but i feel like it would go more like peter and may dancing to these songs having a blast and then they see tony sitting on their couch, and may would start screaming @ him asking why the fuck he’s there and why he thinks it’s okay to just walk into people’s homes.

Reading hate posts
  • Them: Ok no offence,but I kinda don't like (insert otp) because I think-
  • Me: *BLOCKED*
  • Them: You can't ship them because-
  • Me: *BLOCKED*
  • Them: They don't even like each other-
  • Me: *BLOCKED*
  • Them: but hear me out-
  • Me: *BLOCKED*

Why does some people think that just because someone personally doesn’t like a ship, They hate everything about it and hate everyone that ships it?


“Hey!  This is Thomas Gibson, and I need to dispel a few myths about my character.  One is that I never smile.  I smile all the time.  Like now. [deadpan stare]”

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I hadn’t seen any gif versions of this, yet, sooo…yeah…

Smooch the husband

Just how much trouble am I in
for if this is a tunnel
I can see the other end painfully clearly
and let me tell you
it shines like a million happy tomorrows
the problem however
is that I have no way of telling
how long I’d have to walk
to touch that golden smiling sunrise
it could be weeks
it could be months
it could be lifetimes
it could all be a mirage
and turning back now
may be the only option
that could ever possibly
give me even half the joy
I am chasing
but I suppose I must admit
that I would rather spin out of control
down this deep deep tube
with the chance of hitting paradise
than completely give up
the possibility of attaining my own ideal
and know I make it out alive
—  A.O.A.M. || Tunnel 

no, the machine in question is not a car seat or public-restroom diaper changing station.

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It has nothing to do with how smart you are–which you are.

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